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  1. Parisians: I'll have a quartet at Sunset/Sunside next Saturday, April 7. Hope to see you.
  2. Washington Concert Monday, March 5

    No that's incorrect. It's 7:00 to 8:30. I play for an hour followed by a reception.
  3. For Washington area members: I'll be giving a solo concert at the Arts Club of Washington on Monday, March 5 at 7:00p. More info here: https://artsclubofwashington.org/events/details/?event_id=2839503 https://www.facebook.com/events/2044185815857052/
  4. Happy 60th Birthday Michael Weiss!!

    Thanks guys. We had a great time this weekend at Mezzrow. A few remarks about the previous posts: Have to say it's a little daunting to realize I'm now the same age (more or less) as Horace and Griff were in those photos. The postcard to Chuck: Any (ANY) promotion of CrissCross records in those days didn't happen unless it was generated by the artist. IIRC Mastertakes was a distributor of CC so I wanted to keep Chuck in the loop about radio. I had to buy copies from the CC to send to all radio and print media. My aunt, an art director, helped me design that postcard. Don't think for a minute CC had anything to do with it. That photo of me and Barry (credit: John Abbot) comes from a concert we played of Monk music at Flushing Town Hall in 1994, with John Ore, Leroy Williams, Kiane Zawadi, Charles Davis and IIRC Virgil Jones.
  5. Bob Mover

    Great player.
  6. Phil Schaap- The Early Andrew Hill!

    There's a 1956 Ping date under Andrew Hill's name with Von Freeman, Pat Patrick, Malachi Favors and Wilbur Campbell personifies Chicago Southside jazz of the mid 1950s as well as any recording I've heard. There may not be much if any of Hill playing, but damn if these tunes don't hit a serious groove. Von's inimitable sound is worth the price of admission alone.
  7. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Szymanowski's piano music from 1915 onwards (op. 29) is incredible. You wouldn't think it was the same composer of his earlier works.
  8. Playing tonight and tomorrow at Smalls. I'll have Grant Stewart, Paul Gill and Pete Van Nostrand. Live stream from smallslive.com if you can't make it in person. Sets at 10:30p and 12:00a.
  9. Sonny Clark Trio on Time 2 LP reissue news

    might be a good idea not to assume what I (or Sonny Clark for that matter) have or haven't listened to.
  10. Imagine if John Gilmore became Trane's second tenor.
  11. "Jazz Meets France" Washington DC 11/15/17

    I was supposed to play with Alvin. Dezron Douglas - bass, George Fludas - drums.
  12. The French-American Cultural Foundation is sponsoring this concert to celebrate the introduction of jazz to France by the Harlem Hellfighters and James Reese Europe in 1917. Should make for an interesting concert. Don't miss an unforgettable evening of history and swinging jazz, as leading American and French jazz artists celebrate the African-American soldiers who introduced American jazz to France in 1917. The Harlem Hell Fighters’ courage and music will be celebrated by France's famed gypsy jazz guitarist, Christian Escoudé, Michael Weiss Trio Plus One, the Air Force's Airmen of Note, and the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra ensemble. Lisner Auditorium, November 15 @ 7:00pm This is the concert that Alvin Queen was prevented from performing thanks to the DHS. We will carry on in his spirit.
  13. What would you ask Chick Corea?