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  1. Ah I see thanks Dan. My geographical knowledge didn’t reach that far (I am teaching social studies and philosophy after all ) anyway hope everyone is going to be okay over there! It’s getting warmer coming days right? here it’s the typical dull grey 7 degrees Celsius Dutch winter weather…. I’m dreaming of a white….
  2. Yeah and on the Dutch news as well as the place hit worst. But those temperatures aren’t very exceptional for that area are they? I have taught geography for a while and I am pretty sure Buffalo has a continental climate where it could become pretty cold during winter time.
  3. two very different trumpet players I both very much enjoy Well the similarities are obviously there (it might be genetical ) but I do think Richie has his own sound. I think his playing has a more ‘at ease’ feel than Bud’s. That makes him fit in better for this session than his brother imo.
  4. One of the reasons why I love this forum. Could you imagine communicating this way with each other some 30 years ago? Had the same feeling with the COVID thing. The whole world feels so small suddenly.
  5. That’s pretty unusual for the Sunshine State isn’t it? Or does it happen more regularly?
  6. So how cold is it over there in the States? We had some days below zero but now it’s the typically shitty Dutch winter weather here: 8 degrees celsius with some rain. And now sunlight for weeks to come. I hate it.
  7. It’s the classic quartet with Rouse and I think it’s one of their finer outings. and even though I really, really dig Rouse (Yeah! Is THE straightahead tenor sax record for me) I like my Monk best combined with a more powerful tenor player like Griff, Coltrane or Newk
  8. I believe he did not see himself as good enough.
  9. Yeah it’s a damn shame. All excellent musicians.
  10. Some more Tina. They should really make True Blue a Classics Vinyl Series issue.
  11. Yeah I definitely get that. Fantastic album.
  12. oh my! How this music deserved the Acoustic Sounds treatment. It sounds amazing 😍 R.I.P. Pharoah Sanders!
  13. Yeah I have the cd's to but also having trouble to dig trough all those alternates.... Gray was such a great saxophonist. And a tragic figure unfortunately.
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