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  1. She's still on Facebook and seems to be posting.
  2. I wear my late father's 80s-era Rolex Datejust every day.
  3. The put 3 of the 6 tracks on the compilation "A Stranger in Town". I didn't release this CD had material that wasn't on other CDs, so I never even thought about picking it up.
  4. Christine McVie has died at the age of 79. I was a big fan of Fleetwood Mac for quite a while. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/christine-mcvie-keyboardist-singer-fleetwood-194810349.html
  5. Hino has seemed to disappear or retire since that unfortunate incident with his student back in 2017. I had always hoped to get a chance to see & hear him play. That looks unlikely now.
  6. bresna


    It's on this CD: The same track soulpope refers to above is found in the 7 CD box set called "Live Trane - The European Tours". It's actually from Stockholm in 1962, not 1963 as the YouTube video title says. I think they are the same recording though.
  7. It doesn't look like any of the Heath Brothers' 4 Columbia LPs have ever been on CD, even in Japan. Weird.
  8. How does a federal agency get away with having a secret committee? Given that there's money involved, you don't want the word "secret" attached to it. Seems weird.
  9. George played great but he's not in good physical shape. He's not mobile at the moment. Hopefully he can regain his feet in the future.
  10. I saw The Cookers last night in Portsmouth. Good times with a lot of my local Jazz buds. The band was cooking. Eddie Henderson, David Weiss, Billy Harper, Donald Harrison, George Cables, Cecil McBee & Billy Hart. The only negative was that my ears were ringing for quite a while after the show due to Hart's incessant use of his cymbles. I forgot he was in the drum chair... I usually bring an ear plug for my right ear when Billy's playing.
  11. How do "we" get Michael Cuscuna nominated for an NEA Jazz Masters Award? Does a nomination have to come from someone in the industry or the press?
  12. Even if you use one of these cloud servers, you should still have a local back-up of your most prized files. These is nothing in your service contract with any cloud company saying, "We will never go out of business".
  13. I almost think that Davis sounds drunk or something. He's so far behind the beat in places he makes Dexter Gordon look quick.
  14. It really bums me out to re-read this thread after the years have passed and see most of the great artwork is gone. I actually used one of the covers from this thread for some CD artwork in my collection. It was so well done, there was no way i was going to improve on it. I really do wish that I had saved all of them so I could re-insert them now. There were so many great covers in here. Edit to change "all" to "most"...
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