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  1. Well the end of the year deserves a special record and special drink. On the turntable is the one and only Reminiscent Suite by Mal Waldron featuring an all Japanese band. This might be my favorite record ever, my desert island number one. In the glass is a Westvleteren 12. A very special Belgian beer that has won multiple awards. Not without reason it’s delicious and I just don’t want to finish it. With this combination I could wish you a very happy and jazzy new year. Hopefully with some very nice reissues to come.
  2. Mentioned a lot here in not without reason. This is a great record.
  3. nice soundtrack written by Mal Waldron. Dizzy 😍
  4. I was 16 when I started and became addicted when I was 18 years old. I quit when I was 28 years old when my wife and I wanted to have kids (we succeeded in doing that, the same month). The fact that I NEEDED that cigarette to relax after a hard day's work, making an exam or having dinner, the fact I needed it to make my coffee taste like gulasch with paprika already annoyed me for a while. The fact that there were people making big money by making me hooked and sick, maybe even shortening my life with some years annoyed me some more for a while. The fact I did not own my own body anymore but had to listen to the nicotine calling, always thinking: do I have enough cigarettes with me, also irritated me. I have always been a sporty guy but my physical condition became worse and worse. I remember lifting a washing machine in a 3 story building moving a friend of my and I almost fainted as I had no breath..... It all wasn't enough to make me quit. I tried several times and became frustrated by my level of addiction. But I had always knew one thing: I wanted my son to grow up in a smoke free environment. I quit cold turkey and succeeded doing so. The first months were pretty hard but it became easier by the day and after a year it became feeling more and more like a liberation. I enjoy my coffee, my food and love making just as much as when I was a smoker. In fact: I enjoy them more as I could taste my coffee and food way better. And the love making.... well you could fill that in yourself From the day I quitted I picked up sporting a lot again. I started with jogging half a marathon 3 times a week. On this moment I practice CrossFit 4 times a week and attain several CrossFit games. I have never been in a better condition in my life and I like feeling that way. I probably have restored some of the damage done. Everybody has to know it for himself but I was done with smoking 5 years before I managed to quit. I think it's a good thing that governments try to do as much as they could to prevent people from starting. I don't like the role companies are playing trying to get people (and children) as hooked as possible and making money out of a product so deadly. Gheorghe, I am very happy you are still healthy and with us. And I hope you continue do so for a very long time! You are probably in a stage of your life now where you don't really think about quitting anymore and if smoking is bringing you comfort and joy do so. But I think every young smoker should try to quit as soon as possible. The old 'my grandma smoked and became 90 years old' is a bit of a fallacy ain't it? In Holland 25% of the smokers don't even reach the age of 65. On average they live 13 years shorter than a non smoker. That makes it worthwile for me being a non smoker. The other arguments I already mentioned.
  5. some more Takeo. The choice to make it a two LP set is a little pointless. Sounds very good of course. Great reissue series.
  6. That might be my favorite Desmond. Such an excellent selection of songs played by a great band. Love that atmosphere.
  7. It's Smile. The reissue is excellent. https://www.discogs.com/release/9033793-Takeo-Moriyama-Smile Just as good or even better than Egg Plants
  8. one of those hidden treasures from the Japanese jazz scene. Takeo Moriyama is one hell of a drummer. His duets with Mal are also outstanding!
  9. Yeah these series get both a vinyl and a cd release. This was a great quartet.
  10. Apparently this one gets a cd release as well now: https://www.dustygroove.com/item/131619/Jeanne-Lee:Conspiracy?cat=jazz&incl_cs=1&no_incl_in=1&sort_order=release_date And so does Sirone's Artistry: https://www.dustygroove.com/item/131620/Sirone:Artistry?cat=jazz&incl_cs=1&no_incl_in=1&sort_order=release_date
  11. great record but an awful pressing. Lots of distortion, it’s not a nice listening experience.
  12. Sure Eric. https://www.recordcity.jp/ is my favorite. Prices are very, very reasonable. A lot of times below the Discogs median price and description is accurate plus there are photos of the product. They have a flat shipping rate trough FedEX and shipping mostly takes a maximum of 5 days from Japan to the Netherlands. I also order from: https://www.discogs.com/user/ella_records very decent store. Accurate description and friendly service. Also: https://www.discogs.com/user/madpierrot bit of a weirdo who doesn’t communicate at all. But mostly under grades the condition of his records and asks a fair price. Have bought some beautiful and rare records from him. Always ask them to set invoice value low as you have to pay a lot of import fees and it could get very expensive. Trough Discogs this is now only possible on 150+ dollar orders. in my experience ordering from Japan could be very interesting from financial perspective but only with very large orders to keep shipping costs low. This is how I buy records now mostly: instead of ordering 3 or 4 records a month I now save money every month and spend it all at once and make a big order. Interested to hear if they sell anything interesting for you Eric
  13. yeah the whole idolization of BLue Note, Tone Poets, Kevin Gray is pretty ridiculous over there. Thy shall not say anything negative about them. This is clearly a huge pressing defect. No way I am paying 50 euros! for a record that skips and than be told it's my turntable that's the real problem.....
  14. My copy of Picture of Heath Skipped heavily on side 2. Never experienced that before. Sent it back and not even gonna try a new copy. Part from this one ive had only good TP experiences. But if there’s a Japanese issue available for less money I jump on that one. As a matter of fact I just ordered Sonny Clark’s Leapin and Lopin plus Jackie McLeans Right Now and Let Freedom Ring from Japan as I am not wanting to wait if they might be selected for the series. I love the sound of Japanese vinyl.
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