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What vinyl are you spinning right now??


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Jazz Giants volume 1 (Giants of Jazz). Some broadcast gems on this record in good sound (Ellington solo Solitude, Benny Goodman small group with Jess Stacy, Louis Armstrong All Stars with Earl Hines for a wonderful Struttin' with some Barbecue, Basie small group with Wardell Gray).image.jpeg.e3c804d37e78d4c03c69c1066146bc38.jpeg

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58 minutes ago, Gheorghe said:

I also love it. If I have to choose two of them early BN albums of McCoy I´d say this one, and that one with Joe Henderson, Elvin Jones.......

Yes he's a great pianist sometimes very persussive.

Here is my stock. I think it covers very good his own recordings except those as sideman  in the group with Coltrane.

Tyner,McCoy         Expansions  1968/8         Blue Note

Tyner,McCoy         Time for Tyner      1969  Blue Note

Tyner,McCoy         Extensions  1972  Blue Note(UA)

Tyner,McCoy         Jazz Jamboree Vol 2 (Seite 1)  1974  Muza

Tyner,McCoy         Trident        1975  Milestone

Tyner,McCoy         ATLANTIS 1975  Milestone(2)

Tyner,McCoy         Double Trios         1986  Denon

Tyner,McCoy         Uptown/Downtown 1988  Milestone


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Curtis Mayfield has a really groovy band. Then again they all do.

Les McCann sings "The Price You Got To Pay To Be Free". 

Today's ears hear this and laugh at the trouble the festival went to have a "Soul" show at a "jazz festival" when in just a few years, the Kool Jazz Festival roadshows would be mostly this. And then in just a few decades, this type of music would come to be accepted as perfectly acceptable as feeding into jazz fully on its own terms.

It's not a bad record, not at all, and one does wonder if the tapes of the full sets still exist. It was Cobblestone, so who knows? 

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On 9/7/2023 at 3:50 PM, mjazzg said:

Yes, I agree. the group name and LP title sum it up nicely. I love this era of Mingus. With hindsight you can hear what's coming down the line but I think the era has merits all of its own.


Herbie Hancock - The Prisoner [Blue Note, Germany 1970(?)]

always been a favourite Herbie date.

Mine too, Joe Henderson plays his ass off on that date. Wonderful record. I think, the first tune something with "I have a dream" is partially based on "Darn that Dream" . 

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