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  1. If your in the USA or Canada , you can ask for replacement for the box/booklet etc.....I've done it numerous times without any to do that by phone as well.
  2. Alright, let's get back on topic.....we're losing focus here off the main/important original topic.....been to JRM numerous times in 1998-1999........very unfriendly place overall....everybody that worked there was cold, stand off-ish and aloof....they are/were the consummate jazz + avant jazz snobs. Not worth wasting time talking about them. Probably still surviving off of old money.
  3. A word of advice that might work for those that are having problems/delays with there your orders by phone instead of online.....Ordered Eddie Condon/Bud Freeman set on Friday 5/5.....arrived Tuesday 5/9. No Problems. The times that I've picked up the phone and ordered its been a quick turnaround.......the last time I ordered on-line I waited about 2-3 weeks for delivery.
  4. Brett Gold New York Jazz Orchestra - Dreaming Big

    Thank you for posting this......I'm sorry that I haven't in the past responded to your notifications of new and upcoming big band/large ensemble releases as this is what I primarily buy. It would have taken me 3 to 6 months after release to find out about this. Thank you again.
  5. Not to interrupt whatever flow this thread has taken, but does anyone on here know what is the MINIMUM number of copies that Mosaic can print when a set is on Backorder......500, 1000, 250. ???? And how many sets does it typically produce to replenish stock when a set is on backorder.
  6. You picked one of the few old Mosaic's fetching decent money(Maynard, Amos Milburn, Charles Brown, Dinah Washington, Thad/Mel, Basie Studio, Sidney Bechet, Buddy De Franco, Grant Green).....vast majority are only fetching 12-19 dollars per CD on EBay(a lot of below original cost sales on some sets) and most of the older(pre #248) mosaics there are at least half dozen copies listed for sale at the same time.....even the Maynard set had about five listings, four of which didn't sell cause they were overpriced at 7 years ago levels. I'm in at 250.00 PPD on the Maynard set if it ever gets down to that level, last sale on EBay was 439.00.....a lot of unavailable on CD material on that set.
  7. That's the ONLY mosaic I ever ordered right when it first came out....took a shot because I was just beginning my investigation of 1920's-1940's music and Piano Players is one of my major Jazz buying threads.......IMHO that set ranks or is the best thing Mosaic has ever done. The singing on that set is what sets it apart......the set as a whole has kind of a rootsy, cult-classic like feel to it. When/if it comes back in stock I advise anybody don't wait.....DON'T HESITATE.....hard to believe it would be discontinued since it came out January 2016.
  8. Didn't intend to come off that way......nothing wrong with being a smart consumer and I know that the price point(17.00)per CD on the mosaic can be daunting, but don't you guys get enough OTHER good deals on box sets at the 2-4 dollar per CD price point(Think about the "Are there any box bargains available thread"). My point is if you really want the material and have been a long time waiting for Mosaic to put it out, why hesitate? I think the best thing Mosaic can do up front here on out is announced limited pressings of 1000-1500 and have a lot more different projects going on at the same time.
  9. I didn't mean to insult anyone for waiting for a mosaic's just that we are having a wake up call of sorts with the possibility of mosaic closing shop. If it's something that you really want and have been waiting a long , long time for the long awaited material to be reissued then I say don't hesitate. When I got interested in 1920's, 30's, and 40's music for the first time last year, I bought 9 mosaic sets over the next 4 months. Was not much of a mosaic buyer before but I knew that there forte was the old music.
  10. I think that biggest problem with Mosaic business/customer wise is three-fold.. 1. Way too many sets on back-order and staying out of stock for extended periods of order to make money you have to have product to sell. 2. Many of you members of this boards buying habits/patterns......I mean things like not purchasing sets when they first come out but waiting till it goes on running low or last chance, even though you really want the items in question(or so you say you do). Also waiting around for 6 months to a year for a 10 % sale or free-shipping or whatever. Some of you act like that miniscule amount of savings is going to change your life. 3. It's obvious as evidenced by these Mosaic buying habit/patterns that it is not about the music for the most part, but is more about buying a collectible......a fetish of sorts. So as a result the typical Mosaic buyer waits and waits and waits but lo and behold because as of late things go on back-order for 2 years it's coming back to bite the typical Mosaic buyer in the ass. The problem now is that's it's now going to bite all of us in the ass.
  11. Classical CDs for sale

    On Discogs.....seller ID sybilste......lots of 1 and 2 dollar cds......mostly post 1900's stuff. USA customers only
  12. Count Basie -- "Complete Live At The Crescendo 1958"

    Thank you sirs.....just bought and looking forward to it. Just didn't want it to be one of those old-fashioned doubled-jewel case things.
  13. Count Basie -- "Complete Live At The Crescendo 1958"

    I'm ready to buy at 14.75 on amazon.....what kind of packaging odes this have.....jewel case or ???
  14. Does anyone here suffer with tinnitus?

    Try drastically reducing or eliminating all things wireless(cell phones, Wi-Fi, cordless dect phones etc) if possible out of your immediate surroundings. I know you can't get 100 % away from it nowadays, but getting it out of your home should go a long way.
  15. Sets you wish Mosaic would do

    Now this material is readily available on CD, but there's been a lot of complaints about the de-natured sound on the CDS. It's the complete Duke Ellington Carnegie Hall Concerts's been 7 years since that reissue of the exact same sounding 1991 CDS came out. I think it's high time that Mosaic sets the record straight and rectifies this disrespectful maltreatment of this historical material.