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  1. Bump up with newly designated 1/2 price off titles
  2. Have for sale Complete Anthony Braxton Arista Recordings Mosaic MD8-242........#2218 of 5000............163.00 PPD.............SOLD
  3. prices reduced across the board on the new classical piano listings.
  4. Classical Piano Titles added.
  5. UP with additional 1/2 price reductions.
  6. UP with some new additions.
  7. Concord Records / CDR's ???

    In the case of the Concord CDR that I got , the booklet and tray card are the same, just the CD is a CDr. It's one thing when the release in question is and has always been released as a CDr, but when it was originally released as a legit CD and now is being MOD as a CDr, that to me is a major problem.... at the very best case scenario, it is lame.
  8. Concord Records / CDR's ???

    I found a thread about this on the Hoffman board......I should have said they are repressed as CDr's, not originally manufactured. Hard to believe they are doing OJC's like that. I know that the British have lately become notorious for manufacturing a lot of stuff as CDR's but not remanufacturing.
  9. Has Concord gone to manufacturing CDR's ?......I just noticed a Concord CD I bought 2 years ago is a CDR......It wasn't even on my radar to look or check at the time of purchase. CD/CDr is a 2007 release Wayne Bergeron - Plays well with others.
  10. Thank you for acknowledging one of the obscire piano trio artists I have for sale on here.....I have a few obscure, lesser known piano players on here and with many titles at 2-4 dollars per, it might be worth somebody's while to check these people out on you tube.
  11. Up with new additions and some price reductions
  12. Up with new additions and price reductions on the previous 2 new addition segments.
  13. Up with additional 1/2 off markdowns.
  14. Due to the very lackluster response that I had 4 months ago when I did the half off sale the first time(I think only one person responded.....thank you felser).so I'm trying this again. if there's anything that anybody wants that is not marked down, hit me up and maybe we can work something out.
  15. FS : Mosaic Box Set and Select !!!

    Up with price reduction.