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  1. Importing/exporting UK/Europe after Brexit

    Nightmare. I recently ordered something from a .co.uk website only to realise too late that they shipped from France. Haven’t heard about that yet. In the meantime, can’t take any risks.
  2. Importing/exporting UK/Europe after Brexit

    After my last EU-UK order got through tax-free, I still hardly dare make another order in case the tax situation tightens. If I can find sellers prepared to ship to UK at all, that is.
  3. Importing/exporting UK/Europe after Brexit

    I miss the flea market stuff within the UK. Now the postage costs more than the disc on the kind of cheap stuff I would pick up. Now I use discogs to identify stuff then look for it elsewhere. That said, you can still make a deal with the seller to invoice you for a different amount. But that is a hassle all round.
  4. Importing/exporting UK/Europe after Brexit

    That explains it. I don’t sell on discogs but I’ve noticed the pattern of crazy shipping rates. It’s going to drive away a lot of business.
  5. Importing/exporting UK/Europe after Brexit

    You could always ask the retailer for a lower shipping amount by making an offer based on what you used to pay. It may be that the shipping shown is not the actual amount.
  6. Sun Ra Arkestra's "Swirling"

    Cool. No sammich jokes from me.
  7. Quality replacement jewel cases?

    Walvis have a list of excluded European countries which includes the UK. They are pretty definite about it! I did recently ask another EU retailer to make an exception. They just said no.
  8. Quality replacement jewel cases?

    Quite a few EU retailers are taking the same approach to the UK now... I can’t write to all of them...
  9. Quality replacement jewel cases?

    I was briefly excited - until I saw that they don’t ship to the UK any more... 🙁
  10. I tend to agree it looks unpromising but if they could sell Mobley it’s likely they could sell Henderson. Personally I’ve heard all these Blue Notes so many times - good and not-so-good, in great or not-so-great sound - that I’m a bit tired of them. Plus I like the covers. Ahem.
  11. I guess the reason to go for Blue Note reissues is to make use of the digital transfers that Don Was commissioned. What was the Mobley set based on? And aren’t these digital versions used now even in mastering BN LPs? I find I don’t know so these are actual questions.
  12. Bowie’s top fifty songs ranked

    Great programme about Bowie https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000r8s0
  13. Those stickers on Italian records

    I know. After the first forty or fifty times I razed a property to the ground by doing that I wised up.
  14. Those stickers on Italian records

    OK so I just read through the long Wikipedia article at my link which discusses the (until 2014) monopoly of the SIAE in handling author/creator copyrights. There is a section discussing the bollino which is clear enough as to what objects it should be attached to. There are links to the relevant articles of law which I haven’t got the energy to read. I'm not clear how it is enforced or to what end, nor how things work now that a rival organisation is also in existence (thanks to Michel Barnier and the EU). In fact I wonder if the stickers are still required. I don’t have many recent Italian books to hand but one from 2018 has no sticker. The CD I showed above is from 2012 so predates the end of the monopoly. The article I linked to doesn’t mention any end of the requirement for a sticker, unless I missed it... ...which I did. There’s a section dealing with enforcement (absence of the sticker is not an offence in itself) and the practical problems now that SIAE has a rival (the DPCD). Ok now I know enough...
  15. Those stickers on Italian records

    Thanks, Steve. It’s a long-standing thing for sure. Also inside books, on the verso of last printed page, as below. This one shows author, title, collection, publisher, in that order. I’ve always thought it must be quite a hassle to put those in, but anyway...