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  1. Verve Jazz Ensemble - Connect the Dots

    Agreed. Also, being old enough, I recall the late '40s/early '50s radio show "Casey Crime Photographer", where the hero would retire to Club Blue Note (Herman Chittison, house pianist) for a beverage after solving another crime. That's 70 years ago, and there was a Blue Note record label then. (Now that I think of it, it was probably the Blue Note Cafe...)
  2. Verve Jazz Ensemble - Connect the Dots

    Certainly confused me. I thought it was attached to the label.
  3. Verve Jazz Ensemble - Connect the Dots

    This would be something like what Blue Note did around 1989 with younger players in Out Of The Blue, right?
  4. I've often wondered:  just how did you get so hooked on the CFL?  And when did this start?

  5. Lorraine Gordon R.I.P.

    Here's the NYTimes item: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/09/arts/music/lorraine-gordon-dies.html?action=click&module=MoreInSection&pgtype=Article&region=Footer&contentCollection=Music
  6. Phil Woods R.I.P.

    Brad, you're skipping over one contribution. I said copyrights, in effect agreeing with you I suppose; and indeed think that accuracy in terms in really important. I spent four decades in live-on-air radio (37 of them doing exclusively jazz programmes) recognizing it's out-of-your-mouth on the air, and people mishear (BOY! do they mishear!), so be accurate. EVERYbody insults my former broadcasting profession so I currently just admit to being retired. Who can possibly insult that??? Prep H users?
  7. Phil Woods R.I.P.

    Have you no sense of humour? Or are you a lawyer protecting your client? Jeez, a nickname for hemorrhoids needs an explanation? Wow.
  8. Phil Woods R.I.P.

    Maybe copyrights, too. I started to wonder about all this years ago, when the TV ads started calling Preparation H "Prep H"... C'mon, how close do you need to be to over-the-counter (OTC!!!) hemorrhoid medications that you can shorten their names...they must not be working if you have a nickname for 'em.
  9. Phil Woods R.I.P.

    I did indeed see/hear the under-recognized Joey with the John MacLeod Rex Hotel Jazz Orchestra, a worthy successor to Rob McConnell's Boss Brass, in which Joey's role is not unlike Ed Bickert's...strong solos, sensitive comping for others' solos and be a sparkplug. The nods from the other band members to Goldstein may be enough for his ego, but I still wish that the listeners would recognize his contributions, though he's one of 20 in the band.... Is it really too much to type out "Or Something Like That"? Whut-the-hell-ever-happened-to-read-and-understand-NOW? Is it really creative if no one understands you?
  10. Phil Woods R.I.P.

    Hmmm....what means "OSLT"? Please reply ASAP of at least PDQ, SVP.
  11. What's next for Mosaic

    Yes -- I think I read that in the Mosaic Bill Barron notes.
  12. Sets you wish Mosaic would do

    Yes, he did. Wrote the liner notes, too. I have them on a fine 2-CD release from FNAC Music in France, released in 1992.
  13. Ben Webster

    In Copenhagen...a modest gravestone.
  14. And that's 22:30 for side A, 21:40 for side B. Or else!
  15. Mingus Moves

    The basement was in the Town Inn at Church and Charles. Sonny Rollins played at that event... Yup to the El Mocambo too. And the Pullen recording was at Thunder Sound on Davenport Road, just west of Yonge Street. We've spend some times together, Joe. Too bad a coffee meet-up didn't happen, but let's try again next time you're in town.