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  1. Roscoe Mitchell recommendations

    Hm yes. That’s a US label of which I’ve got very low awareness. The only one of theirs I knew about was Guerrilla Mosaics, which we discussed here when it came out.
  2. Roscoe Mitchell recommendations

    Ah yes! I’d forgotten about Pi. I actually have two of those. Wide Hive I was not aware of as a label even though I’d been streaming Conversations 1 and 2. The Roguearts have been distributed over here (I still doubt the policy of making all releases look the same...). Let’s not forget the Otoruko! I agree with Jim though. Like with most contemporary recordings, you need to grab it when you see it. I do know there’s plenty of recordings of his stuff, just still find it remarkable that someone who’s at the top like that for so long is more sustained in Europe.
  3. Roscoe Mitchell recommendations

    He seems to have been under-served by US labels. Without Chuck Nessa there’d hardly be anything.
  4. Roscoe Mitchell recommendations

    Well the Delmark I know of course. Didn’t know about Wide Hive label.
  5. Roscoe Mitchell recommendations

    Same for Victo.
  6. Roscoe Mitchell recommendations

    Was that one the final Nessa release? Also trying to remember which (other) US labels have issued Roscoe’s stuff.
  7. Stone cold classic tracks post-Coltrane

    By post-Coltrane I meant after his death. I was struggling to think for me what was just so permanently present and note-by-note glorious so that I’d say to anybody yes, this is it. So I thought I’d see what other folks have in that category. So far we haven’t come too far away from Coltrane! 😉
  8. Stone cold classic tracks post-Coltrane

    I’m assuming there’s a known canon up to the death of Coltrane, and after that I’m not sure. Not favorite track but stone cold classic that you’d put up there with MFT. Is there anything?
  9. Stone cold classic tracks post-Coltrane

    Chronologically. I should have said.
  10. So in the way that My Favorite Things (for example) is a stone cold classic* in its studio version (as well as in the wider world of various live versions) have you got any post-Coltrane tracks that you love and feel in the same way, every glorious inevitable note? I’m not sure I have and I’m not going to call anybody out for their opinion, but...well, I just wonder... *for a lot of folks if not for everybody
  11. Your 10 (or 5, or 3) favorite ECM albums

    Re. Abercrombie: fine gig here, not to all tastes, I guess...
  12. Your 10 (or 5, or 3) favorite ECM albums

    I found the former more ‘interesting’, the latter I blow hot and cold on. BUT. Regardless, mentioning these is a reminder that a good few things fall outside the ‘ECM sound’ category and that they have supported artists who have a good press on this board.
  13. Your 10 (or 5, or 3) favorite ECM albums

    Don’t ruin my image! 😉
  14. Your 10 (or 5, or 3) favorite ECM albums

    I am not alone in the universe!
  15. Your 10 (or 5, or 3) favorite ECM albums

    Any takers for Tim Berne on ECM? Some musical ingenuity at work there and they have some snap and crackle.