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  1. fent99

    Bob Dylan corner

    Way behind the curve on Dylan releases but picked up Biograph recently and really been enjoying digging in. The Blood on the Tracks outtakes/alternates are so good... Really love the period Blood on the Tracks to Street Legal
  2. Bought the RCA and Columbia box last week and played Ah Um for the first time in ages. It was one of the first CDs I bought (in the 80s with the Blue background). The unedited version of Goodbye Porkpie Hat really threw me since the edited version was so familiar. I loved it though. I have a question though, I've given up on re-buying music I already have but I bought Monk's Dream on the same day and presume its similarly extended in the latest issue having bought the reissue of Straight no Chaser. I'm going to have to get this too...?
  3. Most positive review I've seen... Might have to give in. On the Ep collection I didn't notice much difference between the tracks on my tremelo cd single and on the new issue but most of the rest was unfamiliar and sounded great. A great value 2 disc set makes up for the 2 discs of the same music of Loveless, maybe? In no way is the new remaster a sonic revelation, after all "Loveless" is not one of those albums where you're listening to the individual instruments, so to my mind, it's more of a fine-tuning of the album. As long as the overall sound and feel of the album is there, it's all good. If someone is happy with the original cd, and doesn't want to pay the money for a sonic fine-tuning of the album, I don't think they will be missing out on anything. From all that I have read, the EP disk is definitely the one that is a must have, given the added cd, so I'm interested in what that will be sounding like. No one seems to be saying too much about "Isn't Anything," so I have a feeling my reaction will be the same as with "Loveless." I think the ep disc sounds great but I've heard little of the original eps (only tremelo and some of the others as mp3). Never loved "Isn't Anything" in the same way as "Loveless" ...
  4. Most positive review I've seen... Might have to give in. On the Ep collection I didn't notice much difference between the tracks on my tremelo cd single and on the new issue but most of the rest was unfamiliar and sounded great. A great value 2 disc set makes up for the 2 discs of the same music of Loveless, maybe?
  5. Apparently there is a glitch in the remastering of one disc of Loveless and they misnamed the discs too swapping one for the other. However the 2 disc ep round up is great. I'm sticking with my originals. Loveless is terrific still
  6. fent99

    Joe Henderson

    Big, big topic, but thinking off the top, five indispensable Blue Notes that Joe just kills on are McCoy Tyner's "The Real McCoy," Andrew Hill's "Black Fire," Larry Young's "Unity," Pete LaRoca's "Basra" and Kenny Dorham's "Una Mas." Lots of interesting records of more recent vintage, too, but I've got to do some work. More later. I concur, especially Black Fire and Unity but my favorite out of all these amazing sides actually might be "Our Thing". There is just something so special to me about that date...... As for non Blue Note stuff, Power to the People is the shit to me, it might even be my favorite Joe record...... Actually hadn't gone through all my blue note stuff and Basra and Unity are firm faves so will do some serious listening there. It was Song for my Father that started me listening to Joe since his solos on that are so economical but really good. Roy Ayers Virgo Vibes: Never heard this so will see if I can find it. Like Roy Ayers too!
  7. fent99

