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  1. Mnytime

    Looking at the Madison Square Garden Concert, I swear, I thought I was watching Spinal Tap outtakes. Loved Jonesy's haircut and looking at Bonham, I kept expecting him to explode! But the 'Zep DVD is the coolest thing since ice cubes. PS: I, also, hope all is well with mny.
  2. Miles Blackhawk LP set

    I found it interesting that they're only printing 3,500 copies of the "Blackhawk" set. All the other Miles are 5,000.
  3. Some more vinyl questions!

    I see a lot of RCA "Living Stereo" Red label, EMI's, and Columbia Masterworks. The stuff you would see and a "big city" used record store.
  4. Some more vinyl questions!

    I was thinking about starting a new thread, but I'll try keeping this question here: I see all the classical music lps going for cheap, so, what ones should I be looking at for as a start? What lp labels have a good rep as far as sound and quality? What are your classic music lp recommendations? I'm just dipping my toe in the waters since it is a cheap way to start listening to music I've never paid any attention to.
  5. Pablo Records Montreux 77 series

    I'm old enough to remember these two boxes. But not wealthy enough to have bought them. If you live close to L.A., I saw both lp boxes, 15 total lps in VG+ shape, and they could be bought for a total of $19.00. It was at Amobea (I know, I can't spell -- CA public school education does it everytime). PS: I should add that these are great sets to own, just solid, straight ahead jazz, that are great to listen to on a Sunday afternoon. Get them if you ever come across them in the "Land Under the Bins" where these various artists lps reside.
  6. Miles Blackhawk LP set

    Got my pre-order in. If the sound quality is anything like the Plugged Nickel set, it will be wonderful.
  7. What is your all-time top sax ballad?

    I'm not a big fan of Joe Henderson, but his playing on Lazy Afternoon off of Basra, is just beautiful, and one I constantly replay whenever I listen to that cd.
  8. I hear you on this! My scariest time was when, stupid me, I thought it would be "fun" to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. That strange pull was there the whole time, and I promised myself: NEVER AGAIN!
  9. Good turntable for $1000.00

    I'm really leaning to the MMF 7. They just get constantly great reviews, and it seems to be more of a "set up and play" turntable, which is what I want. Though, the Rega P3 looks interesting also. So, it'll be one of those two.
  10. Things You Won't Hear People Say

    Hmmmm, Lon, in Los Angeles, there's kind of a different meaning to making a woman a "Pez dispensor" -- think O.J.

    Can't agree more. The stupidity that Blue Note keeps showing is amazing -- just when you think they can't get any worse, they do some completely dumbass thing like this. I truly believe that in their minds, it's the corporate leaders that make Blue Note special, not the artists.
  12. Things You Won't Hear People Say

    That's strange, the one I had in mind for JS was: I have nothing to say on that topic!
  13. June Christy

    That's great new GofM, and I'm going to be looking forward to the interview. Hope Anita is still "with it" mentally, as was mentioned before, she did put a lot of interesting substances in her body over the years. Even with that though, O'Day is a survivor and it should be a great interview (keeping my fingers crossed!).
  14. Just to answer my own question... I did get the Mosaic "Plugged Nickel" and it sounds better than I ever imagined, way better than the cd version. Miles' trumpet sounds so much cleaner and alive, on the cd, it sounded "pinched" to my ears. Guy did come down to $180, and it's one of my best buys ever. If you ever get a chance to get the Mosaic version of "Plugged Nickel" -- do it!
  15. Good turntable for $1000.00

    I have a very basic setup: NAD 320 CEE intergrated amp, with a NAD PP1 Phono amp, and Dynaudio Audience 52 speaker. Basic, but I'm happy with the sound I'm getting. I will upgrade the phono-amp also. Any recommendations?
  16. Some more vinyl questions!

    Speaking of OJC, I noticed that Acoustic Sounds is releasing 180 gm. lp's of the OJC catalog. Has anyone bought one of these? and how do they sound? I'm in the process of converting my Miles Davis to lp's and this sounds like a good route for the OJC stuff.
  17. Revenant is planning big Albert Ayler box

    I'm in a major Albert Ayler binge right now, anyone have an update on this boxset, like a release date, etc.?? PS: Is the Albert Ayler tree an easy group to do a B&P with? I've never tried one before.
  18. Good turntable for $1000.00

    Yep! No muss no fuss. A great little turntable for the money. That is what I'm really looking for, a no fuss turntable. I'm not the most audiophile kind of guy, can't ever figure out the workings of electronic dodads, so a tt that I can just set right and leave alone is for me. Shrugs: Dumb question: What's a phone stage?
  19. member: Chicken Shack

    Hmmm.... Isn't b3-er from "back East"? It's all adding up now. Start a big flack, more people looking at the site.... I guess living in East Lansing qualifies as being somewhere "back East." Hey, for me, anything past Barstow is "back East"!
  20. member: Chicken Shack

    Hmmm.... Isn't b3-er from "back East"? It's all adding up now. Start a big flack, more people looking at the site....
  21. Art Ensemble 1967/68 Box

    I thought Tod was the parrot guy Anyway, hope you get better!
  22. Larry Young Mosaic

    Click on the name, and it will give you the posters local time....
  23. Larry Young Mosaic

    Well, that just made it obvious who it was.
  24. And I thought I was special and unique.... *sigh* just one of many.
  25. Jazz you find very spiritual

    The one musician that I find spiritual in an interesting manner is Albert Ayler. From his song titles, to the manner of his playing, which has a "witnessing" type of quality, he seems to make many explicit connections with spirituality. I'm listening to him a lot right now, and I find Live at Slug's Saloon vol. 1 & 2 to be deeply spiritual, having a very "Gospel Choir" approach in the playing. P.S: For a download of Ayler's most famous spiritual moment, THIS LINK will let you download part of his playing at Coltrane's funeral (it's the first one on the top). Be warned -- the sound quality is not very good, if fact, it's crap!