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  1. Now reading...

    Pulp Stories of Raymond Chandler. Vol. 1 Library of America Edition. Great bedtime reading
  2. Add me to the list, I just placed my order today. It'll be interesting to give this a spin. I like the samples from the site.
  3. POLL: New Home for BNBBers...

    I must admit, I really like how this site is laid out, and the vibe seems to be great. Kudos to B-3er for the great job! I'll have to order that cd this week.
  4. Okay, here we go, gang...

    Just saw the new look at AAJ. My comment: I'll be spending my time here.
  5. March Listening

    This weekend: "Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Night at the Vanguard" by Art Pepper. Very good playing by Pepper, and Elvin Jones is great as always.
  6. Stanley T box

    Turrentine just sounds "breathy" to me. You know how some tenors have a deep, solid bottom sound? I do not hear that with Stanley T, it sounds thin. These are just descriptions of something I cannot really put my finger on. I have about 10 recording that Turrentine shows up on, and it's an intriguing sound, and one that makes me listen hard to what he plays, I mean, he's great on the Parlan Mosaic.
  7. How Big is Your Backlog, redux...

    I have about 5 Sun Ra lp's unopened, and about 10 cds from "Sinatra: The Complete Columbia Recordings".
  8. Okay, here we go, gang...

    I'm not too comfortable myself with the attempt going on at AAJ to recreate the BNBB. BNBB is over, it's time to create something new. I'm really starting to like the idea of this board as a voyage into the unknown. Besides, it's cool to have a low member number. B)
  9. Stanley T box

    I must admit, I've yet to become a full member of Stanlely T's fan club. I just find his playing so different, with his very short phrases, with his unusual timing. Not quite sure if I like him or not. I won't even mention his sound -- thin, but somehow thick. I just find that his style is so different when I listen to him, that I can't make up my mind. Even have the Mosaic, but I've only listened to it a couple of times.