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  1. Nick Drake - Only Known Footage

    Wow!! huge Nick Drake fan - have been since the late 70s Robert Kirby's string arrangements are sublime IMHO there is more footage (looks like it's contemporary though)
  2. "Lee Morgan" (Last Blue Note Album) question

    facebook messenger - if you search for me as Stephen Platt (Queensland, Australia)
  3. "Lee Morgan" (Last Blue Note Album) question

    sure, are you on messenger?
  4. "Lee Morgan" (Last Blue Note Album) question

    I have the same copy, it's a SHM CD - the saw solo is plain as day (very prominent) running from 12:30 to 14:00 - so this disc hasn't been tweaked - i really dig the saw sound btw Wonder who is actually playing this as there are dms/perc audible behind the saw (Reggie Workman is listed as playing perc also)
  5. Allen Blairman (1940-2022)

    RIP Allen looking forward to listening to the Ayler 5LP set - arrived today (Australia)
  6. Albert Ayler? the jacket/coat he's wearing hints at Albert (from some of the pics have seen) plus Black Saint may indeed be a reference to Albert
  7. what a find - loving it!!
  8. Candid label

    Thanks for the link In 2019, the Candid back catalog and label was sold to Glen Barros (above) and Exceleration Music. Barros brought in John Burk, Charles Caldas, Amy Dietz and Dave Hansen as partners, and they are now remastering and reissuing Candid albums. The following five recordings have just been released on CD and streaming and will be available as vinyl albums on June 24. The sound of these remastered albums is warm and vivid: Mingus Presents Mingus, We Insist!!, Straight Ahead, Otis Spann Is The Blues, Lightnin' In New York
  9. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    The Hip Chicks!!! sold me bit of Lucky Thompson there too
  10. Tyrone Washington - ROOTS!!! (first ever CD reissue)

    bought my CD copy about 20 years ago - the Castle/Sanctuary UK CD release gives little info on the source material for the reissue
  11. I've now downloaded three of the Savory YouTube sessions & extracted tracks (just the music in most cases) that hadn't been previously released (downloads & Mosaic Box) There appear to be 23 tracks in that category & I've managed to fit all of them on a CDr (79mins in total) as AIFF files created by Audacity The Savory Collection Part 2: The Big Bands The Savory Collection Part 3: The Jam Sessions The Savory Collection Part 4: The Small Bands There's some amazing material here - the two Lester Young/Goodman/Teddy Wilson/Roy Eldridge tracks, plus 6 more Goodman (trio, quartet, quintet & sextet with Christian, Orchestra), three with Chu Berry (Cab Calloway Orchestra plus his quintet The Cab Jivers - absolute killer version of Liza with Chu on fire), Three Louis Jordan Orchestra, one Bob Crosby Orchestra, one by Artie Shaw Orchestra, one absolutely amazing Duke Ellington Orchestra rendition of China Boy (first recording of this by the DE Orch) with an extended soprano solo by Johnny Hodges & orchestra members egging him on.....and there's more. I'll be thrashing this disc into the near future.
  12. I think I did listen to that when I visited the museum in 2017 (primarily sought out Lester Young & Lennie Tristano material)
  13. JAM SESSION (I've put this together from Jazz archaeology & the YouTube Savory material) NYC. Nov. 16, 1938 Roy Eldridge (tp), Benny Goodman (cl), Lester Young (ts), Teddy Wilson (p), Ben Heller (g), Sid Weiss (b), Jo Jones (dm). Broadcast, Martin Block Make Believe Ballroom, Bill Savory collection, three titles: I Know That You Know* Solo 64 bars. Very weakly in ensemble 32 bars. (F) Tea For Two* (NC) Solo 12+64 bars (NC). (FM) After You’ve Gone Solo 3 choruses of 40 bars. (FM) *Included in “The Savory Collection Part 3: The Jam Sessions” (YouTube download) A fine solo on “… You Know”, particularly when one considers the very high tempo. However, this item is only a faint introduction to what follows!! The first chorus of “Tea …” is unfortunately destroyed, but the rest is just something I never imagined I would hear. And after digesting this, the “After You’ve Gone” brings you into nirvana, so elegant, natural flowing improvisation which could have gone forever!! When he has to close, his good-bye tag is just teasing us. This item puts some attention on the reports telling Pres had to have six-seven choruses to properly warm up, and then he started improvising. Here we get four … oh what have we been missing, born to late, and in the wrong place!!! From Lester Young (part 1) p 18,
  14. many thanks John - worked like a dream & the download time was soooo fast compared to the other web based converters I've been using. Looks like I'll stick with this one in future. Used Audacity to extract the 6 relevant music tracks, declicked & saved as AIFF files then burnt to CDr
  15. Wow!! those two Young/Eldridge/Goodman/Wilson tracks are something indeed - hope all of the tracks (6 in all from '38) Tea For Two, I Know That you Know, I Can't get started, Honeysuckle Rose, Blues & I Got Rhythm get a decent release (CD or download). Maybe Mosaic are planning on a second Savory box? I'm having difficulty downloading this as an MP3 - have been successful (with web based YouTube to MP3 Converters) in the past. Not sure why - keep getting network errors & it stops downloading. Maybe it's something to do with the length of the broadcast (1hr 21mins)