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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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Francy Boland & The Orchestra “Blue Flame / Red Hot / White Heat” MPS 2 cd set, disc 2 then disc 1

I was thinking I’d play some Ellington and saw this and played these two discs first instead. Not a bad choice or dissimilar choice. . . Boland was very influenced by Ellington and Basie, and both are referenced here in arranging style. Soloists are mainly artists that are featured in various configurations of The Clarke Boland Big Band, or small groups drawn from the Big Band. Really good music and sound!


Followed by

Orin Evans “The Magic of Now” Smoke Sessions cd



Immanuel Wilkins! I love his playing.

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More Japanese jazz today. 



Masahiko Togashi - Spiritual Nature (East Wind, 1975)
with Masahiko Satoh (p), Masami Nakagawa (bass fl), Keiki Midorikawa (b, vc), Yoshio Ikeda (b), and others




Takashi Kako - The Legend of the Sea-Myself (Trio, 1977)
with Masami Nakagawa (as, fl), Keiki Midorikawa (b, vc), and Masahiko Togashi (d)


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Jason Moran - Same Mother


Since Ten, I've been finding Moran a little po faced for my tastes, but that original run in the 00s was just incredible. Moran made all those other 90s/00s piano guys look like also-rans.

I hear a lot of Don Pullen on this one. More in the way concepts move into each other and high and low combine than in terms of direct influence.

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Sten Sandell and Lisa Ullén – Double Music (Clean Feed, 2021)R-20764291-1635448085-1527.jpg.ebfefcf82fb191f9812a3c2bd33783f5.jpg

First listen to this. A piano duo on Clean Feed. Very modern classical in style, drawing on French modernism, to my ears. I think I'd rather hear more developed compositions played expertly by one pianist than this. I'm just not that sure what the improvisatory duo adds.

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Miyazawa Akira Quartet - Kiso (Victor World Group Japan, 1970)

Akira Miyazawa (ts, fl)
Masahiko Satoh (p)
Yasuo Arakawa (b)
Takeo Moriyama (d)




Masahiko Satoh Trio - Transformation '69/'71 (Express Japan, 1971)

Masahiko Satoh (p)
Yasuo Arakawa (b)
Masahiko Togashi (d, perc)

An extraordinary album.  


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