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  1. Jack Wilson, Pianist

    Hmmm.... I'd have to think about that. Probably in the 30 to 40 range. That'd be out of around 500 events. I think not. I gave Sandie everything I had. I haven't done a cross-check of what I sent and what she has made available. There might have been the same tunes from two different occasions, and a choice was made. That is up to her. For the performance series at the Cafe des Copains, and the following Montreal Bistro I usually recorded two sets of about 45 to 55 minutes, and chose an hour's worth for broadcast. I always asked the player if there was anything they didn't want to use...
  2. Now reading...

    I've enjoyed the Slough House series by Mick Herron (https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/series/OHN/slough-house). Great fun! I await reading the 6th in the series. I'd love to see a movie or HBO-type TV series featuring the gang, with Jackson Lamb played by Timothy Spall.
  3. Jack Wilson, Pianist

    Two AKG 414 condenser microphones, direct to a Sony TCD-D10 digital recorder. No mixer, no EQing, absolutely whatever the mics picked up. Since there were no audience mics, so the crowd at the club sounds somewhat distant and smaller. For solo piano, I have always tried to make it sound like I'm the one playing the piano, so the mics are at about ear level as one's sitting at the keyboard, and 8-10 inches apart (head width? ) and a few inches back from where the hammers hit the strings, though that kind of depends on the player. Some are pounders, some are strokers...
  4. Jack Wilson, Pianist

    The cover picture on the newly-issued "Call Me -- Jazz From The Penthouse" comes from the same photo session by Francis Wolff. Same tie, shirt, pants -- even the same Jack Wilson!
  5. Jack Wilson: Call Me - Jazz From The Penthouse

    I have this release, through the good offices of Sandie Wilson, Jack's widow. She passed along my contact info to the label, and voila! I'll not do a review (I'm out of that game), but overall, it's a good straight-ahead mono recording drawn from three separate events at the same location. A nice mix of nine tracks, with three Wilson originals. Jack and Roy Ayers sound really good, the bassist needs a speed governor, and the drummer gets a good groove when he's not trying to hold back the bassist's solos. "Hi-yo, Silver!!!" A very well put together package with an exemplary booklet. More from this label and from Jack would be welcome...
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    My favourite clarinetist! Except, sometimes it's PeeWee...
  7. Fats Waller JSP Vol. 6

    Of course! That's what I meant...Kendall was the much younger man. Thanks for the correction.
  8. (RIP) Is Jack Wilson (Atlantic & Blue Note 60s pianist) dead?

    I must admit, monkboughtlunch, that I'm somewhat surprised that you don't know Red Callender, and refer to him as though he's obscure? A man with a career as broad and as long as his, and you put Callender's name in brackets, and say '"it appears.." about him? Did you not read the Wikipedia item first?
  9. Fats Waller JSP Vol. 6

    Guess I missed that. Could you explain? I believe Ted Kendall was the man John R.T. Davies suggested to John Norris (Sackville Records founder) when Davies himself was unable to do a project. Perhaps Kendall was his 'mentor' ?
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    It is. I interpret this to me it was issued a year back: http://www.fivestars-records.com/ Scroll down a bit, under the 2 newest releases, which includes the same guys from a session just a couple of months back...
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I'm not usually one for "tribute to..." recordings, but this stands on its own. Beautifully played, beautifully recorded.
  12. Bunny Berigan set: disc 1 failed?

    Could you specify which "set" this is?
  13. RIP, Super Dave

    Some of the gag-writing and the stunts on the Super Dave show (which was originally shot in Toronto) were written by Paul Grosney. He was a swing/dixie-style trumpet player, and booked jazz gigs in the city. One was a side job to the other, but most of us couldn't decide which was which. He made a couple of big band records which were pretty good! Here's Groz with bassist Rosemary Galloway and Gene DiNovi...
  14. Dead CD-R. Can it be revived?

    I've had this happen too. I've saved a few of them by making a direct copy of the damaged disc...for some reason, the new copy will play, though perhaps not all of it. It's worth a try... :::I've just used whatever Windows Media Player offers. I know naught about technical stuff
  15. How do you say Simon Nabatov?

    Never mind Nabatov...How Do You Say Auf Wiedersehen? ...and Tony Bennett, too. ...and Blossom Dearie. Great tune!