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  1. Gil Melle

    yeah, the things Creel Pone reissues generally won't see a proper reissue otherwise. I applaud KFW for doing what he does.
  2. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    love that alternate cover.
  3. Mal Waldron

    Maybe Saudrais as a pinch hitter?
  4. Cecil Taylor Warsaw 1968 presumably unissued

    It's excellent.
  5. Abdul Wadud - By Myself LP Reissue

    Yeah, it's coming out next year as noted above. I know he wanted it reissued and doesn't own a copy himself! I can't imagine paying 500GBP for Orange Fish Tears -- lucked out in a shop bin many years ago -- it's a great record but people are charging too much/paying too much.
  6. Abdul Wadud - By Myself LP Reissue

    Nice! Pulled an original from the bins in a long-gone East Village record store over 20 years ago and was floored by it. Great record deserving of wider hearing. The Abdul-Hannan is cool but is unlikely to see a proper reissue (it's been tried). I would imagine that the Carroll will get the Soufflé Continu treatment as part of the Palm catalog.
  7. Paul Bley

    True, true. As Juma Sultan said to me once, "if I tell you everything then I won't be able to write my own book."
  8. Carla Bley

    Nice! Yeah, apparently an hour and a half exists but it's not on YouTube. For what it's worth Tchicai, Thilo, Warren and Favre had a working quartet at that time.
  9. Trying to help out Mosaic by suggesting sets

    I would buy this in a heartbeat. There's so much music there that I have only passing familiarity with.
  10. Strata Records

    Location is excellent; the only other Stratas I've been able to find as originals are Sphere and the Bert Myrick, but they're both good.
  11. Paul Bley

    Yeah, too short. But good. I have it somewhere (possibly still in storage).
  12. Paul Bley

    Rashied Ali (drummer) did play trumpet and in fact studied with Bill Dixon, though I've never heard what he sounded like on that instrument. I do not know if it is the same person on this recording or somebody else.
  13. Paul Bley

    Very true.
  14. Paul Bley

    Earlier Bley is a different animal -- post-Bud/Hampton Hawes into an Ornette/Cherry-inspired knotty turnaround thing with shades of romanticism and occasional archness, eventually becoming more spare and gnarled but with a crystalline depth as you're hearing on that Hat Hut.