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  1. Definitely. And that particular album is like a modern classic. It deserves a good reissue. The cd copy is doing more than 40 euros on Discogs
  2. http://nobusinessrecords.com/archive-series-sam-rivers-5lp-box-set.html The LP box is upcoming with some stuff that wasn't released before. I stick to my cd's. The first four volumes are among Rivers' finest work. The last two were okay and the sound of volume 5 really sucks.
  3. I missed the Eremite but happy with this new reissue now. Extraordinary music. I like all those directions Jamal was heading. The Philadelphia scene of those days must have been great to see back then. Talking about Eremite: when will they finally reissue Jemeel Moondocs Revolt of the Negro Lawn Jockeys? I don’t even have the cd version and I’d love to have it on vinyl. I believe Clifford said they were going to do it but no sign of it yet unfortunately
  4. I love that album. Equinox 😍I don't really enjoy his last 2 or 3 albums.
  5. Well it didn't work on my brother or sister. They both dislike jazz music. I wonder what my 2 little boys are going to listen to when they are all grown up. What I think is funny (but also very interesting) is that a freejazz record doesn't bother them at all, which makes me think that many peoples aversion against the music might be more nurture than nature.... Like when a child got to hear very structured pop music for all of his youth, when he's going to hear a freejazz record than that doesn't sound nice to him. But my sons (4 and 1 yo) hearing seem to be still unprejudiced. That's why we could easily play Lego in the morning with Ayler's 'Truth is Marching In' shouting from the speakers. Until my wife comes downstairs with that weird look on her face of course.... Than my sons have to listen to this so called 'Coffeetime' playlist on Spotify. The horror!
  6. The MPS stuff is my favorite OP together with some of the trio stuff on Verve. I love Sam Jones playing on these MPS sides
  7. this was one of the records that made me pick up the saxophone when I was a kid. Well it was one song: Rouses Point. It was on a jazz saxophone compilation that my dad often played. I later bought the complete album (which was one of my first jazz cd’s) and now I bought the vinyl as well it remains a favorite and it’s lovely to hear Rouse play outside of Monks band.
  8. It’s vol. 2 and vol. 3 and I already own vol. 1
  9. First out of two batches from Japan plus Khan Jamal’s Drum Dance to the Motherland that I picked up from a local seller. These arrived from Discogs seller Ella records. Very satisfied as usual: well packed and fair prices. Not like European or USA sellers that ask +30 E above the median price. And what I like most is there sincerity in grading. This Meditations sleeve got rated VG. With most EU sellers these days that means bent corners, edgewear, a cut out plus some ringwear. Now this is what VG looks like according to this Japanese seller
  10. Does look pretty awesome. I wasn't aware his creativiness covered so many areas of art.
  11. Another great Sonny playing saxophone It has always surprised me that it still has none. Mal is still pretty popular in Japan but it's his Japanese recordings that are mostly hard to find.
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