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What vinyl are you spinning right now??


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27 minutes ago, sidewinder said:

My bundle of these doubles has just arrived in the mail - amazingly fast. Will be spinning once the working day is over.

I'd recommend finding a reason to knock off early

The brass arrangements of the Henderson "hits" are gorgeous

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Lovely Cape Jazz session with the unmistakable sound of Kippie, a nice companion to Tshona!. I am so glad Matsuli, We are Busy Bodies, Jazzman, Mad About Records, Soultown and Co.  are reissuing those South African platters in the past decade. I just hope they will reissue the records of Allen Kwela at some stage.


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3 hours ago, Rabshakeh said:

How many did he do? Wikipedia suggests just the one in 1998 

We’re there others?

19xx - Duma Of Durban – Thatha Umthwalo / Diphoofolo Tsotlhe (Shellac)
19xx - Allen Kwela And His Guitar – Woza Baby (Shellac)
19xx - Allen Kwela - Too Soon/Nothing Better  (Shellac, HL511)
19xx - Allen Kwela - Jig 39/Doornfontein (Shellac, HL516)
19xx - Allen Kwela - Chesterville Road/Ezinyokeni (Shellac, Meritone Jazz Series)
19xx - Pretoria All Blacks -  Asambeni/Jika Naye Twist (Shellac, Meritone Big Beat)
19xx - Allen Kwela and his band -  Allen's Taps-Taps/1961 Taps-Taps (Shellac, Winner OK042)
19xx - Allen Kwela - The Big Walk/Chaka (Shellac, Winner OK065)
19xx - Allen Kwela -  Xmas Night Jive/Year 1962 Blues (Shellac, Winner OK072)
19xx - Allen Kwela -  Kismet/Umshanyelo (Shellac, Winner OK076)
19xx - The Jumping Jacks - Tall Boy/Frogtown  (Shellac, Columbia)
1970 - Gideon Nxumalo (feat. Allen Kwela) – Early-Mart (RE in 2022)
1972 - Allen Kwela Octet – Allen's Soul Bag
1975 - Allen Kwela – Black Beauty :wub:
1975 - The Cliffs Featuring Mankunku Ngozi – Alex Express
1977 - Alan Kwela – Reflections
1977 - Golden City All Stars – Golden City All Stars
1984 - Alan Kwela and Evan Ziporyn  – Transcription Service  (SABC) (LT21132)
198x - Pat Matshikiza/Allen Kwela – Transcription Service  (SABC)(LT5147, SS)
198x - Allen Kwela and Tete Mbambisa – Allen Kwela Playing Guitar
1990 - Allen Kwela – Past, Present, And Future... Solo Guitar (Cassette only?)
1998 - Allen Kwela - The Broken Strings of Allen Kwela (CD/stream)
1998 - Allen Kwela - Live at Mega Music 1998 (stream only)
2004 - Allen Kwela - The Best of Allen Kwela (CD/stream) (featuring duets with Pat Matshikiza, maybe from another Transcription Service )


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On 10.8.2022 at 5:38 PM, jazzcorner said:


oh, those strange album covers from Verve in the 50´s.... and the short and not very adecvat liner notes written by Granz himself I suppose.

There is no artest named, but from the hat and the tenor saxophone I suppose it´s Lester Young

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1 hour ago, HutchFan said:


Geri Allen - Open on All Sides in the Middle (Minor Music, 1987)
with Shahita Nurallah (vo), Steve Coleman (as), Robin Eubanks (tb), Jaribu Shahid (b), Tani Tabbal (d), and others 


Yes. That one created a buzz when it was new, even though the label was smallish and the artist not yet an established name.

Talent doesn't always win out, but greatness will not be denied! 

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Tone Poet version. Trounces the old French DMM copy and also the (better) Toshiba CD by some distance. Lovely issue.

Fine as the ‘Classic’ series is, the Tone Poets are worth the extra.

One can also hear the fine arranging hand of Cal Massey in both sessions.

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18 minutes ago, mjazzg said:

Bet you don't get the poster with the TP though...always had a soft spot for this session since buying the DMM.

I feel a TP purchase coming on

Still got about 300 of them. ;)

Surprised to come across a copy in the racks as it has now got to be more scarce. Priced at the ‘original’ price too, which was nice.

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