    Joe Henderson

    Been offline for a while but listening to lots of Joe H. Anyone got recommendations of Joe on other folks records? There are a lot of sideman performances and thought I'd look for some. The Penguin Guide in my old edition recommends Richard Davis' Fancy Free (which I can't find) Any other stellar performances out there on other peoples records that I'm missing?
  8. He is on a fairly recent Stan Tracey album (2004) The Last Time I Saw You which I'd recommend. Version of Sam Rivers' Beatrice is sublime...
  9. Love this too. Great to hear an outtake with something really interesting going on
  10. Managed to pick up Young Django and the album with Svend Asmussen so hopefully both great so will look for some others. Anyone familiar with a Jazz Jamboree set from Warsaw 91?
  11. Thanks all. Lots to look for and I never knew there was an album with Gary Burton and one with Tyner. All looks lovely!. Paris here I come...
  12. Hi All Couldn't find a thread or a corner so thought I'd ask. Listening to John Ethridge talk about his time with Grappelli and enjoying what was played on the BBC Jazz Library podcast recently made me dig out the only Grappelli I have: a Pye LP from the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London in 1971. Enjoying it since it wasn't as cheesy as I remember with a nice mainstream piano trio (John Clare? don't have it in front of me). I have loads of hot club stuff (couple of box sets of Django plus some single cds) and the rhythm sections mean I may never need to listen to any more. Any other recommended Grappelli in this style. There is a lot of it out there but not sure where to start. PS My Wife loves this stuff too; takes her back to a trip to Paris, so anything that can similarly transport her would be appreciated (Air France notwithstanding...)
  13. Having a clearout and there's a couple of things to pass forward. Discs Only I only have the discs so if you're interested send me a PM and they'll be in the post. Came from a thrift store so not in pristine shape but both play fine ... The Rolling Stones - A Bigger Bang (emi) Marcia Ball - Presumed Innocent (alligator) c
  14. Current mojo excerpts some of this. Reviews are mixed (mainly due to its writing over time) but sounds really interesting
  15. As an aside and to further the link between the song and New York, the public park in Birkenhead was a model for Central Park. Birkenhead Park
  16. I have a NAD player which needed a repair just outside the warranty (had it done locally). Its been fine for 4 years now and sounds great. It is a wee bit fussy about some cdrs though but other than that its been a really good player
  17. Bit of a shock. Used to see him pretty regularly at the old Vortex in Stoke Newington where he ran a biggish band. Happy memories. Sad he is gone. RIP
  18. Has this been reissued on CD? Never head this though I have a dvd of a live gig of the band which is ok but I've always fancied the studio album.
  19. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT a second!!!!! This is the Elvis Costello-Burt Bacharach piece?????? Dang, I need to try & listen to this again! Ahhhhhh, the Jazz Trading Post! How I miss those days! I can honestly say that NOTHING broadened my jazz horizon and hipped me to so much good music as those wonderful daze. I bring this up because either you traded this to me or I traded it to you. One of the two, and now I know why this sounded strangely familiar, and even after it was ID'd, why it was still familiarly unfamiliar. Looks like I owned it at one time, and judging by this track, I think I remember why I traded it away! Yep thats the song and maybe the best of Costello's later stuff? So thats where the Buster Williams went. Cost me much more for the second copy... Exactly for that reason it is fabulously recorded! You are so right! Thanks for your comments and glad you enjoyed the music Glad to hear it! Loved reading others impressions of things I like
  20. I dug out the Chestnut Albums since I'd seen him earlier in the year. Its a great tune. Lloyd is great (just keeps getting better as time passes?) and as noted above the tune is the Costello/Bacharach one also covered by Frisell about the same time. Tapscott is a wonder and all the solo stuff I've heard is marvellous. Its not fabulously recorded but the atmosphere of the room and the sound of the piano is a joy. Thanks for taking part! C
  21. Absolutely. Remember my first exposure to Rocky and Bullwinkle very well... Thanks for the comments and hope you and yours are all well! c
  22. Love this stuff. Harper is my guy and I was thrilled to see how many nailed this. Very pleased to discover this. I'll be damned. There is much to love about HT, so I'm going to go back and dig this one again and see what I missed. This whole series is outstanding and has to make you wonder what is fair in this business if nobody knows Horace Tapscott. Great comments. Glad you liked this! You're so right there is so much in Horace's solo stuff. A lifetimes study right there
  23. Track 06 Priestess Masabumi Kikuchi + Gil Evans from Masabumi Kikuchi + Gil Evans Love Billy Harper and Gil Evans and the studio album Priestess was something else taken out of the library and put on a c90 and well palyed on busses and trains around the UK and beyond. Never found that on CD but Destination: Out provided a superb replacement for the digital age... Destination: Out Track 07 I've Found Joy Matthew Halsall from Colour Yes Passed on to me by one of my oldest friends. Love the spiritual jazz vibe going on and though its recorded now rather than in the 60s there is something here to cherish. Go support them! Based in Manchester, UK so the should be local to you Bill, the albums on the label (link below) are all good Nat Birchall's Akhenaten might be the pick but Matt Halsall's were the first I heard and listened to the most. Good value as mp3 (£3.99) and on CD too. Gondwana Records There's a live session to listen to here: Matthew Halsall Live In Session for Gilles Peterson @ Maida Vale Track 08 Ida Lupino Michel Portal from Dockings I love this tune whether by