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  1. Last round for Savoy

    I remember Cindy - I used to talk to her in the 90s when placing phone orders from Australia - loved her voice/prosody
  2. Mosaics you’re still on the hunt for

    Been picking them up (new & second hand) consistently since the early 90's so not that many on my "hit list" now with Stuff Smith #1 (disappeared quickly). Really glad I have the Basie Roulette Studio plus the two Vee Jays (Morgan, Shorter, Kelly, Chambers, Strozier, Little etc) Also would be nice to get the Shorty Rogers set plus the first two discs of the Giuffre box (anyone out there with duplicates?) The Commodores would be fantastic but shipping costs to Australia for that set are astronomical (gone are the days of surface shipping) - never seen them second hand here And of the course the Bill Barron & Joe Harriott sets..............
  3. What's next for Mosaic

    Ditto for more Savory - I visited the Harlem Jazz Museum in 2017 & listened to some of the Savory material (desktop computer & headphones) - there's a bit of Lennie T there that I'm really hanging out for - surprised they havn't released any of his material yet
  4. Upcoming Uptown Records releases

    Same here Dan, looks like I've already got over 80% of the material - I think I'll still get it though due to the likely improved SQ
  5. Opinions sought: Acrobat Records

    Genuine consumer complaint = legal action - WTF??? Same experience as Allen ie earlier released were legit CDs (Joe Morris Orchestra) & all recent purchases (2013 till now) have been CDrs (Tubby Hayes multi sets & recent Joe Harriott double)
  6. it's not even 3 full LPs (actually 2.5) - looks like the third LP has only one side of music
  7. I thought it was only a single disc release (CVsD) Is that what you're referring to? original vinyl or the recent CVsD release?
  8. email Susanna Von Canon on
  9. ICP 25 was originally a cassette release then 6 out of the 8 titles were added/rereleased to the ICP 26 CD release. It was the ICP 25 disc that sounded atrocious (disc 29 in box set) I eventually managed to get a "corrected" replacement with much improved sound from ICP last May (2017)
  10. Corbett Vs. Dempsey have released (CD) in their latest batch the ICP LP Groupcomposing (Mengelberg, Brotzmann, Parker, Rutherford, Bennink x2, Bailey - live 1970) I'm wondering if it will be a "needle drop" as is the version in the ICP Box set. They plan to release more ICP material down the track - I presume these will be legit but what about the source material? Maybe I'll drop a line to John Corbett & see.
  11. I proposed that to Michael a few years back
  12. This is indeed a magnificent set - I bought my copy in 1995, new from the Jazz Record Center in NYC - purchase & shared info was by snailmail & "old style" credit card (letters, typed by Fred Cohen - communication over a period of 3 months - those were the days - he mentioned that he had the CT set so I pounced - still that was a shitload of money for me then). The set was $US250 & shipping to Australia was a mere $23.45 (still had surface option available then) - plus this set is a heavy sucker. BTW I visited the Jazz Record Center while I was in NYC last year - Fred wasn't there but I met his wife who was managing the shop (she was the only person there). Bought a few T's (Hawkins, Young, Coltrane - had sold out of my size in Monk & of course no Cecil Taylor).
  13. Wow!! didn't know it was that scarce on CD - bought my copy new from CD Japan in 2010 (was it that long ago??) for about $12 aussie
  14. Some discussion on Dolphy newsgroup re upcoming Resonance release - see extract below - very excited about this indeed!! Zev Feldman came to Japan last year, so he commented on Dolphy's materials in "JaZZ JAPAN"(vol. 92) magazine interview by journalist, Kiyoshi Kojima.( New release will be from "Douglas session", it is being prepared as beginning of 2019. Zev has 8 hours tape(mono-ver. not master tape) from James Newton, originally Dolphy had taken to Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Sorry for my poor English. Atsushi Yamaguchi, Japan.