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  1. Repairing scratched CDs

    Thanks...I'll look for this brand at one of Toronto's good art supply stores...
  2. Repairing scratched CDs

    Thanks for that information, Kevin. I'll look into that site. As to that paper label problem, my ignorant contention is that there's some kind of chemical reaction going on...is that so?
  3. Repairing scratched CDs

    On a slightly different angle, if you have any CD-Rs with those stick-on paper labels, you might find they've been corrupted by just sitting on a shelf for a decade or so. I'm working on a project now, taking radio broadcasts so-saved, and they've become unplayable. Gotta be a chemical reaction eating through or something, because an un-labled copy plays perfectly. Oddly, a bad disc copied onto another finds the copy will play when the master won't...
  4. Michael Gibbs with Gary Burton Live 1969

    No hornet's nest here. Just, as you'll know, we Canadians do get encompassed into other dominant cultures, eh? (Didja know Oscar Peterson was Canadian? )
  5. Michael Gibbs with Gary Burton Live 1969

    Very much Canadian was Kenny Wheeler. So too, Robert Farnon, and Art Ellefson... (Some people just can't get over the days when most of the world's maps were the red, and the sun never set on the British Empire. )
  6. Jack Wilson, Pianist

    Happy to do so. I recorded a LOT of things and always told the artist the tapes were theirs to use as they wish. Artists should own what they produce. Which reminds me that I should get in touch with Laurie Pepper and buy the new releases from Toronto, which I recorded. Glad to see it's out, and cleaned up much better than I could do, given the kind of equipment that's available today.
  7. Ben Webster's "Cottontail" solo

    I, too heard that Ben wrote the soli. And also, that Duke told the band the famous master wasn't to be a take, just a run through that was recorded. He liked it, and VOILA! Probably apocryphal, but a good story for that...
  8. Buddy Rich Big Band

    Born in 1927, and if this is 1974 as said, he'd be 47ish. Good Lew Tabackin tenor solo... Interesting that Rich compliments the band for cutting the chart so well. Probably ran through it just once or twice in a rehearsal. Good for Rich to play a completely different drum kit, especially that Shaughnessy setup with twin bass drums.
  9. Trane home video

    I'd do that too! Condenser mics especially have a very sensitive membrane that would be compromised by the particles in smoke. I'm sure Hubbard would have clocked RVG if he even bumped into Freddie's horn...
  10. Trane home video

    Bob Thiele has a pipe too... But the RVG "No Smoking" rule may have applied only in the control room, where the more delicate equipment resided. I've also heard that white cotton gloves had to be worn to touch any gear. A bit extreme, but understandable. Gotta respect the machines!
  11. Jo Jones

    I'm rich!
  12. Jo Jones

    One of the rarest Jo Jones recordings must be a concert recording with Illinois Jacquet, tenor; Milt Buckner organ; and a vocalist, Jodie Drake. It was recorded Aug. 9, 1974 in a small mid-north Ontario town, Minden, as "The Rotary Club Of Minden Presents: Canadian Blues And Jazz Festival ". Jo's name is mis-spelled as "Joe" of course. Tracks include: Lester Leaps In; Blues From Louisiana; I Want A Little Girl; Ghost Of A Chance; then, 3 with Jodie -- Ain't Misbehavin'; Sophisticated Lady; a Blues; then the trio wraps up with Flying Home. It was issued on LP (couple of hundred pressed?) but I've never met any else who has a copy. Must be some around, maybe in Salvation Army stores...
  13. Jack Wilson, Pianist

    I'm reviving this topic to pass on word from Jack Wilson's widow Sandie. She has made available the solo piano recordings that I taped at Toronto's Cafe des Copains in 1987. Michael Cuscuna contributed the liner notes and indicates they are unique in that Jack never made a solo piano album. Here are the links Sandie provided me: Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3EPk7gCkHtXghpDGLuGYg8 iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1394213999?ls=1&app=itunes Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/live-at-the-café-des-copains/1394213999
  14. Who *,Search , Collect,* Jazzmen Autographes..?...

    Fabio, thanks for dealing with this in your second language, maybe third or fourth!.... I know it's difficult to express yourself well in English. We all have that problem if you read some of the postings. Are you asking for similar contributions? Are you trying to show us what you already have? Links aren't showing up.
  15. R.I.P. Burt Reynolds

    Sarah Vaughan and Joe Williams on the Love Theme: Pretty good soundtrack overall...