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  1. Does anyone here suffer with tinnitus?

    Try drastically reducing or eliminating all things wireless(cell phones, Wi-Fi, cordless dect phones etc) if possible out of your immediate surroundings. I know you can't get 100 % away from it nowadays, but getting it out of your home should go a long way.
  2. Sets you wish Mosaic would do

    Now this material is readily available on CD, but there's been a lot of complaints about the de-natured sound on the CDS. It's the complete Duke Ellington Carnegie Hall Concerts's been 7 years since that reissue of the exact same sounding 1991 CDS came out. I think it's high time that Mosaic sets the record straight and rectifies this disrespectful maltreatment of this historical material.
  3. I don't know If there's an existing thread on this subject, but it's getting real aggravating to be waiting in some cases over a year for an item to get back in stock and there's at least 11 items out of the 30 or so that are so-called back-ordered. They might as well be OOP. The reasoning for all these back-ordered items is supposedly a lack of funds. Well how are you going to have funds with dwindling or no products to sell. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. If the CD selling business is that bad then I apologize for posting this. And by the way unscrupulous secondary market merchants sometimes as much as double the price on these back-ordered Mosaic items as if they were OOP so that's why I said they might as well be OOP. $169-299 for a back-ordered Louis Armstrong 7CD set for example.
  4. Congrats to the UConn Women!

    As much as I don't like them I have to admit to the outstanding coaching......yes they get elite recruits coming out of high school, but they don't get all of them or even a majority of or have a monopoly on them like the Duke's and the Kentucky's men's basketball teams of the world. The man can flat-out coach. His first championship team in 1995 was majority home-grown New England area recruits unlike the teams he has now. However I seem them losing in the final four this year.
  5. The only reason to keep this set if you already own it is because the "Full Nelson" record is only available on CD as a OOP Japanese import......seems like it's never been reissued domestically.
  6. Thank you.....already found.
  7. Upon second and third listenings, I have changed my mind about her singing.....matter of fact also the accompanyment from the trio, which many thought detracted from the music I found to be delightful.
  8. I own it....on.the last 2 CDS the organ playing is overbearing, obnoxious, egotistical sounding to me(AND I DONT CARE IF IT"S A BIG NAME ORGAN PLAYER) and is a major detraction from the music pretty much dominating the last 2 CDS.......the real good music on this set can be had at a very low cost in individual CDS.....IMHO this was a very poorly executed set overall....I believe this came out in 2005. Thankfully things have been looking up lately on the Mosaic front with there more recent releases. Overall this one is a dud.
  9. I went on you tube to hear some sound be honest I was only curious about this set because it hasn't been out that long(2 1/2 years) and already running low. The organ part wasn't a major problem for me.
  10. It's a Sunshiny Day by the (Gospel) Imperials and the song entitled, "It's Been a Very Good Year".
  11. Any thoughts/insights on the Rosemary Clooney set that is on running low. As far as vocals are concerned the years of this set is about where my cutoff is for vocals......I like older(1920's-50's) vocals not the newer stuff.
  12. Black Saint/Soul Note Box Sets

    Must haves IMHO are the Pullen, Abrams and George Russell sets.....but I in most cases only buy Big Band/Large Ensemble and Piano oriented material so I'm sure there's probably others that are must haves......the first David Murray set perhaps.
  13. Colin Towns Mask Orchestra - Drama

    If you're familiar with and like any of his other orchestral works CDS you will like this. I think I own just about all his large ensemble CDS from the mid-nineties onward. Buy with confidence and enjoy the plethora of sonic riches on this 2CD set.
  14. Herbie Hancock - Complete Columbia Collection 1972-1988 on Amazon for $60.75.
  15. Ellington 1930s big-band Mosaic

    I have question concerning this sets alternate takes....there are about 3 + hours worth on here. In you guys opinion, do you think it enhances the set, detracts from the set or neither and what intrinsic benefit is it to have all these alternate takes on this set. Seriously thinking about purchasing this(can't believe this set has been out almost 5 time has been least in the Mosaic time zone).