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  1. Happy birthday, hope the day treats you well. I see you are gaining on me.
  2. Thanks guys for the birthday wishes, I have had a super busy month with hardly a chance to breath.
  3. I am using a small chunk of Magic Eraser. As I understand it the key with the Magic Eraser is to drop the tip in and lift, no need to drag the Magic Eraser over the surface of the needle.
  4. I think his best work is on Audioquest. Glad I had the chance to see him live some years ago at Chan's in Woonsocket. I listen to him on a regular basis.
  5. HI Dan, This cd cherry picks from the series you are asking about. http://www.amazon.com/Shuggie-Otis-Session-Great-Rhythm/dp/B00C7CKUHC/ref=sr_1_30?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1429399447&sr=1-30&keywords=shuggie+otis I have it and enjoy it now and then, particularly Richard Berry's remake of Louie Louie.
  6. It comes as being in stock at Klompfoot (formerly Cadence North Country).
  7. After the Rain – Giovanni Moltoni, Openground C#2. This is a local guy, a Berklee instructor. More local guys accompany, Paul Del Nero – bass and Bob Tamagni – drums. This guy has a little different style which I always enjoy when I throw it on. Shakiing the Blues Away – George Masso, That Old Gang of Mine Arbors ARCD 19173. Another local guy, With Dave McKenna – piano, Lou Columbo – trumpet, Dick Johnson – clarinet, Marshall Wood – bass, Artie Cabral – drums. Page correctly id’ed the title. St. Thomas – Benny Golson, Tenor Legacy Arkadia Jazz 70742. Everyone recognizes the tune and both Thom Keith and Hardbopjazz id’ed Golson and Harold Ashby as the tenors. The rhythm section is Geoff Keezer – piano, Dwayne Burno – bass and Joe Farnsworth – drums. Sunnymoon For Two – Paul Brown, The Paul Brown Quartet meets The Three Tenors Brownstone BRCD 9809. The rhythm section is Paul Brown – bass, Dean Carbone – vibes, Norm Gagne – piano, and Michael Scott – drums. Thom Keith correctly id’ed the three tenors, John Stubblefield, Houston Person and George Coleman. They only play together on the 1st and last track. Otherwise each tenor gets two features alone. Tropicalia - Dr. Lonnie Smith, Boogaloo to Beck, Scufflin’ Records CD-8481. Page picked this out immediately. With Fathead Newman – tenor, Doug Monro – guitar, and Lafrae Sci – drums. Penta Blues - Alan Dawson, Waltzin’ With Flo, Space Time Records BG 9808. Page knew the recording and Thom Keith id’ed Billy Pierce and the leader. The rest of the cast is Bill Mobley – trumpet, Andy McGhee – tenor, Donald Brown – piano, Ray Drummond- bass. I haven’t seen a lot of live jazz but I did get the chance to see Alan Dawson a couple times, he made quite an impression on me. Fast Friends - Rob Holmes, The Write Time, Resurgent Music RM 115. Holmes – tenor, Glenn Wilson - baritone, John D’Earth – trumpet, Paul Pieper – guitar, Bob Hallahan – piano, Randall Pharr – bass, Howard Curtis – drums. Some people liked it and it left others cold. Holmes has a couple other releases, one of which I have. The other represents a turn towards “Contemporary Jazz/RB” which I have not heard. Regardless, I really like this cd. Spring Can Really Hang You up the Most - Frank Foster and Frank Wess, Two for the Blues, Pablo OJCCD 788-2. Foster and Wess, tenors, Kenny Barron – piano, Rufus Reid – bass, Marvin “Smitty” Smith – drums. Thom Keith and Hardbopjazz picked the tenors, as did April BFT host Dan Gould. Texas Moon - Charles Davis, Blue Gardenia, Reade Street Records, reade-1110-cd. Davis - tenor, Cedar Walton – piano, Peter Washington – bass, Joe Farnsworth – drums. I did not click with this disc at all when I first got it but it has really grown on me. Hi Ruth! – Gene Ammons, taken from Swinging the Jug, Groove Hut Records GH66706 but originally on Prestige (?) and also available one of the Legends of Acid Jazz reissues. Ammons – tenor, Harold Mabern – piano, George Freeman – guitar, Ron Carter – bass, Idris Muhammad – drums. Pretty late period Jug that several people recognized. I like Ammons a lot but I go crazy over this particular track. This was the first time I ever heard George Freeman, a TDWR. Ortlieb’s – John Swana and the Philadelphians, Philly Gumbo vol 2, Criss Cross 1260. Swana – trumpet, Bootsie Barnes, Larryu McKenna – tenors, Sid Simmons – piano, Mike Boone – bass, Byron Landham – drums. Another title id’ed by Page. If you liked this track you will like the whole date. Thanks everyone for playing, the number of things correctly identified by you guys does amaze me.
  8. Hey Page, nice calls on Alan Dawson and John Swana. That's 3 for you this time, very impressive.
  9. Hats off to you Thom, your suppositions on 6 are correct as are those on 8, 9 and 10.
  10. Not on #3, on #4.. Thom has id'ed Coleman correctly and has also gotten the other two tenors on his 4th listen.
  11. Well Thom, you are spot on on #3 and you have id'ed the three tenors on #4, an unlikley trio. Also correct on #5 regarding Fathead Newman.
  12. I used Goldwave to remove the tags on my first couple of BFT's. Since it was $40 program when I boughty some time ago you wouldn't want to pick it up just for that, I use it primarily for editing and cleaning up vinyl rips. For my current BFT I used a free program but I am a little embarrassed to say I don't remember which one. I think it was id3remeover.
  13. Nice work Tom. As to the guitaist on #1, its not anyone with a national rep so I would be really surprised if anyone got that.
  14. Hi Page, glad you liked it. Yes, that's right on #5.I remember when I saw the disc in the used bin. I didn't know anything about Beck but I figured with Fathead Newman how could I go wrong.
  15. Hi John, I wouldn't be at all surprised if you already have #11. Thanks for playing.
  16. Sorry to be tardy, my computer has been hors de combat since Monday and I didn't want to start on Sunday out of deference to Colinmce and BFT 131. This set of tunes will be quite a departure from 131 and may be a little boring in comparison, forewarned.
  17. I have an hour of music ready to go. PM for a download link. If you want a disc, let me know and I'll forward it.
  18. Hey Pete, Can I grab these? Carlisle, Una Mae & Kirby, John The Complete Una Mae 1940-42 & Kirby 41-42 RCA Black & White Two-lp Fagerquist, Don Music to Fill a Void VSOP Pierce, Nat Boston Bust Out (with Serge Chaloff) Hep Stewart, Rex Henderson Homecoming United Artists Stewart, Rex Big Reunion Fletcher Henderson All Stars Jazz Greats Various The Real Sound of Jazz Pumpkin Thanks, Tom
  19. In keeping with the OP's request I'd recommend the title track to the Consulelo-Jon Quintet's disc, Last Sunday Morning on Accurate. It features Billy Pierce with a great soprano solo.
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