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    Nelson: Ha ha! Book Club!
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  4. The head to B. Harper's "Capra Black" - crazy!!

    It's in 9 but it's not a usual subdivision of 9 which is usually 3,3,3 I guess.... It's usually 4,1, 4 but in one section it's more 4,4,1. I kind of have a soft spot for this version but listening to it now, it sounds tame compared to how we play it live.... Whoever asked about Capra Black, I can hook you up with a lead sheet of sorts for that if you are still curious....
  5. The head to B. Harper's "Capra Black" - crazy!!

    Ok, thank you, so it´s in 9/8, next time I listen to it on my Max Roach LP "Live in Amsterdam" I will listen carefully. I also have it from Radio record when Roach played it in Vienna 1980, but then it was with Odean Pope like I had mentioned.
  6. Need an August Blindfold Test Presenter

    I am willing to do this also. So keep me in mind for the next time! I am curious if this 28 year old can present a list that can still surprise all the die hard jazz fanatics here or that it will be last time I may create one because the first one guesses everything right. 😂
  7. Frank Trumbauer

    The JSP covers 1924-1929, so there will be about a disc's worth of overlap with the Chrono. (There is only one session from 1924, so it really covers 1927-1929.) The JSP was remastered by John R. T. Davies, so you can get your jolly cranking up your tube amp and bemoan the state of reverb today, or something. I did not get the JSP, but I did get the Okeh & Brunswick Bix, Tram, and T Mosaic set. The JSP is entirely contained within that set, so you won't want both. The Mosaic has about twice as many tracks as the JSP, and extends to 1936. There are one or two extra alternate takes, but the second half is largely made up of Bix-less Trumbauer. There's about one disc's worth of Teagarden, some of which has Trumbauer, too. The end of the Mosaic will overlap with your 1936-1946 Chrono. I don't own or know much about the 1937-1940 recordings. The last session, done for Capitol in 1946, is lovely, but you already have it. If you're purely looking for the Bix stuff, you're probably best off getting the Bix Restored series, since you'll end up getting it in the end anyway. If money is no object, get the Mosaic. (If money is no object, why would you be asking here? Go buy everything!) If you want to avoid overlap, don't fear CD-Rs and other such Magicks most Evile, then get yourself the missing CCs. I don't know how hard they're to hunt down these days. If you are of the less geriatric sort and can stomach MP3s, Amazon appears to have a whole bunch, some quite cheap.
  8. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I thought it is Charlie Haden painted. I remember this Album, it was around in the late 70´s. The only strange Thing in this combination is Hampton Hawes, he doesn´t necessarly fit into that Group of free jazz pioneers. But the idea to Play Duos with his former emplyoees was very interesting. Wasn´t "Soapsuds" also a Ornette - Haden duo ? I don´t have it. I don´t know who Billy Jean King and Bobby Riggs are.
  9. I don't think the loss of Cheryl Crow's unreleased tracks is what people are outraged about.
  10. September 13: Eastside Kings Fest Kickoff: Lucky Peterson & Chuck Rainey with the Moeller Brothers, Bloodest Saxophone, TuTu Jones Band at Antone's About this Event SET TIMES Doors (7pm), Bloodest Saxophone (8pm), Lucky Peterson & Chuck Rainey with the Moeller Brothers (9:45), TuTu Jones Band (11:15pm)
  11. ECM Press Releases for New Items

    I'm interested in the Iverson.
  12. Going to see them in a couple of weeks.
  13. ECM Press Releases for New Items

