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  1. Yep, a varied experience. I ordered mine on May 23 but haven't received the shipping notice. Sent an email to Mosaic yester day and Scott responded with "Our warehouse is running behind because of all the orders coming through for both the Savory and Wilson sets. You should get a shipping notification sometime next week. We apologize for the delay." Well, at least they're busy.
  2. Top 10 Blue Note sidemen

    Elvin's playing with Grant Green and Larry Young is some his best work. Seems like he had a more relaxed swing playing with these guys. I could listen to just the drum tracks from Green's "Matador" and "Solid" and be happy.
  3. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Looks like it's already sold out. less than four hours.
  4. The 'Mats

    As much of a jazz guy that I am and I know that this may be the wrong place for this but... ...I love the Replacements. One of the great underappreciated (?) groups from the '80s. Just released was the "The Replacements For Sale: Live from Maxwell's 1986". A total shambles and totally great. I recently saw a doc on the Clash, mainly about their rise from a punk band to a serious, politically active and influential rock band.... Fuck the Clash...Gimme a great rock band...Gimme the Replacements...
  5. Mosaic doesn't seem to be as diligent about sending tracking numbers as they used to be. It seems for my last three or four orders I only received a shipping notification. A couple of times I sent a follow up email asking for the tracking number, which they did then included in a reply email.
  6. About ten years ago, as I was ordering my 100th big box from Mosaic, I just happened to note on the order form that this was indeed my 100th set. The day after the set arrived I received a card from Mosaic that included a nice note from Michael C. thanking me for being such a loyal customer along with a $100 Mosaic gift card. I mean, how cool is that?
  7. Daevid Allen, RIP

    The Radio Gnome Trilogy was a high point (no pun intended). R.I.P.
  8. RIP Jimmy Greenspoon

    RIP, but he was the keyboard player. The singers were Danny Hutton, Chuck Negron and Cory Wells.
  9. New work by Charles Lloyd

    And in a couple of months he's playing here in Santa Barbara as "Charles Lloyd & Friends featuring Bill Frisell, Greg Leisz, Reuben Rogers and Eric Harland". It's going to interesting to hear him with Frisell. Looking forward to it.
  10. Joe Cocker, RIP

    Mad Dogs and Englishmen is still great. Interestingly, I recently saw an interview with Derek Trucks who said a major inspiration for the Tedeschi-Trucks band was that tour and album. RIP
  11. Mosaic Dial set coming soon

    Well, I have the original Japanese boxed set so I'm trying to decide if I should get the Mosaic version. Decisions, decisions...
  12. *** John Scofield ***

    Some of the best "jam band" playing I've heard was from the 2006 Phil Lesh and Friends tour (all dates were released on CD). The band had Scofield and Larry Campbell on guitars (along with Joan Osborne on vocals). I was a Scofield fan before, but I was surprised how well he fit into the jam band format, playing mostly Grateful Dead stuff. The interaction between Scofield and Campbell was pretty amazing given they had only been playing together for a matter of weeks. The way that they would solo together without stepping on each other made it sound like they had been together for years.
  13. Thicker CDs

    It seems the CDs that work once always work and the ones that have the problem always have the eject problem. I haven't had this problem until the last year or so. Weird...especially on two different makes and models of cars.
  14. Thicker CDs

    J The number of CDs that I can't play on my cars CD player seems to be growing. It's not that they won't play -- they do -- it's just that I can't get them out of the damn player. I started noticing this with the new "SHM" (Super High Material, I think) CDs started coming out of Japan. Then some of the European made CDs started exhibiting the same behavior. Now, the last couple of Mosaic sets I've bought have the same problem (including the new Ahmad Jamal set. Strangely enough, I had no problem with CD number 6, but CD number 7 was so difficult to get out I had to resort to tweezers -- ouch). I don't think its just the player in my particular car. I recently went from a 2006 Ford to a 2010 Mazda with similar results. Was just wondering if anyone else out there has encountered this situation.
  15. My last couple of Mosaic deliveries have had part of the outer box ripped. Fortunately no damage to the contents. These days it seems to be taking around ten days to get an order to California. Back when DHL was doing the deliveries the max time was three days -- put the order in on Monday it would be here by Thursday (sometimes Wednesday). I guess those days are gone. Expecting my Jamal set on Friday. Got my fingers crossed...