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What vinyl are you spinning right now??


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7 hours ago, mjazzg said:


The Descendants Of Mike And Phoebe - A Spirit Speaks [Strata East/Pure Pleasure, UK 2017 RP]

Such a beautiful record. Dare I say that the version of Bill Lee's 'John Coltrane' is superior to that on 'Glass Bead Games'

:tup, agreed on both counts.

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Laurent De Wilde - Over The Clouds

Lovely record. A quite shorter version from the original CD and it is really unfortunate that the record does not include a DL with all the tracks. Records from the CD era, usually 1 hour-ish, seem quite dificult to be reissued on LP (1 LP with less tracks [bit unsatisfying but I'm OK with it with a DL], 3 Sides , 2LP  (I do not like those short sides), 2 LP with one Bonus Side  [The best by far when possible but rare too]).

NP: The Brew Moore Quartet and Quintet (Fantasy)

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3 minutes ago, Rabshakeh said:

I recognise that one!

Oh no! Wishing you a quick recovery.

You do! A couple of streams convinced me I needed to be more dilettante, and for a tenner...maybe it's the fevered mind though, day 3. Thanks for wishes, fingers crossed it doesn't get any worse and I can just ride it out with more West Coast goodness

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1 hour ago, HutchFan said:

Be well, mjazzg.  More positive vibes coming your way. 


56 minutes ago, aparxa said:

Fast recovery MJ!

Thanks folks. Day 4 and symptoms are easing now so looking good.  Given me some listening time, at least


LPs 3 & 4.  Still sounds great

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