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All In The Family

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Being a New Orleans aficianado, I instantly thought of

Prof. James Humphrey, whose son was Willie Eli Humphrey (mentioned by Jelly Roll Morton as an outstanding early jazz clarinetist), whose sons were Willie James Humphrey (clarinet), Percy Humphrey (trumpet), and Earl Humphrey (trombone). There is a at least one recording of the Eureka Brass Band on which all three Humphrey brothers play.

Brass band alto horn player Isadore Barbarin, whose sons were drummers Paul Barbarin and Louis Barbarin. There are still Barbarins playing in New Orleans - trombonist Lucien is either Louis' grandson or grandnephew - he told me once, but I don't remember. Danny Barker's mother was a Barbarin, too - Isidore's sister, I believe.

Longtime brass band trumpeter Doc Paulin, whose sons Roderick, Scott, Dwayne, Phillip, and Aaron (and I'm probably leaving some out) all play jazz, funk, and brass band music.

The father of New Orleans drumming, "Old Man" Louis Cottrell, Sr., was the also the father of the great clarinetist LC, Jr.

When Preservation Hall opened in the early sixties, trumpeter John Brunious was considered too young to play there. Years later his sons Wendell and John, Jr. (who died fairly recently) played there many times.

Nicholas Payton's father is the bassist Walter Payton.

The clarinet-playing Hall Brothers have been mentioned, but there was a third brother, Robert, who was also a clarinetist.

That's just off the top of my head. Jazz is a family business in New Orleans.

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Erroll and Linton Garner

Jimmy and Sean Gourley

Lars and Peter Gullin

Clarence and Billie Holiday

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Charlie and Kim Parker

Jacques and Micheline Pelzer

Frank and Nancy (and Frank Jr) Sinatra

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I am unfamiliar with Jon Raney? Is he Jimmy's son or brother and what does he play?

he's Jimmy's son and a pianist, see here or here (under the first link there's a nice show in the Smalls Jazz Club Archive with Jon Raney as the pianist of an Elliot Zigmund Quartet with Rich Perry...)

MG, who are Fred Jackson Sr and Jr (ie which one is the one who recorded with Grant Green, who is the other?)

Cohran, Phil, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

O'Neil, Swing Lee and Ra, Avreeayl

Bauer, Conny and Johannes

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Charlie and Kim Parker

I don't believe they are blood relatives. Kim was the daughter of Chan Parker by a previous marriage.

and Phil Woods later adopted her after marrying Chan!

Some more:

Henry Allen Sr and Henry Red Allen

Didier and Francis Lockwood

Oscar and Ira Pettiford

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Trumpeter and bandleader Sam Morgan's younger brothers were also jazz musicians: Isaiah (trumpet), Andrew (reeds) and Al (bass).

New Orleans jazz musician Henry Kimball (string bass) was the father of Narvin Kimball (banjo and string bass), who married Jeannette Kimball (née Salvant). Narvin and Jeannette were members of the Papa Celestine Band.

Len Bruckmann (bass) and M. Bruckmann (tenor saxophone). Both played in the "President" riverboat.

Master clarinetists from New Orleans Lorenzo Tio Jr. (1893-1933) and his father Lorenzo Tio Sr. (1867-1908).

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i often wonder whether the number of famous sons and daughters in jazz has increased in recent years is due to the fact that only people who more or less grew up in jazzy surroundings seriously consider becoming jazz musicians, that it is a sign of degeneration... Ravi Coltrane and Joshua Redman...

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Am I dumb or is this too obvious: Kenny Drew (1928-1993) and Kenny Drew Jr. (1958-Present), father and son.

One for Randy that I don't think was mentioned:

Brecker? Was mentioned yesterday...

I was referring to Randy Marsh. He and Eddie Marshall were both Bay Area drummers at one point.

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As a side note, there's a merdeload of contemporary Brazilian singers who are children of stars of the 60s & 70s:

Moreno Veloso (Caetano)

Maria Rita & Pedro Mariano (Elis Regina & Cesar Camargo Mariano)

Joao Marcelo Boscoli (Elis Regina & Ronaldo Boscoli)

Mart'Nalia (Martinho da Vila)

Max de Castro & Wilson Simoninha (Wilson Simonal)

Bebel Gilberto (Joao Gilberto & Miucha)

Jair Oliveira & Luciana Mello (Jair Rodrigues)

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