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What vinyl are you spinning right now??


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2 hours ago, optatio said:

I regret, no ...

Re Shorty Rogers "July 11, 1953"

Could you pl.  explain that a bit.  ---> 'what means no'  in that matter?

The tracks and dates are the same on your and mine  ('Jam Session') copy ---> see below:

From Lord's discography Shorty Rogers
Jazz Superstars: Shorty Rogers And His Big Band: 
Shorty Rogers, Conrad Gozzo, Maynard Ferguson, Don Dennis, Ruben McFall (tp) Bob Enevoldsen (v-tb) Bob Edmondson, Herbie Harper (tb) unknown (tu) Herb Geller (as) Jack Montrose, Bill Perkins (ts) Bill Holman (ts,bar) Lorraine Geller (p) John Simmons (b) Chuck Flores (d) 
Live "Rendezvous Ballroom", Balboa Beach, CA, July 11, 1953
    Sometimes I'm happy    Jam Session JS100, Time Is T19804 [CD]
    How high the moon               -              -
    Short snort [Short stop] (*)               -              -
    Take the "A" train               -
    C jam blues               -              -
    The great lie               -
    Buzzy (*)    
          -              -

Note: "Short snort" as "Short stop" on Scarecrow SC-801, Time Is T19804 [CD], Giant Steps GIST010 [CD].
Jam Session JS100 as by the Jazz Superstars.
Time Is T19804 [CD] titled "Big Band Volume 1".
(*) These 3 titles also on Giant Steps GIST010 [CD].
All titles from Jam Session JS100 also on Straight Ahead Jazz SAJ-1002 (titled "Short Snort"), Scarecrow SC-801, Solid Sender SC-801.
L.A. Jazz Society LAJI004 [CD] titled "An Expression From Rogers:  The Rare And Unissued Shorty Rogers". (members CD's only)

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17 hours ago, Daniel A said:


That's curious, I just had the opposite impression the other day. I listened to both mono and stereo versions of "Bud Shank & the Sax Section" and found the mono version hotter and more in-your-face. It was easier to hear the voicings of the sax section in stereo - which was a plus on this particular album - but I also found the stereo version softer and overall more pleasant-sounding.

But on this topic, I've found that some Pacific Jazz albums do sound shrill, while others are more balanced. Clare Fischer was usually awarded with good sound.

I'm sure there are exceptions to what I've encountered - especially if different mastering was used between pressings.  But in my experience, a lot of mid- to late-60s US stereo albums on UA, Pacific Jazz, and a few other labels sound harsh to my ears, shrill highs and not much lower end.  Their mono counterparts - when I have found them - tend to have a fuller sound with more rounded highs and more bass.

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Just finished the Herbie Applause release.  it sounds fine.  If you can find it a for low dough, grab it.

* * * * *

NP: Eddie Bert - Modern Moods (Jazztone Society Classic, mono)

You have to crank the bass on this one.  Once you do, it sounds great.

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Just now, HutchFan said:

Agreed. :tup

Yeah, I didn't know what to make of this album before I played it.  It appeared to be stylistically all over the map, and in certain ways it is, but every track is enjoyable on some level or other.  I really loved track three and also the final track, which is more or less a straight-ahead jazz tune.  The opening track, with flute, is really nice also.

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3 hours ago, Teasing the Korean said:

Dizzy Gillespie - Cornucopia (Solid State)

Diz turns on and tunes in to the moods and vibrations of today!  With a little help from Don Sebesky.

Keep an eye open for My Way, also on Solid State. It has all of the bad points of that one and none of the good! 

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