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  1. I renounced indie rock for jazz in the mid-1990s. I sold all my vinyl for peanuts, to buy jazz CDs. One particularly bad trade I made was to swop "Screamadelica" and "Nevermind" on original vinyl, for Sonny Clark's "Cool Struttin'" on CD. In my defence, you couldn't buy Cool Struttin' in those days in England. That CD would probably cost you £3 new today, whereas those two albums would cost £100 between them. I don't even like Cool Struttin' that much either. There were so many more - all the Smiths albums and singles, flogged for pennies. I once inherited around 40 Zappa LPs. Because I'd ditched the turntable by then, I gave them to my sister.....
  2. Name Three People...

    Cannon & Ball Little & Large The Grumbleweeds
  3. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Mine's a reissue.
  4. Happy Birthday BillF!

    Yes, happy birthday to the only board member I've actually met in real life!
  5. Wes Montgomery on Dutch TV '65 (+ 29 min)

    Nice, all looked to be having fun
  6. Return Of The Film Corner Thread

    Watched it and enjoyed it last night, thanks for the heads up.
  7. Return Of The Film Corner Thread

    I watched "The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution" on Netflix t'other day, which was pretty interesting, almost all of it new to me. The film showed some pictures of the scene where Fred Hampton was killed in his apartment; in one of them, you could make out a copy of Dolphy's "Out To Lunch" on the floor of the apartment.
  8. Lee Morgan Film

    How so? In an other-worldly kind of way, you mean?
  9. Lee Morgan Film

    Another thought; concerning the scene where Wayne Shorter is looking at photos of himself looking at Morgan's bandaged head. It appeared to me that Shorter hadn't seen those pictures before, or at least for many years. When he looks closely at the photo and says something along the lines of "what were you doing man?", I had a sense that he'd almost traveled back in time for a moment or two.
  10. Lee Morgan Film

    I just watched this on Netflix today. As others have mentioned, the scene where Larry Ridley talked about meeting Helen after she was released from jail was very powerful. I'm a sucker for redemption / compassion stories.
  11. Con Alma

    A tune I've always liked since first hearing the Ray Bryant record above, This rendition is nice too:
  12. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    This hoary old chestnut / seminal work (whichever you prefer): Earlier:
  13. RIP Fats Domino

    I too thought he had already died. Fats reminds me of my dad, who was a fan
  14. 10 Classical Recordings You Enjoy Listening To

    Of the records I've picked up cheaply over the years, these are the ones that have been played most Shostakovich String Quartet No 8 (I never play the Borodin side!) - Decca / Borodin Quartet Stravinsky - Firebird Suite - Decca / Ansermet Stravinsky - Rite of Spring - Decca / Solti Ravel - Mother Goose - Decca / Ansermet Debussy preludes - Deutsche Grammophon / Monique Haas Wagner - Siegfired Idyll (there are others on the disc, but I don't often play them) - Deutsche Grammophon / Raphael Kebelik Beethoven - Eroica - Philips / Bruno Walter The Red Army Ensemble (!) - Columbia Mahler 9th symphony - EMI / Klemperer Witches Brew - a compliation of various composers - my version is the Decca reissue I think that, like Bill F, my selection is quite jazz-led. Even the Red Army Ensemble - when I first heard "Annie Laurie" I remember racking my brains, certain I'd heard it before. It eventually came to me that I'd heard it on a Jimmy Forrest album (I now know it's a trad folk song)