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  1. CDs for sale (Mostly Piano Trio/Solo) releases !!!

    Order shipped out today.
  2. My paypal e-mail is

    Sal Mosca - Trickle

    Horace Parlan/Jan Kaspersen Duo - Joinin' forces

  3. CDs for sale (Mostly Piano Trio/Solo) releases !!!

    Yes they are....I had an extra copy of the sal mosca CD.
  4. CDs for sale (Mostly Piano Trio/Solo) releases !!!

    Up with new additions.
  5. Mosaic Sale ???

    Doesn't appear to be a heavily advertised sale as I just saw these as I was perusing the site last night and there was no e-mail notification.
  6. Mosaic Sale ???

    Benny Goodman, Mingus Workshop, Armstrong Decca, MJQ, Bing Crosby, Jamal and Turrentine sets all reduced. 7cd sets are 99.00, the 9cd Jamal is 129.00, the 5cd Turrentine is 69.00 Is this a sale or is it a harbringer of things to come ??? Perhaps a going out of business sale or going out of business prevention sale.
  7. Sets you wish Mosaic would do

    Mosaic wouldn't necessarily have to do it in order for that to be great. But how many volumes are their? 42 I believe. That makes for an awfully big set. That would take it out of mosaic territory cause you'd have a 650.00 box.
  8. I'll take the Louis Armstrong Decca Sessions 1935-46(MD7-243).....Box(NM/MT) and Booklet(VG+)......12.00 

    I can pay via paypal

  9. Mosaic empty boxes for sale !!!

    Up with 2 new and booklet.
  10. DON"T my ears it plays very well from beginning to end when listened to in its entirety in one sitting.......yes there's about 3 CDS worth of extra versions(but progammed very discreetly) so don't let that deter you. Otherwise 6 months later you will say, "alas I should have done got it".
  11. Idea for Mosaic

    The selects had jewel case packaging with slip cases......not the same as clam-shell with digi-pack mini Lp packaging.....also they would still be 5-8 CD sets...not the 3CD sets of the selects. Also lower print runs.
  12. Idea for Mosaic

    If they were to do "Re-pressings", IMHO they should only do that for sets 20 years and older( with the exception being those sets that got cut off in that accident they had 10 years ago). That would mean drawing from the 1983-1998 time period. The business model should change from doing 1 to 2 sets a year with 5000 print run to doing 15-20 sets a year with a made to order or 500 print run whichever is more. The repressing idea would give them some extra material to work with. In doing repressing of the material, it might not be necessary that they do big booklets or big boxes, just some decent quality digi-pack/mini lp size clam shell box set packaging would suffice(on fact iMHO that would be better). That way your still preserving the integrity/value of the original old versions.
  13. Allan Holdsworth - The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever(Manifesto) 12CD box set......SOLD 59.00 PPD