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  1. Mosaic Booklets - cost

    I bought a few booklets for the LP-only Miles sets they did (back in the day, when I'd gotten the metal-spine boxes with notes that were really hard to read). And -- back then -- I think(?) they charged me $15, iirc. Shipping would've pumped up my true cost, but I piggybacked on some other orders that included other large-format boxes (so no extra shipping at all, really). This was back in the day though, so no idea how that applies now. $20 wouldn't be entirely unreasonable now, but I wouldn't think they'd be higher than that -- but for long OOP sets, who knows?
  2. Dewey Redman - Live Archival Recording

    Looking forward to listening to this. And everyone should click on “see more” to catch the full accompanying notes, which are fairly extensive (I’ve only just skimmed them, I have to admit). Some good stories in there!
  3. Pet peeves

    I think the purpose of the “just sold out” is so if someone saw something earlier the same day (or maybe within the last 24 hours), they can then get positive confirmation that it really was there, and to more clearly explain why it’s not available (as opposed to it just suddenly not appearing at all).
  4. More jazz CDs...Blue Note ECM others

    Shipping terms? (Cost?) Tempted by the Julius Watkins.
  5. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    Speaking of Lee-way — can someone remind me of the story behind how it’s the only Lee BN album recorded during the window when he otherwise was recording leader-dates for Vee-Jay and Jazzland (with non-BN dates both before and after). I used to know all these ins and outs of the label — but most of them I haven’t thought of much in the last 10 years, and have either forgotten, or only vaguely remember now — though I was more steeped in this stuff circa 1995-2010.
  6. Billy Harper scare.

    Thank goodness!
  7. Hank Mobley Zoom meeting - 6:30PM EST

    I registered about 30-40 min ago, but have not gotten any sort of confirmation email yet (and it did check my junk folder, nada). Did anyone else get a confirmation email? EDIT: I just got an email confirmation about 3-4 min ago, I’m now just seeing.
  8. Don’t tell me they put the alternates right (immediately) after each one of the chosen “master” takes — ?? (Meaning do they stack up the multiple takes of the title track back to back?) And how’s the sound quality again? I’d love to have a cd reissue of this that’s a fair bit better than the Black Lion edition I’ve had for close to 20 years — but I’d rather not pay $25 for one, if the SQ upgrade is barely noticeable.
  9. Ok, I’m about sold then on that basis alone. I’ll confess I’ve avoided all the Mulligan/Baker quartets because I’ve never warmed to Chet Baker over the years (though I’ll also confess I stopped trying 20 years ago). Which specific albums do I want then? Have they been collected up nicely into a comprehensive CD set, by any chance? — not likely, if multiple labels are involved. Is the Mulligan/Baker Mosaic Select what I need? - by any chance? (I’m clueless about the Mulligan catalog.) Next to zero interest in any PD releases of this material, unless someone really thinks that’s the way to go (hard to imagine I’d be swayed, but you can try).
  10. The Concert Band Mosaic is (and still is) my first ever Mulligan purchase, only just about 3 years ago — and it’s really wonderful. For those interested, it seems to go for quite reasonable prices these days. Got mine for ~$65 incl. shipping (from eBay), but I’ve seen several others sell for about that same price, rarely more than $70. Bought it less for Mulligan’s playing specifically, as I did for the fantastic writing and arranging for the larger ensemble, which just sparkles.
  11. “Bird In LA”

    Am seeing it on cd for well less than that here… $25.99 as of my posting this link here.
  12. Remember those PD jazz boxes?

    Even if the packaging is bare bones (with virtually zero liner notes), I still think these — if they have to exist — are at least moderately preferable to the PD reissues by totally unrelated third parties. I’m not longing for reissues like this or anything, but I could see taking the plunge on an “early” artist I was curious about with one or two of these, just occasionally. But I’ve never bought the PD crap I’ve seen in stores (especially Half Price Books). Never say never I guess, but so far at least, I’ve always resisted the urge to buy the nonsense those PD purveyors purvey (or more accurately, what those PD purloiners purloin — to call it what it is). But I’d at least consider getting something similar from the actual label that had some rights to the material, or at least in theory they do.
  13. Jeez, with 25% ($19.24) off, and free shipping -- that takes it down to $61.20 (including $3.46 in taxes) -- or $7.65 per CD. I was really trying to look for excuses NOT to get this set, but that's proving to be hard to resist. Who here's dealt with before?? Someone please tell me they're a scam or some fly-by-night operation, so I have some excuse -- any excuse -- not to get this.