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What vinyl are you spinning right now??


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On 12/26/2023 at 11:03 PM, HutchFan said:

Genesis - Wind & Wuthering (Charisma UK, 1976)





Wind & Wuthering was the second (and final) studio album by the "quartet" iteration of Genesis:


Steve Hackett was gone less than a year later.


I used to have that pressing, textured sleeve iirc? 

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   Rec. 1961 ( the mellophonium era)



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2 hours ago, jazzcorner said:

   Rec. 1961 ( the mellophonium era)



That's a good record, a Gene Roland showcase. 

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Jerome Sabbagh - Vintage (Sunnyside). This all-analog LP is wonderful. Kenny Barron is such an asset on any record date and that is certainly the case here. Sabbagh's tenor is backed by Barron, Joe Martin on bass & Barron's regular drummer, Jonathon Blake on drums. If I had to find any fault, I think Side A opening with a medium tempo tune followed by two slow tunes, didn't seem to fit. It seemed like it might have been better with the medium tempo tune as track 2? Maybe they didn't want to open with a slow blues or maybe it was a cutting thing?

If all-analog vinyl is your thing (it's not one of mine TBH), you should pick this up.


It does come with a download card, so I am happy for that too. I like having a digital version of my LPs. After all, I can't spin my records in my car. :)

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On 12/28/2023 at 7:15 PM, Pim said:





That Freddie Hubbard album. @HutchFan posted it and said that it would be exactly what I like to hear, as he was right when he pulled my coat to the Keyston Bop albums which I´ve enjoyed the last few days. 

Though I seldom buy records , maybe I tell Serena about it hopin to get it on some occasion 😉


The Basra album is a great one, I must listen to it again. 

About Desmond I can´t say much since I don´t have his records....

16 hours ago, Pim said:





Bird ´n  Diz ! 

Though it has the great Monk on it, I might say that from all Bird´n Diz encounters on record this one is the weakest. The tunes were not well prepared, it seems they just were quickly set in the studio. Diz plays mostly muted here (somewhere I had read that he had had an accident earlier and his chops were a bit down )

Monk is great, but there would have been better surroundings to present them three their music. 
But I must admit that first I had the Bird´n Diz at Carnegie Hall, the Summit Meeting at Birdland, the Massey Hall concert, the old Guild records , each of them were more exiting that this one. 

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