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Happy Birthday DukeCity!

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Thanks, everyone! Had a pretty good day. After work, had a short gig from 4-6, then a bunch of friends over for some green chile stew and some partying. Somebody brought a bottle of Bushmills Black Bush. Mighty tasty!

My wife gave me the Oliver Nelson Mosaic, and the Basie/Lester Young Mosaic, and we listened to a little of both of those. Pretty damn good day. I was calling it the 5th anniversary of my 40th birthday. (but I think everyone figured out that just meant that I'm 45 now, dammit)

Thanks for the good wishes!

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Thanks, kids!

Pretty busy day, but a good one. My lovely wife gave me a Kindle (the e-book reader from Amazon). Pretty cool. Of course, the fact that I gave her one about three weeks ago for her birthday gave me a chance to check it out and decide if I really wanted one. :cool:

A couple of days ago she asked what I wanted for my birthday dinner and I flippantly said, "Corn Dogs and Tater Tots!" Then, as I thought about it, that seemed like a tasty dinner. So, sure enough, we did Corn Dogs and Tater Tots. She also picked up some nice chicken sausages and wrapped those in crescent roll dough. Served with a stone ground mustard, a Jack Daniels mustard and a classic yellow French's.

So that and a couple of:


made for a nice dinner!

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