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  1. The first record I ever bought was “Steamin’ With the Miles Davis Quintet,” which had just got a rave review in “Hi Fi/Stereo Review.” But thanks to the Columbia Record Club, we had lots of jazz - Jazz Lab Quintet, Miles “Porgy and Bess,” several of those Columbia anthologies (“Jazz Omnibus,” “I Like Jazz,” those kind of things) and from the Capitol Record Club (among other titles) Dakota Staton’s “Time to Swing.” Hip neighbors lent us the big Jazz LP’s of the day, stuff like Shelly Maine’s “My Fair Lady” and “Ahmad Jamal at the Pershing.” As for Jeff Goldblum... He does have maybe an unexpected repertoire - “The Kicker” and “Nostalgia in Times Square” show up in his albums. But, then, the Tijuana Brass did “Work Song”... Goldblum’s piano playing is in the style of Steve Allen.
  2. LPs that have never made it into CD

    Laws plays tenor on Harold Mabern’s “Greasy Kids Stuff.”
  3. A few years ago I asked Michael Cuscuna why he never did anything with the “Live” Captitol material (the sextet with Lloyd), he said that was on his list before the bottom fell out of the business. Besides uncovering more from the date, he really wanted to deal with the clumsy edits on the released version.
  4. Nathan Davis Has Died

    No details as yet.
  5. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    I saw Green many times (the group with Claude Bartee) up at the Crawford Grill... EVERY tune was a half hour!
  6. Not that you haven't already long ago figured this out, but George Benson (in the interview in the recently released "Essential...") (a nice collection, by the way - sort of unexpected) confirms that the McDuff "Live" album was indeed recorded in a studio, although with an audience present. (Shades of Captitol Records!) And Joe Dukes told me (many, many years ago) that the follow-up ("Live at the Jazz Workshop") wasn't recorded there, although I didn't press him for the details. No big deal, anyone could figure out from listening that there was something fishy going on.
  7. Danny Small

    Years ago I had a sampler on United Artists of cuts from some of their current albums (Lloyd G. Mayer's "Taste of Honey," something from Jerome Richardson's movie album, tracks by Herbie Mann, Billie Holiday)... Most of the original albums have been reissued in the CD era. But one of the best cuts was by a singer named Danny Small. The track was "At Sunrise," from a LP called something like "Woman, She Was Born From Sorrow." Never did see a copy, and its apparently long forgotten. Looking around the internet it appears Small is still alive (as of a few years ago, anyway) and making his living singing in the subway. Anyone here familiar with him?
  8. Just picked up Jackie McLean's disco/fusion RCA album "Monuments," which apparently is part of another one of those Japanese reissue series. Anyone know anything about this? (Must be something about this on here somewhere, but no luck finding it.)
  9. Off the top of my head, "England's Carol" (MJQ &Orchestra), "Winter Wonderland" on Hank Crawford's "Got a Good Thing Going" (that album's highlight, for what that's worth), "We Free Kings".... Material that hasn't shown up on those endless holiday compilations.
  10. Blue Note LPs Never on CD

    The Barbara Carroll title (called "Barbara Carroll" - pretty lazy) is on CD, saw it on Amazon recently. As I recall, some of it was pretty good.
  11. So far (and what do I know?) I can only find this as a download on streaming services. Seems like the kind of release that would benefit from documentation , liner notes, some information. What am I missing?
  12. Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for.
  13. Verve reissues 2016 for 60th anniversary

    A "digital box set" (huh?) of Jimmy Smith singles? Does that exist?
  14. Oliver Nelson on United Artists Jazz

    A track from each of these LP's showed up on a compilation of material from Douglas's UA albums a couple years ago. And many years ago on the Tonight Show, Paul Schafer played the Nelson arrangement of "Honey" with the Carson house band - he mentioned "the great Oliver Nelson," no mention of Mayer, even though his solo had a few of Mayer's licks from the album.
  15. I know Hubbard's "Columbia" albums aren't highly regarded, but I had them all and always found something worthwhile there. What's happened to them? There might be a stray cut here and there on an anthology, but has any of this stuff been put out in the CD era? (And, while I'm thinking about it - what's happened to all the "live" Art Farmer "Columbia" material? And the album where he plays "jazz hits?")
  16. Best track you heard all week

    "Pyramid," on the MJQ album of the same name.
  17. Russell Martin's father played sax during rush hours in the Montreal subway, which allowed him to have his days free to work with his son on baseball. He gave Russell the middle name of his favorite saxaphone player. Martin's made a big contibution to the Pirates' season - currently in the division lead, although Pirates' fans aren't getting their hopes up just yet...
  18. John Coltrane - Complete Sun Ship Sessions

    I picked this up a couple of days ago, but haven't put it on yet - all those Jimmy Garrison solos are scaring me off! (AS much as I like Garrison, those long solos usually bring the proceedings to a standstill, and I rarely play those later Coltrane albums where they seem to show up. Maybe this release will force me to reevaluate my position.)
  19. Now that EMI's music business is being divided up, where's Blue Note? Up for grabs?
  20. Regarding "Natural Illusions"... Dull, for sure, but my main problem with it is that it sounds cheap - like they tried to get by with a couple violin players and thought with overdubbing they could be passed off as a string section.
  21. What music did you buy today?

    Some Japanese Blue Notes - "Linger Lane," "Silver N' Brass," "Carnival of the Spirits," and Charles Llpyd, "Voice In the Night."
  22. What music did you buy today?

    "Zoot Sims in Paris" (an album I've wanted ever since I read the 5 star review in DownBeat 50 years ago!!) and Walter Bishop Jr., "Coral Keys/"
  23. Earl Hines

    Any suggestions as to where to start? I have little under his own name, and not sure where to begin. Like Ellington, he recorded over several decades, so it's a little overwhelming... Thanks!
  24. Looking at this Steely Dan box set (from the mid-'90's) - Keith Jarrett shares a composer's credit on "Gaucho." First time I noticed that. (I also see Ray Brown's name in there somewhere on an early album.)
  25. Has this material surfaced anywhere in the CD era? It was (if I recall correctly) 2 double album sets of groups from the then-current "Columbia" roster, playing in sometimes what seemed like unlikely combinations (Woody Shaw and Maynard Ferguson, for example). Might be fun to listen to it again.