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Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread


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2 hours ago, Steve Reynolds said:

Threefold - Trio with Rafal Mazur, Percy Pursglove & Ramon Lopez

You're in for a treat when this arrives. Great recording. Pursglove is a bit of a hidden treasure even here in UK let alone in the wider world.  Plays very well with Dunmall now and again. 

I'd love that Leandre set but price is too much for me at the moment

and this " McPhee is playing in a manner that separates him from his peers. He takes lack of cliche to an extreme but doesn’t play with some of the extreme extended techniques that we hear from some of the younger player" is the best summation of recent McPhee I've read. he has a four day residency at Oto next year, I hope to make at least one night

On 16/10/2018 at 4:14 PM, Steve Reynolds said:

How about this one - never heard of this saxophonist - Liudus Mockunus

Check out his duo recording with Barry Guy


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2 hours ago, Scott Dolan said:


That Joelle Leandre box set was all you needed to say! :) 

Will check out everything else, as well. 

Much appreciated, brother. 

Did you check out The Selva yet? 

On the list but Clean Feed recordings take a back seat to most other modern labels to me. Sound quality and production values leave a bit to be desired.

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20 hours ago, Scott Dolan said:

Listened to Tales Out Of Time by Brotzmann/McPhee/Kessler/Zerang this morning. A really sublime effort, and mostly conservative throughout. 

Oddly enough, Brotz sounded more like David S. Ware on this outing. Good stuff. 

Always thought that is Brotzmann's most Jazz recording. Love it


16 hours ago, Steve Reynolds said:

Another great one:

”Before the Silence”

Albert Cirera: tenor & soprano sax

Hernani Faustino: bass

Gabriel Ferrandini: drums

Agusti Fernandez: piano

on No Business Records 

recorded live on May 9th, 2015 at Jazz Cava de Vic during the Voll Damm Festival


I don't know Cirera, have you heard him elsewhere?  If he has two thirds of the Red Trio playing with him and Fernandez then he must be worth a listen.

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On 10/16/2018 at 10:45 AM, jlhoots said:

I really like Sweet Oranges.

Listened again this A.M.

I was stunned at what happens after the 20 minute mark. The whole thing is wonderous but the stuff with the electronics/synth and the two great saxophonists - just wow music to these ears. Like nothing I’ve ever heard before.

I’m so excited about some of these new releases I’ve ordered another 9 or 10 CD’s for a present to myself. I’ve already ordered about 8 newer recordings from the Not Two catalog that I was missing so this time I mined the No Business catalog so I’ve got some interesting looking newish music coming plus the 2 CD set from Peter Kuhn from the late 70’s that I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’ve never heard him but I figured it’s got a very enticing combination of William Parker & Denis Charles plus early Kondo so I finally pulled the proverbial trigger!! Plus I ordered the 2 CD set duo & trio of Kidd Jordan with Peter Kowald & Alvin Fielder - another one I’ve been ruminating on for a couple of years. 

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After listening through 5 or 6 of the 8 CD’s within the Joelle Leandre “A Woman’s Work” Box I give this release my highest recommendation on many levels. First level is that Lady Joelle might be the strongest bassist with a bow I’ve ever heard.

then her occasional ‘singing’ then her choice of dance/playing partners and then disc 8 which is the full quartet with Evan Parker, Agusti Fernandez & Zlatko Kaucic.

on Not Two Records 

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