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  1. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    on the no-cases achievement
  2. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    Jim, are you sure that keeping you at home isn’t, well, an elaborate hoax? 😉
  3. Strange BN lp on ebay: re- John Patton

    Find. Of. The. Decade.
  4. Oh! I didn’t know any of that. Thank you.
  5. Do you mean that pressing plants have closed recently? I didn’t realise. I read that the few pressing plants in existence were maxed out. Hmmm.
  6. Here, I can get May 5th down to April 30th if I take out Prime. Now there’s an incentive...
  7. In their FAQ here they mention that items to enable working from home are among those prioritised. Similarly I was able to get some items for the home by next day delivery.
  8. Strange BN lp on ebay: re- John Patton

    Can’t see the pics but...big big find!
  9. So in the UK I am been quoted delivery dates of May 5 for books CDs LPs. How is it where you are? They say they are prioritising other kinds of items.
  10. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    So just what did the aliens do to you during the abduction? Oh and how was the probe?
  11. Are you interested? I could get a quote on shipping to the UK

  12. FS: Mosaic Maynard Ferguson #156 cd

    You’re breaking my heart...
  13. Best track you heard all week

    For those who like a good OST - from The Secret Life of Pets 2 - with a few jazzers on board... PS If you think you hear a touch of the Maynard Ferguson’s in there, that would be Wayne Bergeron and Alex Iles - former Maynardites. Pete Erskine is the drummer.
  14. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    Not. And if you can smell them you might be too close.