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  1. Mosaics on Spotify

    285 hours!
  2. The 80-20 principle of listening to jazz albums

    Well the theory is about returns on effort. It seems to mean that most returns come quite easily (on the first 20% of effort) but that the last 20% of returns requires a lot more. So it is easy to do things in a mainly OK fashion but a lot more effort to do them well.
  3. Unauthorized YouTube postings of my titles

    Is it time to start sticking this up on the streaming services yourself? At the very least it would be an interesting though no doubt laborious experiment. Would it stimulate sales or kill them? Short term vs long term?
  4. Mosaics on Spotify

    We've done this before, but here's a couple that might get missed: https://open.spotify.com/album/43sbVLkL2Qb3NNxlrzVC07?si=bFnzJUfRQsenkmrJo_p8wQ Earl Hines - other volumes available https://open.spotify.com/album/011UqnWufU5oi05San1edI?si=zjaf7JWeT9qWjkVOy2fyfA Mildred Bailey - other volumes available
  5. I think they say that they ditched Oxford Street because it was too expensive.
  6. HMV attempting to turn the tide... HMV Birmingham: Can a record store work in a digital age? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-49681272
  7. Beethoven piano sonatas - Pienaar?

    I've been sampling this on Spotify since you mentioned it, and I have to say I haven't warmed to it, nice as the recording quality is even on Spotify. I'll keep going.
  8. Unauthorized YouTube postings of my titles

    Droll, droll...
  9. Unauthorized YouTube postings of my titles

    But then there’s always this:
  10. Unauthorized YouTube postings of my titles

    Even the major corporations struggle to keep up, so go figure. Although when I want to rewatch Previn on Morecambe and Wise, here’s what I get: This video contains content from BBC Studios, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. Maybe you can see it even if I can’t:
  11. from Reaktion Books http://www.reaktionbooks.co.uk/display.asp?ISB=9781789142235
  12. What I mean is, people who want CDs expect to pay a low price. That low price point reduces the incentive to make them. Vinyl, on the other hand...
  13. Mr Moneybags! If the price point for CDs is so low now it isn’t worth producing them. Would you pay the double LP price? If not, why not?
  14. Still...nice package...