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  1. So true. And we all need the additional copies for our bunkers.
  2. We all know what day it is but sadly the way Mosaic work these days it could be true. Look how many folks missed out on the Bill Barron set.
  3. Covid vaccination: poll

    No it can’t be reactivated. I can start a new thread - or someone can - ?
  4. Covid vaccination: poll

    I will also be interested to see if the second shots are of the same type as the first, which their rules allow despite zero evidence that it works properly.
  5. Covid vaccination: poll

    I’ll only be impressed if second vaccinations are delivered on time and work properly at the extended interval. NHS staff were given their second at three weeks, which clearly indicates that they don’t fully believe in the 12 week interval.
  6. Covid vaccination: poll

    Lucky you. For whatever reason we are not part of the national system locally. I got called up by phone for my first shot at 24 hours notice. That was none weeks ago - nothing about the second shot. I’ll believe I’m getting it only when it goes into my arm.
  7. No of course you wouldn’t. Even if 12 is too quiet and 14 is too loud. Would you?
  8. Pimuins Guide to Mal Waldron Records

    Great interview!
  9. Evan Parker

    Thanks for the info
  10. Evan Parker

    Which month’s issue is this? The latest on the website has the Lee Morgan cover...
  11. Evan Parker

    Well...I’m not going to buy it...is there any way you can share the bit that caught your attention?
  12. I think the article is fine. I bet most folks here have listened avidly to quite a few ECM recordings, whatever we might say. Compare and contrast the current 80s thread.
  13. Importing/exporting UK/Europe after Brexit

    Meanwhile fake customs demands are spreading internationally
  14. Your Favorite Jazz Records of the 1980s?

    I like your approach...