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  1. You can download foobar, the player I use. Or you could download Traders Little Helper and decode to wav. I guess I should have just encoded the wav files with winrar but I reflexively encoded to flac first.
  2. Links have been forwarded, I'll download it myself to make sure its functioning. Anyone else interested, just post here or PM me.
  3. I'll be ready with download links or discs by 5/25. Let me know which you prefer.
  4. I bought mine from Cadence/North Country also, along the rest of my 1st stereo, right around 1986 or 7. Still using the same turntable but everything else has been changed out. The guy who designed the Synthesis speakers, David Fokos, went on to found his own speaker company that was direct marketed. That only lasted a few years. Now he is a, as far as I can tell, successful photographer.
  5. Hey Allen, what model Synthesis do you have? That was a pretty short lived brand. My first pair of speakers, which I still have, were LM 200's.
  6. If you are patient and have a little time to put into it (and depending somewhat on your location) I think you will get a lot more speaker if you follow Craigslist, US Audio Mart, or even ebay and watch for used speakers. Personally, I think speakers are so subjective that you probably will want to hear them before you purchase. I have a set of speakers purchased locally through eBay (ADS 1290/2 for $300) and another set purchased through Craigslist (Altec Model 14's for $400) that I have been very happy with. Of course, neither of those speakers are small, I think ity is easier to get a better deal on larger speakers due the lower WAF.
  7. I like Tony Malaby's playing; pretty much as a sideman, his own dates haven't really done it for me. If I see his name on a date I am likely to give it more consideration. I am surprised at the amount of comment directed to his appearance here. This is not popular music and I am pretty sure the overwhelming percent of people who choose to go see Tony Malaby do not give a hoot about his wardrobe.
  8. Well, finally got a copy of Blowing the Cobwebs Out. Klompfoot (formerly Cadence North Country) is blowing it out at $31.50. The catch is you need to buy 15 items from a selected list, which I didn't have much of a problem with. This issue is the cardboard cover version, still quite nicely done. Listening to it as I type.
  9. Thanks guys. I had read the other thread but before the ESP reissue was mentioned. In any event, looks like I'll be re-buying this material.
  10. Just saw that ESP has reissued these recordings. A review at Amazon states the performances were pitch corrected. Has anyone here heard this release? If so I'd like to hear what your thoughts are on it.
  11. Just getting back to this thread, my copy of the Time lp is stereo. As to the sound of the drums and bass, I don't recall them sounding dodgy, I'll give it a spin tomorrow and report back.
  12. Is there a trick to opening the picture links? With both Firefox and IE the links don't open for me.
  13. I've had the Bose 2 for a few years. I bought them at Sam's Club but I don't remember what I paid. I find them to be pretty good, no complaints at all. Once my son had a group of his friends over for a small LAN party. They borrowed the speakers and each one of them were amazed at how they sounded. Of course, they are all kids whose idea of music is MP3's and ear buds.
  14. Nice post, I enjoyed the Alan Saul page. I used to own the Jazz View cd with the tracks from MoMA. I found the sound on that quite a bit inferior to the TCB issue. While idly perusing Booker Little at Amazon I came across this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B001U8YYP8/sr=/qid=/ref=olp_tab_new?ie=UTF8&colid=&coliid=&condition=new&me=&qid=&seller=&sr= Given the price I would think this is maybe a Scopio reissue? I had the good fortune to pick up an original pressing (stereo) on Time back in 1979. Like you, it remains my favorite work From Booker Little.
  15. Cadence sold this along with a Bird box (every one had a damaged cover), Lester Young box, Billie Holiday box. and a Bud Powell box. These were out in the mid 1980's iirc. The Bud box had "only" 11 lps but had deluxe packaging compared to the others I have seen. I still have my Bird box, used to have the Bud box. They came with pretty decent booklets, the Bird box booklet has discographical info and includes previous bootleg issues.
  16. Sold items removed, pm's sent. Thanks for looking.
  17. The disc on Cannonball is, iirc, sax drum duets.
  18. PM's sent and list updated, thanks guys.
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