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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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1 hour ago, jazzbo said:

A one minute internet search revealed:

The Title According to The Man Himself

Typical of the weirdo ’60’s, there isn’t any anagram in the title. It came from a longer statement conjured up by Paul Haines, a writer acquaintance at the time. He had created a computer program to see if he could come up with a sentence that could not be turned into an anagram.

The result—”Your rappaplat bugle calls”—was what Paul referred to as his “lofty fakeanagram.” According to Paul, the computer couldn’t turn that odd sentence into another series of words. For some reason, “lofty fake anagram” had a ring to it that I was looking for in a title—something that was both ambiguous and provocative.

That is also the last time I titled a record or a song with something that required an explanation. People kept asking what it meant, and I got tired of having to offer my pretty obtuse explanation.




Thanks. a minute saved is a minute earned!!!!

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Archie Shepp - The Cry of My People (ABC/Impulse, 1973)

Such monumental, visionary music!  In lesser hands, this would be a sprawling mess -- but Shepp somehow shapes this music into an all-encompassing, TRANSCENDENT vision.  From where I'm sitting, this belongs in the same exalted company as Max's Lift Every Voice & Sing, Oliver Nelson's Black, Brown and Beautiful, and Billy Harper's Capra Black.  Of course, all of these artists -- to a greater or lesser extent -- are standing on Ellington's shoulders, and that's why Shepp concludes the album with "Come Sunday." 

Schoolchildren should be studying this stuff.


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Now spinning this CD:


Luis Bonilla - I Talking Now! (Planet Arts, 2009)
- Trombone – Luis Bonilla
- Saxophone – Ivan Renta
- Keyboards – Arturo O'Farrill
- Bass – Andy McKee
- Drums – John Riley


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This was still in the player from yesterday afternoon and it sounds so good that I started my day off with it today.

It has been some time since I reached into Billie's Verve years. . .and I'm always intrigued by the sidemen's contributions and that mature expression Billie delivers.

Billie Holiday "Songs for Distingue Lovers" Verve/Classic Records gold cd


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Santana “Caravan Serai” Sony Quad/Stereo SACD

So glad I have been ordering the releases of Santana and Miles Davis in the 7" SACD series. Excellent sound and packaging.


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The birthday boy, whose music brightens my life. Disc 1


1 minute ago, jazzbo said:

The birthday boy, whose music brightens my life. Disc 1


I don't think Tom would mind if I posted a picture of the girl from Ipanema.


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