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Why Do CDs Get Scratched So Easily?

Teasing the Korean

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When I look at a disc that I've bought sealed and played sparingly, I'm sometimes amazed by seeing a significant number of scratches. They are usually superficial.

I play CDs in my car, on my work computer, and on my CD player at home. I handle them pretty well.

Do you think one or more of the players is scratching them?

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on cd-rs, this can be an issue- on manufactured regular cds...who cares? scratches dont do anything. i just scored one of my all time holy grail cds finds- pink floyd the wall japan-for-uk blackface harvest, disc 1 i would grade F--. it is scratched up beyond belief. you know how jsngry said that joe brazil tape was by far the worst sounding recording hes ever heard, well immagine that, but on a surface of a cd. plays perfectly. i also have a bowie lets dance made in japan cp-35 thats a little less scratched than that but still pretty bad looking, also plays perfectly

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I'll never figure out what makes some go crazy over scratches or scuffs that don't affect play.

Remember back in the day when "Two Headed Freap" was out OOP and getting big bucks on Ebay? I'm talking $50-75 or so.

Back on the old Blue Bulletin Board, some board member obtained a copy of this rare gem and was dissatisfied with the scuffing on the disc. Before he sent it back to the seller, he decided to offer it on the board for $20. I was lucky enough to be the guy who saw it first and pounced.

I got the disc and it played flawlessly. It's short - so there's a lot of unrecorded space on the disc. When I examined it, I saw that the scuffs were in the unrecorded portion of the disc only. I'm thankful that he offered it to board members and that I was in the right place at the right time - but to this day I just can't figure out why anyone would part with such a disk given the market conditions for that disk, at that time.

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