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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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22 minutes ago, bresna said:

Thanks to Chuck's nudge, now playing: Art Pepper presents "West Coast Sessions!" Volume 1: Sonny Stitt (Omnivore). Playing disc 1 now. Killer rhythm section. Lou Levy was a great pianist. He cooks.

Art Pepper — Art Pepper Presents “West Coast Sessions!” Volume 1: Sonny  Stitt – Omnivore Recordings

I bought the Atlas lps as they were issued and replaced them with the Galaxy box - which Laurie produced and includes the bonus material.

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51 minutes ago, Chuck Nessa said:

I bought the Atlas lps as they were issued and replaced them with the Galaxy box - which Laurie produced and includes the bonus material.

It seems that she found more material for these newest CD releases on Omnivore. The Pepper/Stitt set (Volume 1) includes 3 more tracks from the first session and 1 more track from the second:

Disc 1

1   Scrapple From The Apple
2   Wee
3   Bernie’s Tune
4   How High The Moon
5   Walkin'
6   Groovin' High
    Bonus Tracks:  
7   Bernie’s Tune (Take 1)
8   Bernie’s Tune (Take 2)
9   Wee (Take 1)
10   Groovin' High (Alternate Take)
Disc 2      
1   Atlas Blues
2   Lester Leaps In
3   Autumn In New York
4   My Funny Valentine
5   Lover Man
6   Imagination


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After two days of hard work that let me tired, when I listened to some easy listenig stuff (Dizzy Reece "Soundin´ Off", Jackie McLean "Swing Swang Swingin" and Archie Shepp "Bird Fire", I really wanted to dig some more demanding music and one of my all time favourites is Cecil Taylor´s "Unit Structures". 

Such a wealth of music, so much power and beauty. Jimmy Lions is one of the greatest voices on alto, his imagination, his sound.....

This is an album I really can listen to very intensly, enjoying every aspect of it. You have those powerful passages and then some really soft sounding stuff. Andrew Cyrille´s drums, the addition of Ken McIntyre, the two basses with their different roles, the omnipresence of Master Cecil Taylor, and the new and interesting voice of young Eddie Gale Steven. And then that beautiful quiet ending with Tales-8 Wishes. 

By the way: I somewhere heard or read (maybe memories by Eddie Gale Steven, that shortly before this session, he got a lot of verbal help and encoragement by the late Bud Powell. Bud lived on 37 Kingston Avenue, and Eddie Gale Steven just around the corner and even if Bud was fatally ill at that point, he still had the power to "hear" something in that young trumpeter, giving him such kind of encouragement. 

Gene Santoro would have written as he did hundreds of times in his Mingus Book "he was closing circles everywhere...." 

About the liner notes: Though I understand the music and enjoy every note, every beat, all the modulations it has, if I try to read the liner notes, since I tried years ago, I understand only "Bahnhof" (as we say in Austria if we don´t understand nothing). There is only one phrase torwards the end: "Where is Bud?", without any context to the other heavy and for me un-understandable written stuff...., but yeah. Bud and Cecil met on several occasions, that´s for sure. Anyway, though Bud wouldn´t change his style, he had much contact to leading free jazz artists in his last two years: Ornette Coleman, Cecil Taylor, and discovering Eddie Gale Steven....., maybe it was through Bernard Stollman...

Herunterladen (4).jpg

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This gal is very cool. Classic and new combined in a neat fusion. Recorded too loud, but I can get to a great volume level without much of a disadvantage.

Ms Maita reminds me at times of another singer I really admire, Gigi.

Luisa Maita "Lero Lero"



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Another very interesting singer: Lady Blackbird. Her cd "Black Acid Soul" . . . .
A cool listen for bass-players or fans of the bass. Recorded too loud darn it, but manageable. Purists may not like this one but it's new shine doesn't hurt the ears.


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Steve Swell Trio the bearable lightness of being (CIMP 411)

the trio being Will Connell (my first time knowingly hearing him at any length) & Reggie Nicholson

Still can't hear Swell as being totally removed from Rudd, but it's a good enough record. Connell is real, and Nicholson is always good.

The CIMP/Spirit Room sound....hmmm...economics, esthetics, or which is it, exactly? It certainly doesn't sound BAD, but it also doesn't not sound like a home recording wither.

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