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  1. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I'm pretty sure of my guess that Erroll went into a studio, in an hour or two knocked off an album's worth of music with the trio and went home. The producer asked Sebesky to add a "Brass Bed" that Erroll knew nothing about and never slept in...
  2. Trying to help out Mosaic by suggesting sets

    There is that much on tape. The mixing/listening/editing will reduce that to choosing from alternate performances, etc. king ubu is right: why would one assume that 17 raw tapes would equal 17 finished CDs?
  3. Trying to help out Mosaic by suggesting sets

    Okay, just checked with my source, who says "...it's definitely going ahead. I'll keep you posted as things progress. It is REALLY exciting....." So, no authorization to reveal everything, per: "This is going to take a while. There's about seventeen hours of music that we have to listen to, mix, and master for the eventual CDs."
  4. Trying to help out Mosaic by suggesting sets

    Don't know about those... (Now, YOU'RE teasing ME!!! ) I'm going to get in touch with my source, to see if I can say more about said project.
  5. Trying to help out Mosaic by suggesting sets

    I heard today of a Mosaic project that is already underway, but I'd not heard even a rumour of it. The tapes have been baked and the mixing is underway. I'm not trying to be a tease here, but I was asked to not reveal it quite yet. It involves a whopping good bunch of unreleased club recordings, more material that doesn't duplicate earlier very well-known material by the same artists. I absolutely trust my source, and it'll be a welcome addition to my collection.
  6. What Airshots Are There From The Grand Terrace Cafe?

    That's something I've always wondered about -- the relative dearth of Chicago airchecks, compared to New York and even Boston. Given that Chicago was a very important broadcasting centre for dramas, soap operas, etc. there isn't much music documented. I'm now wondering if I have ever heard the Earl Hines band from the Grand Terrace, though there must be something out there. As to Chicago recordings, Ellington especially liked the RCA studios there, and did wonderful sides there.
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Almost 7 decades ago, but still sounds fine!
  8. Is Henri Shea correct name

    Through Arild Wideroe and John Norris of Sackville I met the pianist. His name-pronunciation was as I mentioned. He was a Swiss-French citizen (from Geneva), so perhaps that accounts for the variation... He was a very fine swing/stride pianist, both as a soloist and bandsman...knew lots of tunes, led bands of varying sizes. Active from the mid-40s till his death in the late 90s. Played and recorded with lots of folks, including Sidney Bechet, Albert Nicholas, Bill Coleman, Oscar Klein, Stuff Smith, Buck Clayton, Rex Stewart, Ben Webster, Benny Carter and of course, many well-known Euro artists.
  9. Is Henri Shea correct name

    Probably the Swiss pianist Henri Chaix. (On-ree Shecks) I'd say it's from the "Jive At Five" release from Sackville SKCD2-2035. Arild Wideroe is a Swiss concert promoter and producer who is a big fan of the late Chaix, and recorded that concert. Wideroe has assembled an indispensable discography of Swiss jazz.
  10. What Are You Watching

    Just finished that one. A bit facile, but seems to capture the post-war Britain that's in my mind. I'm a fan of the beautiful Keeley Hawes, and am impressed that for her role, she's been made to look so dowdy...
  11. Jazz on jukeboxes

    The Imperial Pub in downtown Toronto, where a gang of Old Jazz Guys meet up for lunch weekly, has long featured a juke box filled with jazz 45s. It's wired into the whole sound system which plays a satellite jazz station, over-riding that signal whenever a quarter is dropped into the machine. Anyone recall the old song "I'd Give A Dollar For A Dime"? The guy wants to play the jukebox! (Joe Williams did a nice version...)
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Some really good Bill Evans on here, along with the leader and Wendell Marshall and Paul Motian.
  13. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I don't think the Levitt "42nd Street" has ever been issued on CD. And the other two albums he did for them has been handled in a piece-meal fashion by RCA, though some of it came out on a Spanish bootleg if I recall. The Riverside Levitt was handled properly... I've always thought they were terrific releases: good writing, good playing.
  14. Allison Miller's Boom Tic Boom - Glitter Wolf

    Flaxen Hair: Flaccid Air
  15. Amusing, Peter.... Do you consider this "non-jazz", or "non-classical"? Some might think it's "Classic Jazz"!