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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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It's a good band, but perhaps not the best presentation. But this kind of music in NYC in 1968..a hard sell. And produced for the Japanese market to boot...part of a "New Stream In Jazz" series.

There could have been a more "hit you over the head" approach to the presentation and I'd not have minded in the least.

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2 hours ago, jazzbo said:

Alice Coltrane "Lord of Lords" Japan Impulse SHM-CD UCCI-9387



I have always loved Alice's orchestrations and this may be my favorite of the orchestral albums.

This one sounds so fresh and ahead of its time it’s unbelievable. I can’t quite believe it wasn’t recorded in 2019 by a 16 year old auteur on a laptop. Those strings sound so up to date.

This one, on the other hand, is definitely old, but evergreen in its own way, still inspired by your recent Hines/Rushing post:

Earl Hines and Budd Johnson - The Dirty Old Men (Black and Blues, 1974)


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37 minutes ago, John Tapscott said:


Joe Farnsworth is outstanding on this recording.  Joe has become one of my favorite drummers over the past 10-15 years. His presence almost guarantees a high quality session.

You got that right. Joe is a fantastic drummer. I always try to go to any show when he is going to be in the drum chair.

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2 hours ago, bresna said:

Speaking of Farnsworth...

Anthony Wonsey - The Thang (Sharp Nine). I always liked this label. I should have bought more of them when they were around.


That's a good one. Sharp Nine is still around and it looks like you can still buy their CD's. Just no new releases in quite some time. But they made a number of fine recordings.   https://www.sharpnine.com/#Home.php



The music is good, but the sound is mediocre at best. The sound seems flat and dull. There have been lots of recordings at the Vanguard with decent sound, so it's not the room at fault. 

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