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Waiting for the Boogaloo Sisters... RELEASED!

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The next one is going to be funky-dunky, folks.  Get ready!

Perhaps Organissimo fans can pre-pay to help the band get this one out sooner.

(ala the ArtistShare model!)

Funny you should mention it. We were discussing that very idea at the gig tonight.

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Count me as the ultimate latecomer, but I finally got your first disc.

I'm giving it a second listen right now, and I must say that YOU GUYS SMOKE!

This is one FOHNKY recording. Jimmy Smith meets The Meters. DOUBLE FOHNKY!

Plus, the ballads do what ballads are supposed to.

I'm not even the biggest B3 fan, but I know quality when I hear it. There's some serious musicianship here, allied with some serious taste; that is, you guys know what NOT to play as well as what to play.

And then there's Grooves galore. The band is tight where it counts and loose where it counts. And I must say, Jim A, that your bass-work is amazing... Not to slight Joe G and Randissimo in any way.

Can't even cite a favorite so far, as each tune has its charms, charms that I can already tell will grow on me.

I've known you guys as exemplary hosts, but had no idea what excellent musicians you were...

(Though with the likes of Nessa, Sangrey, Fitzgerald, Free For All, etc. hanging around here, I might have expected as much...)

I hope I don't have to wait long for another disc....( :D )

(I guess that's the GOOD part about being a procrastinator :P)

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