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  1. Don’t know why people doubt this is a legit label. Some simple research on the web proves it is. Plus as some board members stated: there’s a Tolliver, a Cookers and a few Abdullah Ibrahim’s released on it. Plus 2: recent music is still protected under EU law. Gearbox would not be able to put out illegal music by living artists and sell them trough all original channels.
  2. such a great record. Beautiful music that fits great with the cold winter weather here. Thank you Sam records for an amazing reissue.
  3. home run! Excellent stuff! Lucky kids they are
  4. Well first of all: congrats with the youngest addition to your family. Those first months are exciting and terrifying all at the same time. It’s very fun to read how all things go so similar between a British and a Dutch a family and that we have to deal with the same kind of things. It’s also comforting to know that another Organissimo member is suffering from the same kind of sleepless nights as me The magic bed: similar story here just slightly different. There was a time when I ‘closed of all walls and windows’ with my magic hands’ so the room was safe and no bad men could enter. I could just see me oldest sons face go from tense to relaxed. It’s funny how kids could believe in that kind of stuff is blindly. Me and my wife also ‘divided the burden’. I did the first part of the night, my wife the second. I took care of the oldest while my wife took care of the baby. The only thing we don’t have is that spare bed in their room because there’s not enough space but I understand your choice. I do sleep on a mattress next to my oldest when he is sick (I was never, never sick until we had kids since when I had stomach flu 4 times!!!) And of course the fact that on a certain moment in the middle of the night your kids are back asleep again while you’re looking at the ceiling till the sun comes up. Morning time of the youngest is now 4:30 am. But I am in more luck with my oldest who mostly wakes up around 6:30. And then the endless talking haha very recognizable again. Fortunately they fully accept when we put off Paw Patrol and put on a John Coltrane record. They are the most cherished little things I have. But man I miss my full sleeping nights!
  5. Haha thanks but no advice needed. After 4 years I know all the tips, advices, programs etc. It’s even more frustrating when people are giving you ‘good advice’ while you know that doesn’t work or you have tried it already ten times. Rostasi this not a sneer to you or anything I appreciate your reply. It’s just that we have tried everything and I am pretty sure I doesn’t really have to do anything with our approach as parents. Kids could just be so different and with some of them nothing seem to work. Our 2 boys are so different and they get the same upbringing. My oldest nephew was a good sleeper, the other two terrible sleepers. My oldest niece was a bad sleeper, her sister never had problems. It’s the same with eating. My oldest didn’t want to eat vegetables but ate most kind of fruit. And my youngest eats almost all vegetables but bananas are the only fruit we could get him. Different personality Oh yes night terrors. Such a weird phenomenon. It took a while before me and my wife knew he had them because he didn’t show one of the classic symptoms: sitting up straight in bed. I wondered why he was so upset, sometimes crying an hour long repeatingly trough the night. I woke him up and that’s the dumbest thing to do because it gets worse than. When I knew it was night terrors I just lied next to him in bed gently stroking his hair for 15 minutes and then he got out of it most of the times.
  6. My oldest son, who’s now almost 5 years old was a terrible sleeper. He destroyed our sleep time for 3 years long sometimes crying full nights, waking up every hour to cry and if he did sleep he woke up at 4:30 am. I remember feeling quite desperate at times and was sometimes so tired at work that I had trouble keeping attention during meetings at work, losing focus while teaching. I was tired for 3 years. Now that he’s older everything got better. He did have night terrors once in a while but that seems get better as well. My youngest, he was a different story. He’s two years old now. We only had a little trouble a few times with sleeping with him and that was mostly when he was sick or when he got his teeth. But now for over a month long now: hells back 😩😫 going to bed= crying for hours. Wake up time: 4:30 every morning and refusing to sleep any further. And now: waking up in the middle of the night…. I need your comfort guys. Please share your horror sleepless night stories. I don’t want to hear any succes stories, just people who felt a lot of pity for themselves, like I do. sleep is one underestimated pleasure.
  7. I think Joe mentioned they will not be Tone Poet but Classic Vinyl Series.
  8. so what’s better than a Mal Waldron Quartet? A super quartet! This one’s among their best: Mal Waldron and Steve Lacy playing with a killer rhythm section with Reggie Workman on bass and Eddie Moore on drums. Cheapest copy is 12 euros in Discogs. Sometimes happiness is cheap!
  9. were there any represses without the wobbling piano or am I deaf? Cause I don’t hear it on my LP…
  10. I don't do vinyl upgrades as well except for the 75th anniversary series. Those really sound crappy sometimes. I don't need to buy Tina Brooks' True Blue nor Jackie McLean's Let Freedom Ring as I own perfect other versions of them. But I did sell my Hutcherson's Happenings and Joe Henderson's Mode For Joe to buy them in the new classic series.
  11. I am really enjoying the reissue series and I like the diversity in the program which makes it much more exciting than the rather tame Verve Acoustic Sounds series. Also glad not everything is my taste as than it would become a very expensive habit collecting those TP’s. I do pity the fact that all the MMJ’s are skipped as those limited and extremely expensive releases aren’t quite really avaible to most people.
  12. The only one I had problems with was the Pepper/Baker record. Blue Notes explanation that there was nothing wrong with it and people should adjust their equipment made me laugh. I sent it back and didn’t bother for a replacement. But all of the other TP’s I enjoy very much. My best sounding must be Bobby Hutchersons Oblique
  13. Exactly the ones I will get. I would have got Total Eclipse and Let Freedom Ring as well if I did not already have a copy. For me personally not the most interesting list but I understand that to some others it's great. I really don't see the point of two very average Byrd releases but that's me.... Was hoping for Matador and glad I did buy Hutcherson's Patterns and Lee Morgan's Tom Cat and The Gigolo last year. Is the 'I will not do any MMJ title again' philosophy still intact?
  14. Yeah you're right. Never adjust your ammount of LP's to the size of your house. It should always be the other way around
  15. Lacy and Shepp in one group…. Definitely interested but as Mark mentioned perhaps a little expensive. Will dive into it when it’s released.
  16. I think you’ll like. It’s a pretty unique record if you ask me. Not free but definitely something else.
  17. i think this record proves that Elmo Hope is not a pianist to play in the background. Like for example Herbie Nichols he is an attention demanding pianist without playing really out.
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