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  1. Due to the very lackluster response that I had 4 months ago when I did the half off sale the first time(I think only one person responded.....thank you felser).so I'm trying this again. if there's anything that anybody wants that is not marked down, hit me up and maybe we can work something out.
  2. FS : Mosaic Box Set and Select !!!

    Up with price reduction.
  3. Assortment of other CDS !!!

    Up with new additions.....still some half off titles on here
  4. Up with new titles and some price reductions.
  5. Mosaic Box Sets for Sale

    The Decca Armstrong Sessions should gave been sold by 36,00 below cost incl shipping......c'mon people......whar's the holdup?
  6. Earl Hines - Classic Earl Hines 1928-1945 MD7-254...........144.00..........SOLD Classic 1936-1947 Count Basie & Lester Young Studio Sessions MD8-263...........128.00 Charles Tolliver Big Band - Mosaic Select in mint/pristine condition. All prices are PPD in the USA.....all sets are as close to mint as possible, as when I've ordered these from Mosaic, I've had them send me replacement booklets and boxes when they were damaged in shipping.
  7. Are you still looking for Jimmie Lunceford Mosaic ? copy is close to Mint as possible, because when stuff gets damaged in the mail because of mosaic' s shipping boxes, I make them send me replacements(booklets or boxes) til they get it right. Anyways let me know, before I put this up for ssle on here.

  8. FS : Sam Rivers Blue Note CDS

    Both still available.
  9. Assortment of other CDS !!!

    Running 1/2 off price sale on most items on this list.
  10. FS : Sam Rivers Blue Note CDS

    Don't want them at that price....or at all now......I would however go the extra mile for the mosaic select rivbea orchestra set. I'm only buying at this time large ensemble material.
  11. Up with further 1/2 off markdowns that weren't marked down yesterday.
  12. FS : Sam Rivers Blue Note CDS

    Lowered price.......I have given up on trying to complete the 4 blue note CDs equivalent of the mosaic set.
  13. Up with 1/2 off sale of all marked titles which is most of them.......
  14. I listed this 5 weeks ago.....still available at 25.00 delivered in case somebody wants one immediately.
  15. Offering for sale Sam Rivers - A New Conception....JPN version.....complete with OBI....14.00.........SOLD Sam Rivers - Dimensions and Extensions......2008 Blue Note RVG version.....7.00.