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  1. Branford slams Miles

    Let’s not forget that Columbia also had a go with James Blood Ulmer.
  2. Sam Rivers on Rivbea

    Any details..?
  3. Amazon searches gone haywire?

    Good job it’s not a pipe. As crazy as it may seem, there have been items which I have found on Amazon only through a Google search. The same item could not be located at all using the Amazon search. It is beyond belief.
  4. Amazon searches gone haywire?

    Got it. Some of the outcomes are pretty shocking.
  5. I got the impression that amazon uk changed their search engine a few weeks/months ago. Since then I’ve noticed some gross omissions and inclusions on searches where I used to know what to expect (too much to detail). Is this a thing?
  6. OOP.

    Very nice photo.
  7. This thread hasn’t got one workable idea! Mosaic fell apart several years ago when it stopped mailing catalogs, purged the customer email base, and (weirdly) started spamming people who signed up for email with YouTube links to material that had nothing to do with them. I’m with Jim that it’s long past the point of ‘helping’ them lumber on. I never really figured out how it was they lost track of customers and maybe that was just part of the general malaise - but other companies continue to reach customers so it can’t be impossible. I think they lost the will a while back.
  8. Allison Miller's Boom Tic Boom - Glitter Wolf

    I think you're going to love it.
  9. Paul Chambers-Wynton Kelly

    Wish I’d bought this set.
  10. Today's tenor players

    Well, not relevant to the search for youth and newvoices, but, Evan Parker is just on fire on tenor these days - check out Music For David Mossman on Intakt, as a recent example.
  11. What music did you buy today?

    That set arrived rather quickly. Next time an order from the EU may be held up at customs while they calculate the duty 🙁
  12. What music did you buy today?

    Disk 1 emanating from the (TV) speakers as I write. Not a very effective taunt, I now realise.
  13. What music did you buy today?

    We might all be wondering why jazzmessengers has details about this set, including track titles, that are not on the NotTwo website... https://www.jazzmessengers.com/en/79881/dkv-trio/the-fire-each-time-w-joe-mcphee
  14. What music did you buy today?

    DKV + McPhee now on its way. When it gets here I’ll post on it every day until Steve’s birthday. Well, if I get chance to even listen to it... meantime Steve, maybe you could make do with this:
  15. Favorite Horn Trio Records

    Parker/Edwards/Noble https://m.soundcloud.com/free-range/fr-122-evan-parker-john-edwards-steve-noble-full-set-2016-02-25 I was at this gig though I have never played the recording... Should have mentioned Edwards breaks a string - don’t know if the subsequent filling has been edited out. Hope not.