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  1. Herbie Hancock - Traces

    Hey folks. Just picked this one up today--it's a 3-song record on Upfront records (UPF-194). It contains, on side A, Maulana (by HH/Mtume), 13:21; on side B, Dunia (by ?/Kuumba), 8:33 and Kamila (by HH/Mtume), 5:50. No personnel listed, other than the recording engineer (Tom Owen), assistant engineed (Larry Walker) and art director (David Lartaud). The jacket says "These Recordings Have Been Previously Released." Oh yeah? Where???!!! Sound/recording quality is fair. Does anyone know what this is? Kari??? Help! Thanks!
  2. Record Shopping in Portland

    I know there are a few PDX members here. I'm in town for a few days and would love to see what's what. I was shocked this morning to discover Music Millenium on 23rd is closed (maybe I shouldn't be shocked, but I always liked that place). Always found everyday music to be spotty/overpriced. There was a coop on Hawthorne a few years ago--still going, still worth a visit? Would love any tips. Many thanks!
  3. More CDs for sale

    Pm sent on schifrin...
  4. Beer Recommendations

    I'm not a huge beer drinker, but hey, it's summer, so herewith: New Belgium Brewery's Seasaonal, "Loft". From the same brewery that brought you Fat Tire, this is a sweet summer brew; lightly hoppy, not too bitter. Goes down easy! If you like Fat Tire, you'll love this one. Enjoy!
  5. Bowie CDs

    PM sent on the Virgin recordings, 11-27.
  6. $5 a month smalls jazz club membership is awesome

    Or--if you can, as I will--go see Dave Liebman (!) tomorrow night!
  7. Jymie Merritt

    I knew about that gig--at Prime Rib, not far from my house. I tried tracking Jymie down when I moved back in 2008, but he'd moved on at that point. Tried contacting his son, and Odean Pope's manager--never got a response. Good luck, please post anything you discover!
  8. Jymie Merritt

    I knew about that gig--at Prime Rib, not far from my house. I tried tracking Jymie down when I moved back in 2008, but he'd moved on at that point. Tried contacting his son, and Odean Pope's manager--never got a response. Good luck, please post anything you discover!
  9. Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier

    'Twas a time when I could sit down at the piano and play both books straight through. Sadly, that time was long ago, but I'd like to "get there" again. Never having been steered wrong by a recommendation here, and knowing there are some serious classical heads who post, what do you recommend? I'm primarily interested in piano renderings of the work (setting aside the "proper" harpsichord/hammerklavier/piano debate for the time being!), but I'd like to know what recordings are considered "essential", something I will use largely for reference purposes re tempi and interpretation; if harpsichord is the "only" way to go, so be it... Thanks in advance.
  10. CTI reissues: box-set, 1971 concert, single titles

    Did you get a response?
  11. The Bar-B- Que Pit

    Just did that last weekend--though I went about 18 hours (started it at 9:45 pm on the big green egg; took about an hour to get it to a steady 230 degrees--and let 'er rip. YUM! Good luck!
  12. Moving vinyl cross-country in summer heat

    Clifford--I'm so excited for you! I've done the cross country journey 3x, with many boxes of lps packed exactly as rod described--twice in summer heat, once in the dead of winter. No problems whatsoever, but one caution: if you're using any professional help along the way, LABEL YOUR BOXES IN CODE. I stupidly did not do this on one move, and have been rebuilding "adderly-Coltrane (Atlantic)" ever since. *friggin idiot* We're in the city 2-3 weekends a month, hit me up when you land.
  13. sickening penn state football allegations

    With all due respect, that's one of the most delusional comments I've heard about this entire sordid disgusting mess. We are just beginning to see what I expect will become a tidal wave of part monday morning quarterbacking (no pun intended) and part "finally feel able to talk" comments about how "Jerry had a problem with boys" and the like. Vindicated? Really? Try "confirmation of the blood on his hands."
  14. Peter King Quintet - from England

    My significant other is a keeper because she does things like call me and say, "so I was walking around doing some Christmas shopping and saw a record store and thought, 'I want to buy some records!' so I did and one is this really obscure-looking jazz one which I got because they play the song 'Gingerbread Boy' (my reaction at this moment: ) and it would be fun to listen to that and make gingerbread cookies. How much is too much to pay for a random record you know nothing about?" I laughed and said, unless it's Mantovani or Lawrence Welk, you're all good. She gets home, and we look through the stash. Original vinyl pressings of Johnny Cash "I Walk the Line" and "Orange Blossom Special", John Prine's first record, and a record by the above-referenced artist, Peter King, called "90% of One Percent", recorded live at Oxford University, on the Spotlite label. Well, I put that record on and the thing SMOKED. The rendition of Gingerbread Boy was terrific. Great energy throughout the recording. But I can't find anything about this guy on, the intenet, anywhere. Does anyone know anything about him? Was this record a one-shot deal, or is he someone worth looking further into? Thanks for any leads.
  15. Once again, jsngry puts into words the thoughts I have but couldnt express any more competently. Just...really???!!!
  16. 1910 Steinway Upright Piano

    Allen--is it a model K? I had a 1920 Steinway upright in Seattle and have been pondering replacing it. Would you be able to shoot me a couple of photos at peterjjohnson "at" ? Thanks!
  17. CTI reissues: box-set, 1971 concert, single titles

    Just bumping this up to see if anyone has heard any recent news about this reissue program. I've been enjoying picking these up, but fear with no news in many months, things are dead in the water. Can someone prove me wrong?
  18. funniest words in the language

  19. Last minute gig postings

    Damn man, just a little more notice next time! The apartment is 2 blocks from fat cat and we were up last night. Check you in six weeks!
  20. Rod--what program do you use to steam from iTunes? I use audio galaxy, which is pretty cool--but would love an alternative. I agree--I stream from iTunes to my dock at work--the whole damn thing on shuffle unless I'm jonesing to listen to a specific record in full. Love it.
  21. Indeed. There's a discussion about a film from Ronnie Scott's, then GG jr says "there is actually one more video out there of my old man playing. And I know where it is. [laughs] A friend of mine has it in Cleveland. And it's the funky era, like 1973 or '74." There's a little more discussion about "bringing it out"--do you want more?
  22. Apologies if this is duplicative--I'm on mobile and the search isn't working that well. Any suggestions for live music or record (vinyl) shopping in Atlanta/environs? I'm here for two nights. Thanks!