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  1. For Sale: Wadada Leo Smith - Sacred Ceremonies on CD. Played once. $45. Wadada Leo Smith - Chicago Symphonies on CD. Played once. $55. Wadada Leo Smith - A Love Sonnet for Billie Holiday on CD. Sealed. $16. Shipping is $4 media mail. Buy all 3 & shipping is on me.
  2. CIMP has own website

    Looks like their last release was in 2014. Extensive back catalog to explore, however.
  3. CIMP has own website

    The first CIMP discs I bought were the Roswell Rudd plays Herbie Nichols. Did not like them at all. That was many years ago & my stereo rig has completely changed since then. Now my system is computer based with vanishingly low noise floor & headroom to spare. Now I love the CIMP sound.
  4. Mosaic's 4/22/18 Sunday Gazette provided a link to Steven Cerra's reprint of Simon Spillett's essay on Hank Mobley. Link doesn't work. Anyone have any luck finding this essay on line? Thanks.
  5. Roswell Rudd (1935-2017)

    LOVE his music. Hope there's lots of unreleased stuff we can look forward to hearing in the future.
  6. I'd trade my Cecil Taylor BSSN box for your Jimmy Lyons BSSN. Thanks.
  7. What's the status on this? I'm in if you're still accepting orders. Thanks.
  8. Roswell Rudd and Jamie Saft - Strength and Power

    This is available now as a download. Highly recommended to Roswell Rudd fans. He gets a ton of blowing time.
  9. 3 Nights at Cafe Oto Evan Parker, John Edwards & Eddie Prevost with Alexander von Schlippenbach (disc 2) & Christof Thewes (disc 3) on Matchless Records. 3 CDs & 1 DVD. $50 including shipping to 48 contiguous states. I can be contacted at
  10. Candy by Joe McPhee & Paal-Nilssen-Love. 7 disc box set. Limited edition of 500. $50 and free shipping to 48 contiguous states.
  11. Buddy DeFranco Quartet/Quintet with Sonny Clark
  12. Im looking for a copy of the evan parker disc. Email me at


    thank you