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  1. Ornette Coleman, New Vocabulary

    So now that’s settled, what about those Andorrans, eh?
  2. Reissue labels - legit or not

    I’m with Grumpy.
  3. New home - first track!

    Harold Budd, The Pavilion of Dreams, featuring Marion Brown I know I probably won’t win with this one, but I thought I would share the idea anyway…
  4. Now reading...

    Noted! Thank you.
  5. Now reading...

    Anyone who knows Philip Pullman: would I be able to follow the new one without knowledge of previous books? No spoilers please!
  6. Lee Morgan 60s Mosaic set

    I feel like we already did Lee Morgan and, even more so than with the new Mobley, there can be few revelations here even for the lesser spotted ‘new’ collector, who can in any case easily find most of these titles in hard copy and can stream all of it any time. I guess there’s some folks with settled tastes who wouldn’t mind a refresh, but, uh...
  7. Vandermark box set drought finally over

    I hear you. KV has his moments, and on this set the slices of Joe McPhee, solo and with KV, are a real joy, but sound-in-space it ain’t. I appreciate a set like this because instead of listening to one gig 6 or 10 times I can hear six gigs once or twice. Here’s my local scene, if you can believe it: https://freerangecanterbury.weebly.com/# Re. AMM, I’d say don’t count on getting the chance to hear this lineup again.
  8. Vandermark box set drought finally over

    In fact I’m seeing them in Canterbury. You should come! The mix needs to bring up the bass and drums a bit, I think.
  9. Vandermark box set drought finally over

    All riffed out on the KV front, having just worked through 5/6 of The Fire Each Time. In a club context or with a better mix it would probably work better, but too much is too much. By coincidence, off to hear Prévost/Rowe/Tilbury tomorrow. Now that’s more like it. Re. Butcher - yeah.
  10. Vandermark box set drought finally over

    Well that’s ... unexpected ...
  11. NYJO With Shorty Rogers 1981

    That’s very nice!
  12. Vandermark box set drought finally over

    FWIW, KV’s last boxed offering - with Joe McPhee - is showing as OOP on the NotTwo website.
  13. https://www.nottwo.com/mw993 More diverse than some of his other box sets, this week at least.
  14. One day at North Sea Jazz

    It was as much Dizzy as anyone was going to get at that point, and it was a memorable show.
  15. One day at North Sea Jazz

    Here’s my day in 1991: https://www.northseajazz.com/en/program/1991/friday-12-july/list/ In those days the festival was in The Hague.