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  1. Maybe as Bells in clear vinyl - ?
  2. The Barron set is Jim’s invention. He thinks if he says it often enough and doesn’t tread on the cracks in the sidewalk...
  3. Can’t wait for the Barron. Will it include the unissued date with Don Cherry?
  4. Anthony Braxton

    As with Jarrett and standards, not quite sure of the premises. So we play the head, more or less, referencing at least some of the chords, and then - fun at first, I suppose.
  5. Perhaps they are emptying the premises in order to vacate. With stock and shipping outsourced, maybe they no longer need so much space.
  6. Almost nobody from here showed up, but we sold out Dizzy's -

    I was stopped at JFK with a suitcase full of rotten tomatoes. Agricultural produce, apparently.
  7. Which Jazz box set are you grooving to right now?

    Crushed but unvanquished!
  8. Which Jazz box set are you grooving to right now?

    That’s a soft-pack set, IMO.
  9. Amazon Music Unlimited vs. Spotify

    Spotify uses the same principles. Some copyright owners withhold tracks to encourage download sales, I assume. Which tracks are withheld in some cases seems to vary, so may be decided by a matrix. There can also be reasons of copyright for selective withholdings. Most labels including the majors do this infrequently if at all. Why not take a free look at spotters to see how it compares?
  10. Funny Rat

    Just giving Funny Rat another spin.
  11. Favorite New & New-to-You Recordings of 2017

    Props here for the William Parker and David S. Ware releases on AUM mentioned by Sonnyhill. Both include a bit of drift but nonetheless very pleasurable. Not a big new listening year for me in any genre - when I have the time I just rake over old coals... much of which I can’t remember or never played when I bought it...
  12. ECM is now streaming their catalogue

    Their front-page statement reads a bit nostalgic and bitter. Things change Dipping back into titles I once had and sold, as well as a few others, I find this catalog quite faded, even beyond the usual warnings about ECM as MOR comfort listening. At least the appearance on Spotify protects me from any nostalgic repurchasing on my own part!
  13. Confirmation on Teddy Wilson and Mosaic update

    No Black Friday in Stamford then...
  14. Mars Williams presents an Ayler xmas

    You need to grow your carbon footprint!
  15. Thanks Lon. Bit disappointing...