    I’m interested in the Rava-Lovano album, will skip the others.
  14. All of that is irrelevant. Those albums at least were digitized. The outrage is the loss of all the stuff that was never digitized.
  15. Some jazz cd’s for sale, shipping is $3.50 for one disc, $.50 for each additional via media mail. If you see something you want please post in the thread and then PM me. If you want one or several but think my pricing is out of line, make an offer, the worst that can happen is I say no. Please note the condition of the inserts is described but not the jewel case unless the jewel case is unique to the production as in the John Carter disc. If you want a new jewel case with any disc purchased add $1.00. Venmo or Paypal F & F preferred but I’ll also take a check or money order. NAM – Actual Proof, CIMP 192 w/Ahmed Abdullah, Alex Harding, Masa Kamaguchi, Jimmy Weinstein. Hole punch in UPC and promo sticker on tray insert, front insert corner clipped. Disc is VG++ $9.00. Bern Nix Trio – Alarms and Excursions, New World Records 60437-2 w/Fred Hopkins, Newman Baker. NM-/NM- $5.00. Steve Dalachinsky & Matthew Shipp – Phenomena of Interference, Hopscotch Records HOP 19. VG+ NM- (gatefold cover shows sligt wear, disc is perfect) $8.50 Frank Carlberg – The Crazy Woman, Accurate AC-4401 w/Christine Correa, Chris Cheek, Ben Street, Kenny Wollesen. Hole punch in UPC VG+/MN- $3.00. Frank Carlberg – Variations on a Summer Day Fresh Sounds New Talent FSNT 083 w/Chris Speed, Chris Speed, Andrew D’Angelo, Curtis Hasselbring, Ben Street, Kenny Wollesen, Christine Correa. NM-/NM- $5.00. Change of Time – Change of Time, Omnitone 15102 w/Russ Lossing, Adam Kolker, John Hebert. Hole punch in UPC VG+/NM- $2.00. I’ll throw this in for shipping with any other purchase. Jim Black – Alasnoaxis, Winter & Winter 910061-2 w/Kilmar Jennson, Chris Speed, Skulli Sverrisson. NM-/VG++ (very slight marks on the disc a result of packaging) $4.00. The Cosmosamatics II, Boxholder Records BXH030 w/ Sonny Simmons, Michael Marcus, Curtis Lundy, Jay Rosen. VG+/MN- $10.50. Andrew Cyrille/Mark Dresser/Marty Ehrlich – C/D/E, Jazz Magnet JAM2007. NM-/NM- $6.00. David Bixler & Arturo O’Farrill – The Auction Project Zoho ZM 201009 w/Heather Martin Bixler, Carlo Darosa, Vince Cherico, Roland Guerrero. Hole punch in UPC, VG+/NM- $4.00. Michael Carvin – The Camel, SteepleChase SCCD31038 w/Cecil Bridgewater, Sonny Fortune, Ron Burton, Calvin Hill. NM-/NM- $6.50. John Carter – Shadows on a Wall, Gramavision R2 79422 w/Bob Bradford, Andrew Cyrille, Marty Ehrlich, Fred Hopkins, Terry Jenoure, Benny Powell, Don Preston ao. Jewel case is original tinted green notch in spine and definite signs of wear, inserts (other than the notch in tray insert) are perfect and the disc is perfect $9.00. Rob Brown Trio – Sounds, Clean Feed CF 077 w/Daniel Levin, Satoshi Takeishi. Cardboard packaging with art insert VG++/VG+ the disc has some light marks from the packaging $6.00. Geri Allen – Twenty One, Blue Note D1063976 (BMG edition) w/ Ron Carter, Tony Williams. NM-/NM- $6.00.
  16. Frank Trumbauer

    Bix & Tram JSP913 - 4 CD set Don't know if there's any duplication with what you have.
  17. That is a great CD. If you like it, track down Cox's duo album with saxophonist Donald Walden.
  18. Now reading...

    Kind of torn on Robert Stone. I had Outerbridge Reach forever and never cracked it. I suspect the same would happen if I bought a 3-book anthology of his works. (Also, if I bought them as used paperbacks it would be a small fraction of the cost of LOA.) I'm about to start reading A Hall of Mirrors. Perhaps that will decide me one way or the other. The Joan Didion collection they are putting together is kind of odd, mixing fiction and non-fiction. In this case, I would recommend the Everyman edition of her non-fiction (basically everything except The Year of Magical Thinking and Blue Nights) instead.
  19. The head to B. Harper's "Capra Black" - crazy!!

    Relying on your memory? You're doing better than me, dude. I had to go back to the record and count. And it wasn't easy...
  20. The Story Behind John Cage’s 4’33”

    A few weeks ago, I saw in a Woodstock art gallery a copy of the original concert program: Note that (as pointed out by Kyle Gann in link below) they botched 4'33" in the program! Interesting transcript of a talk by Gann on 4'33" here. The link at the top of this thread cites Gann.
  21. The head to B. Harper's "Capra Black" - crazy!!

    Correct, Jim. I was going from memory and added a beat at the end. It is in 9. My bad.
  22. PM sent on Introducing Kenny Cox $10 (Reading Mark Stryker's new book in which this recording, previously unknown to me, was mentioned.)
  23. You see disco, I see coke, I think we're both seeing the same thing, actually... Because Bobby Riggs couldn't hang with Archie Shepp?
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