Carla Bley, Paul Bley, whoever. Its included because it was bought from an mp3 seller kinda because you can. You can search amazon or e-music or i-tunes and buy all the versions of a track you can find. Love the colour on this, the Bandeon and the two basses. It takes me somewhere else. Wheras the next two take me home... Track 09 Don't Sing That Song Bill Wells Octet from The Elongated Cat As I've written in the discussion. This tune worked its way into my brain and refused to leave. Self released, short run cdr culled from live gigs and indifferently recorded I still find something to cherish here and would rather have it as it is than it be lost to the ether. Bill Wells is Scottish and has not had the kind of exposure he maybe shoudl have. He seems as happy making alternative music as jazz though the peak of beauty (other than this track is the Bill wells Trio albums on Domino Wiki link Track 10 Kelly Bray John Surman Road To Saint Ives Simply Beautiful, something lovely and celtic about this. Track 11 I'll Have One When It's Over Horace Tapscott The Tapscott Sessions, Vol. 5 I have a poster on here to thank for this. Mildly obsessed with Horace for the moment and these solo sessions are amazing. They look inward and outward and have a great beauty about them too. Thanks to everyone for listening! I may post wee bits more and if I work out how to post images I'll upload better pics for a few of these. I really loved taking part in the BFT since it made me think about what I listen to in anew way and let me introduce a few of my favourites to some new listeners. Thanks!
  24. Blindfold Test #91 REVEALED Answers to some obscure and not that obscure cds in my collection. Wasn't meant to be a soprano fest as much as it was though I do love the sound of the straight horn. It does give away a few of my obsessions (can we all admit we are a wee bit obsessed here?) whether its gigs I've been to, artists that I connect with or simply that I love the sound of something. Sorry its a little late but I was in the hospital at the weekend and need a wee bit more recovery (I'm absolutely fine though!) Here goes: Track 01 Suite Time Suite - Opening Kenny Wheeler Colours Orchestra from Camploy Theatre, Verona 19/02/2006. I'm a massive Kenny Wheeler fan and thought I'd have to have something in my bft. This is live (an audience recording too hope the lo-fi wasn't an issue) and features Italian singer Diana Torto rather than the more customary Norma Winstone. I love his sound on flugelhorn or trumpet and the sadness and beauty in his compositions. There is something easy listening sometimes about the tunes but the musicianship of himself and whoever he is working with always comes through. Living in London for a while I was lucky enough to see him live a few times so this is a neat momento (though this is live from Italy in 2006). Most memorable occasion though is after a few drinks going into the old Vortex in Stoke Newington to hear Kenny and Evan Parker blowing up a storm. Even my wife was impressed especially by what nice guys they were to chat to afterwards! Track 02 God Give me Strength Charles Lloyd from NY Jazz Fest June 9, 1999 Not a gig I went to though I was in New York for this festival. There was a service where you could buy recordings of the gigs you went to and I kept looking out for the ones I attended but never did find Threadgill or the Horwitz/Previte/Anderson gigs I attended I did buy this cd of Lloyd though with John Scofield sitting in for Abercrombie and totally love this recording. I like the ECM sound but live this is just amazing and never seems to last its full 16 minutes Track 03 Buster Williams Something More from Something More Excellent album traded away in the Jazz Trading Post years ago and took a while to re-find. Not the best sounding record though its RVG at the helm. Think the mix shows its age. Surprised Shorter was so hard to pick up for some since I love it when he does these incredible solos esp. on some of the rock records he's done. Joni Mitchell's re-recording of Both Sides Now is a great example. Track 04 Bolo Blues Jimmy Forrest from Out Of The Forrest Took this out of the Library in a dark period for me living in rural aberdeenshire and working on building sites 70 hours a week to make some money to take back to college. Don't have a lot of this kind of thing in my collection but love it for all that Joe Zawinul gives it something different on keys and might offent a purists ears. He's still a while from his own thing and sounds more "authentic" with Cannonball but I love this cut. There's an earlier version on Delmark worht digging out too. Track 05 Sentimentalia James Carter And Cyrus Chestnut Duets (radio Promo) Picked up a radio promo of a duets session with this on on a business trip to the US manay moons ago and then the Cyrus Chestnut album its from in holland on another trip (illustrated here and on amazon.com used for $0.01) loved the tune and listened to this loads at the time. Never entirely convinced about Carter though I like the Pavement covers album and saw Chestnut earlier this year at the Carnegie Hall (the original in Dunfermline, Scotland) which made me dig this out!
  25. Thanks for the comments on the second half! 7. "the spot of drums backed by the rest of the band is tasty" Tasty is right. Been loving this band for a while now since a friend turned me on to them 8. "bandoneon?" I think it is bandeon though he plays accordion too (as well as trumpet...) 9. Interesting comparisons and good to know what others tink of this. Likewise its good to have somethings preserved even pretty lo fi rather than never to have heard them 10. "ECM for the echo. " of course The theme being "Sopranos That Don't Suck", might be right but since I had no idea I was so soprano obsessed? 11. "I'll guess it's a European who's spent a lot of time over Debussy and Ravel scores." Interesting; not european and I don't know about his interest in european music (maybe someone can enlighten me?)definitely a stream-of-consciousness piece and he's always got something to say
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