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  1. Lou Donaldson

  2. That would have been the time John Hicks was in the band. Is that him in the video?
  3. Robert Shy - RIP

    Really nice guy. Saw him many times over the years in Chicago.
  4. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    Not sure if we will be streamed tomorrow night. But if you're in New York... https://www.jazz.org/dizzys/events/8149/the-little-giant-at-90-celebrating-johnny-griffin/
  5. Ken Pickering RIP

    Sorry to hear this. He brought out Griff's quartet three times to Vancouver. He was a good guy.
  6. Lalo Schifrin

    I just recently contacted Lalo's assistant to find out who were the drummer and bassist on Dirty Harry but he didn't remember.
  7. Let's send some good vibes to Barry Harris.

    Playing "Salt Peanuts" and Barry's "Around the Corner" four hands.
  8. Lorraine Gordon R.I.P.

    As others have said aptly, Lorraine was a force of nature – just the kind of fortitude needed to successfully run the most famous jazz club in the world and to maintain its integrity throughout the years. Lorraine's love of jazz preceded her introduction to Max Gordon so this story is no accident. She had "big ears" and really listened. Lorraine's spirit will now hover around the club together with all the musical icons who performed there. And believe me when I tell you, when you're on that stage you feel their presence. On a personal note I'll always be grateful to Lorraine for booking me into the Vanguard as a leader beginning in 2006: Despite having played annually as a sideman at the Vanguard for 20 years by that point, trying to negotiate a gig as a leader seemed like a lost cause. Yet one night, when playing there with Joe WIlder, she called me over in her typically stern voice. "I want to talk to you!" I thought she was going to ream me out about something, but to my surprise she asked me to bring in a band of my own. So after the shock wore off, now I'm thinking I can either bring in a band and play what I'm known for and what I think she'll like - OR - I can bring in a band and do what I really want to do, which is my own composition-heavy music with tinges of "fusion". I figure I may never get another chance – I'd rather go down swinging and not have any regrets, so I opt for the latter. Opening night, immediately after the first set, again - "Come here! I want to talk to you!" Oh shit, I'm going to be read the riot act now. I'm expecting the worst. Lorraine says, "That was fantastic! The way you played da-da-da-da and the percussionist (Daniel Sadownick) picked up on it, and how it went from one thing to another... that was great." I couldn't believe it. This is more typical: A few years later, I'm standing at the bar, minding my own business, when Lorraine walks by and steps solidly on my foot. She immediately barks at me, "What's your foot doing there!"
  9. Michael Weiss Trio in Chicago & Milwaukee

    Back in the midwest this week: Thursday, June 21 & Friday, June 22 @ Winter's Jazz Club, Chicago, 7:30p & 9:30p Saturday, June 23 @ Blu, Milwaukee, 8:00p - 12:00a
  10. Parisians: I'll have a quartet at Sunset/Sunside next Saturday, April 7. Hope to see you.
  11. Washington Concert Monday, March 5

    No that's incorrect. It's 7:00 to 8:30. I play for an hour followed by a reception.
  12. For Washington area members: I'll be giving a solo concert at the Arts Club of Washington on Monday, March 5 at 7:00p. More info here: https://artsclubofwashington.org/events/details/?event_id=2839503 https://www.facebook.com/events/2044185815857052/
  13. Happy 60th Birthday Michael Weiss!!

    Thanks guys. We had a great time this weekend at Mezzrow. A few remarks about the previous posts: Have to say it's a little daunting to realize I'm now the same age (more or less) as Horace and Griff were in those photos. The postcard to Chuck: Any (ANY) promotion of CrissCross records in those days didn't happen unless it was generated by the artist. IIRC Mastertakes was a distributor of CC so I wanted to keep Chuck in the loop about radio. I had to buy copies from the CC to send to all radio and print media. My aunt, an art director, helped me design that postcard. Don't think for a minute CC had anything to do with it. That photo of me and Barry (credit: John Abbot) comes from a concert we played of Monk music at Flushing Town Hall in 1994, with John Ore, Leroy Williams, Kiane Zawadi, Charles Davis and IIRC Virgil Jones.