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Kenny Dorham 45 single on RED vinyl. on BLUE note.


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My guess is that it may be a promo, or perhaps a jukebox only release. The title strip suggests the latter.

Several years ago at a jazz record show, a dealer had two colored vinyl Blue Note LP's - one was a Jimmy Smith, can't remember the other one. I looked at them very carefully, as did a number of other collectors, experts, and industry people, and they appeared to be authentic New York pressings, identical in every way to to the standard issues. The theory was offered that somebody at the pressing plant may have run off a few of these for personal or private use, and they were never circulated.

Columbia was doing colored vinyl promos in 1965. Since this record dates from around then, maybe Columbia was pressing Blue Note at the time?

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I saw them as well. I seem to remember the dealer had several odd colored vinyl issues, some of them multi-colored. Can't remember now if the multi-colored one was on Blue Note or not.

ok, so stereojacks seen em. hey, was the jiimmy and the other both red color too?

dude: what if they had a blue-vinyl one. omg. excited.gif

Can't recall for certain, but I think they were different colors.

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it sounds fine, red vinyl doesnt really affect the sound, the edit is good: better than other bluenote45 edits ive encountered (eg. sidewinder)...its side a: head/joe solo, side b: kd solo + outro....

Yeah - the cat in the pressing plant would have been cool if he had used BLUE vinyl, but, ....

dude, that woud be seriously, the coolest thing ever.

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