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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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9 hours ago, Peter Friedman said:


A lot of big names from what was considered the young generation, when I was young myself.

But strange the cover. It looks like those old abstract coverarts that were on a lot of late 40´s early 50´s albums from BN, Prestige, Verve......

53 minutes ago, HutchFan said:


It took me much time to fully appreciate the MJQ. When I was young, it sounded to quiet, to chamber music like for me. But some of my confusion when I started to listen to jazz was my complete lack of jazz history knowledge. 

"Modern Jazz" I thought is Freejazz, post Free and Rock/Funk-Jazz, so when I became curious and asked someone to spinn that "Modern Jazz Quarted" I was disappointed since it didn´t sound "modern" to me. 

Now I love some of their records, but not so much if it goes to much into Bach or Rokoko or how you call it.....

1 hour ago, dougcrates said:


I don´t know why but Miles sure is one of the musicians from whom I have more than 5 records, maybe 10 or even 15, but somehow I never wanted to buy this, maybe I was not sure, I had or have Miles Smiles, Filles de Kilijmanjaro, Silent Way from the 60´s , and maybe I thought that Sorcerer might be something "in between" , I mean not such a landmark like Filles or Silent, which make the transition to electric, or "Smiles" as the quintessence of the acoustic quintet from the 60´s. 

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2 hours ago, jazzbo said:

A new Joel Ross album, with the bonus of Immanuel Wilkins on board! Exciting for me as these are two of my favorite musicians of this decade.

Joel Ross, “Nublues” Blue Note cd



A great version of Coltrane’s “Equinox” here.

My early listens suggest it's good

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15 minutes ago, jazzbo said:

Tom Harrell “Roman Nights” High Note cd

A working band, and that is heard here in a tightness and confidence.



Great album.  I saw the band at the Village Vanguard a few weeks before the album came out.  "Tightness and confidence" is an understatement.  

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