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  1. What's next for Mosaic

    Noticed this on the Mosaic Gazette today: "The team of Lee Morgan and Hank Mobley was made in Blue Note heaven. Kindred spirits with contrasting personalities, they made an amazing amount of gorgeous, soulful music together in the ‘50s and ‘60s. David Brent Johnson has seen fit to celebrate their partnerships on his Night Lights program. Interestingly, a number of his musical choices were tracks left unissued until after their deaths, which Mosaic Records is revisiting with our set The Complete Hank Mobley Blue Note Sessions 1963-1970. Everything and anything they did together is of value and merit. And a ‘60s Morgan Mosaic set should follow next year!"
  2. Paul Bley's Daughter dies in car crash

    This is a local story for me. I've driven that highway many times. Apparently they've filed murder charges against the driver who caused the collision.
  3. It's definitely worth checking Amazon UK before you buy elsewhere right now. I recently picked up the Complete Bruford/Earthworks boxed set from Amazon UK for $100 (including shipping, no tax). Amazon US has it for $121, plus around $10 tax.
  4. Santana - Africa Speaks

    I see that "Africa Speaks" gets a five star review in the latest Downbeat.
  5. Recently released by Blue Sounds...
  6. Yep, a varied experience. I ordered mine on May 23 but haven't received the shipping notice. Sent an email to Mosaic yester day and Scott responded with "Our warehouse is running behind because of all the orders coming through for both the Savory and Wilson sets. You should get a shipping notification sometime next week. We apologize for the delay." Well, at least they're busy.
  7. Top 10 Blue Note sidemen

    Elvin's playing with Grant Green and Larry Young is some his best work. Seems like he had a more relaxed swing playing with these guys. I could listen to just the drum tracks from Green's "Matador" and "Solid" and be happy.
  8. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Looks like it's already sold out. less than four hours.
  9. The 'Mats

    As much of a jazz guy that I am and I know that this may be the wrong place for this but... ...I love the Replacements. One of the great underappreciated (?) groups from the '80s. Just released was the "The Replacements For Sale: Live from Maxwell's 1986". A total shambles and totally great. I recently saw a doc on the Clash, mainly about their rise from a punk band to a serious, politically active and influential rock band.... Fuck the Clash...Gimme a great rock band...Gimme the Replacements...
  10. Mosaic doesn't seem to be as diligent about sending tracking numbers as they used to be. It seems for my last three or four orders I only received a shipping notification. A couple of times I sent a follow up email asking for the tracking number, which they did then included in a reply email.
  11. About ten years ago, as I was ordering my 100th big box from Mosaic, I just happened to note on the order form that this was indeed my 100th set. The day after the set arrived I received a card from Mosaic that included a nice note from Michael C. thanking me for being such a loyal customer along with a $100 Mosaic gift card. I mean, how cool is that?
  12. Daevid Allen, RIP

    The Radio Gnome Trilogy was a high point (no pun intended). R.I.P.
  13. RIP Jimmy Greenspoon

    RIP, but he was the keyboard player. The singers were Danny Hutton, Chuck Negron and Cory Wells.
  14. New work by Charles Lloyd

    And in a couple of months he's playing here in Santa Barbara as "Charles Lloyd & Friends featuring Bill Frisell, Greg Leisz, Reuben Rogers and Eric Harland". It's going to interesting to hear him with Frisell. Looking forward to it.