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  1. I agree, I find Curtiz's films always fascinating to watch. Think the problem might be that Curtiz's filmography is so vast and varied, it's hard to get a handle on.
  2. MLB Season 2020

    It's not just this ridiculous back-and-forth that's killing baseball, it's that its players have become invisible and inconsequential in today's world. Not getting into the politics of it, but it's NFL and NBA players who are out in front, making a positive contributions in the present situation. MLB? No where to be found. Now, there are those who feel that is a plus (James Dolan anyone?), but for this younger generation, I'm afraid MLB is lost to them.
  3. America unleashed

    Yeah, this was a depressing story from the start. Police want trust, and I'm a big police supporter, but how in the world can trust be built when officers in this situation do not turn on body cameras? It seems way too often when bad stuff happens, the body camera is off.
  4. MLB Season 2020

    Baseball looks like their number one mission is to become completely irrelevant as a sport, and they're doing a great job at it, no wonder the NBA has blown past MLB in popularity.
  5. The Kennel Murder Case. William Powell & Mary Astor, directed by Michael Curtiz -- what's not to like?
  6. Singing In The Rain. I admit that I have been deep diving into pure escapism in my movies the past couple of weeks.
  7. 42nd Street. The mother musical of uncounted others.
  8. Hollywood Hotel. Musicals from the 1930s seem to have a unique feel to them, a "rough-and-ready" atmosphere, that the more polished ones from the 50s lack. I always found the opening sequence to Hollywood Hotel very weird and bizarre.
  9. Varsity Show. Some fluffy, fluff, fluff is always worthwhile.
  10. MLB Season 2020

    Sometimes I just wonder how MLB makes any money, it's the higher paid players that are the ones people want to see, not the utility players of the world. Great way to go into negotiations for a new CBA, piss off the money players.
  11. Murder, My Sweet. I love this movie so much, and it's too bad that is was Anne Shirley's last picture, she was outstanding.
  12. More dumbass worship of MJ

    Sorry, in the dim recesses of the past, I thought I semi-remembered that you were working on a philosophy degree.
  13. Now reading...

    Paradise Lost: A Life of F. Scott Fitzgerald by David S. Brown. I've started to read this biography side-by-side while reading Fitzgerald's fiction, never realized he was such a fascinating figure, learn something new every day!
  14. More dumbass worship of MJ

    How did someone with a philosophy degree wind up being a producer? That's a different combination!
  15. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Prayers fro her and the family
  16. Now reading...

    Definitely one of the most enjoyable reading experiences I've had in a long time. Now on to Fitzgerald's next book Flappers and Philosophers
  17. More dumbass worship of MJ

    Mnytime, Ed Swinnich & Jazzmoose on the same thread. That was long ago... I miss them all.
  18. Happy Birthday Chuck Nessa!

    Happy Birthday!
  19. Now reading...

    This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald. For some reason, I find myself returning more and more to Fitzgerald, who I tended to ignore in my callous youth.
  20. MLB Season 2020

    Interesting article, thanks for posting. I always tend to be on the side of the players when it comes to money. Professional careers tend to be short, and especially in the NFL, brutal, so get the money while you can, because for 90% of the players, there won't be that much left after a career is over.
  21. MLB Season 2020

    Honestly, the protocols being proposed are unworkable for a baseball game; for one thing, who is going to watch over and certify that the protocols are being followed? The home team? MLB? Union rep? Someone from the outside? I don't see how any sport is going to be played.
  22. Noirish, Pulpish Standards and Substandards

    Why Was I Born
  23. Happy Birthday Larry Kart!

    Happy birthday!