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  1. Who's totally misreading the market?

    Nor have I heard anything about Resonance. I know that Bill Evans was not happy when unapproved takes were later included in re-issues. I know of a Toronto musician who would stay after a session to erase unwanted material.
  2. Who's totally misreading the market?

    Yes, but maybe the artist (passed on or still with us) might think that the " presentation will be palatable and/or inspiring" would be best served by catalogue items approved, issued and royalties-paid-on. Very, very, very few "performance/live" recordings are up to the standards serious artists would approve, especially if the source is a on-off local radio taping. I know, I've done hundreds of them, and the artists have agreed to a ONE TIME broadcast to promote the week-long gig, and nothing else. (Yet, with their approval, lots of my tapings have been issued.)
  3. Especially if the ants are listening through earbuds.
  4. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    If the (apparently) non-stop Victory Parade for the NBA champion Toronto Raptors ever ends, I'll make my way to the Rex Hotel for John McLeod's "Rex Hotel Jazz Orchestra" performance. The club is about two blocks from the epicentre of the celebration, estimated to bring about two million fans to the city hall square...
  5. Essential Benny Goodman

    Understood. And I'm a Basie man, myself, so I'm with you.
  6. Essential Benny Goodman

    All very true. But what if there is something on there that is unmatchable in somevery way... C'mon Steve, you know (as I do) that you've bought a release that had ONE track you wanted to know/hear/have. The over 28 tracks you already had, but....
  7. Essential Benny Goodman

    ...oh, by the way, there wouldn't be any over-the-air distortion. Savory was recording his material off-line, between the source and the transmission devices. Therefore, no frequency drift or atmospherics or weather distortions, etc.
  8. Essential Benny Goodman

    It is. As I said, the original LP issue was Columbia OSL 180, and appeared on CD as "On The Air" Columbia/Legacy C2K 48836. Might it even have had a couple of extra tracks added? I don't have the LP issue to compare, but the CD has 49 tracks, and there are asterisks saying "Previously unissued" on 14 of them, which I interpret to mean 'not on the LP version' of years before.
  9. Essential Benny Goodman

    That's true, but there has been Goodman-recordings-by-Savory on offer in years gone by. Let's be hopeful more will be issued. Is it not so that the Ellington estate is also holding back Savory-recorded material? And likely other artists too?
  10. Essential Benny Goodman

    No, there is no Goodman material on the Mosaic/Savory set, so there's nothing to check. But Bill Savory did supply material years back to Columbia who released a pseudo Second Concert sort-of thing as a followup to the Carnegie Hall Concert success. (I think the original LP issue was Columbia OSL 180, and appeared on CD as "On The Air" Columbia/Legacy C2K 48836) Given my shaky old memory, I think I recall the radio station I worked at having an MGM label issue from Europe, a 2 LP set of BG airchecks that didn't duplicate those Columbias, and again, if I recall, they were Savory airchecks. (END MEMORY SCRUB!) I hope my friend Don Brown can join in here. He'll remember it all....
  11. New all-analog LP issue

    I wonder if the objective was to reduce the inherent problems with inner groove cutting and distortion on LPs. They're not really the Holy Grail of sound, y'know. Only live sound is, and even there I wonder if you're hearing what I'm hearing.
  12. Essential Benny Goodman

    Am I right in recalling that these are some Savory recordings?
  13. New all-analog LP issue

    I know nothing of either station's sound, nor the source of what they broadcast, but boy oh boy there's an awful lot of signal processing that's available for radio stations to shout out their programming. That could be as much involved as to whether it's old LPs or 'digital crap'...
  14. Essential Benny Goodman

    Could you be a bit more specific, as to "The Essential Benny Goodman"? There must be 163 packages called that...
  15. A very good Austrian Drummer died

    Oh, my... Saddened to hear this. I heard Walter many times at Jazzland. A very good, very adaptable drummer, and a lovely man. It seems to me that 63 is much to young to die. (I know Jim Galloway, the Scots/Canadian sax man who played Jazzland for many years knew how pronouce Walter's name, and loved playing with him.)