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  1. first time in the game's history that it wasn't played in home territory (Melbourne) - it was up here in Brisbane due to COVID
  2. Brotzmann Octet / Tentet box back out

    I scored my copy (2853) in Dec 2007 directly from Okkadisk
  3. Mosaic Wish List

    That would mean lot of overlap/doubling for those that have the big RCA box
  4. Andrew Hill

  5. Andrew Hill

    Here's one of them
  6. Andrew Hill

    He signed my Mosaic box (brought the whole thing along) "You bought the big one" over the front pic plus my Point Of Departure LP "Thanks For Keeping Me Alive"
  7. Andrew Hill

    same here - got to see him here (Brisbane) back in October 1996 - played solo at the Queensland Conservatorium to an audience (in a small performance room) of less than 20 people - magic!! A group of us ended up at a coffee shop with him afterwards - he was desperately trying to quit smoking
  8. Giant Steps at 60.

    - Disc 1 - 1 Giant Steps (2020 Remaster) 2 Cousin Mary (2020 Remaster) 3 Countdown (2020 Remaster) 4 Spiral (2020 Remaster) 5 Syeeda's Song Flute (2020 Remaster) 6 Naima (2020 Remaster) 7 Mr. P.C. (2020 Remaster) - Disc 2 - 1 Giant Steps (Alternate, Take 1, Incomplete) [2020 Remaster] 2 Naima (Alternate, Take 3) [2020 Remaster] 3 Like Sonny (Alternate, Take 7) [2020 Remaster] 4 Countdown (Alternate Take) [2020 Remaster] 5 Syeeda's Song Flute (Alternate Take) [2020 Remaster] 6 Cousin Mary (Alternate Take) [2020 Remaster] 7 Giant Steps (Alternate, Take 5) [2020 Remaster] 8 Giant Steps (Take 6, Alternate) [2020 Remaster] I'm pretty sure all of these titles on Disc 2 are included in the Heavyweight Champion box set
  9. Mosaic partials ...

    I'm looking for discs 1 & 2 from the Giuffre Mosaic set (176) plus disc 2 from the Capitol Mosaic box (170) I do have CDrs of the missing discs but it would be nice to complete these sets
  10. New Corbett v Dempsey

    I thought that was the case with many/most of the original Actuel releases
  11. Shorty Rogers Mosaic At Last!

    That's good news jazzkrow BTW I could have done with a Rogers booklet - I only have CDrs of the set plus a photocopied booklet - a boardmember here kindly ripped their set for me a few years ago. I've been looking to source a set for years but they've always been out of my price range (too expensive IMHO). They were already OOP when I started buying mosaics in the early/mid 90s. I think the cost of shipping to australia would be ridiculous so I'm happy to stick with my photocopy version
  12. Jacques Coursil (1938-2020)

  13. Jacques Coursil (1938-2020)

    The Jason Weiss text "Always In Trouble - An Oral History of ESP-Disk" has a chapter dedicated to Jacques - mostly an interesting interview with him
  14. +1 for a 40s Byas set - love his work check this recent link re Byas 40s recordings sadly the Thompson Mosaic Select was scuppered a few years back but a "big box" Lucky set would also be one of my dream releases
  15. Essential John Gilmore?

    also Elmo Hope - Sounds from Rikers Island McCoy Tyner - Today & Tomorrow