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  1. I just placed an order over the phone for the Goodman Box, so not to worry, it is genuinely back in stock......could be an issue with your particular credit card company(May 4 is over 3 months ago).
  2. The same reason they are letting other sets go OOP before the licsense times out or before the product sells out.
  3. Looks like the Bing Crosby is back in stock......only the Goodman and Turrentine left so hang in there.....can't be long now.
  4. Well as I said only 3 more backordered sets to go(Goodman, Crosby, Turrentine).,,,,,,,,That's the one I'm waiting on too.
  5. But now there are only 3 currently on back-order when 2 months ago near half the inventory was on back-order.....what this means I don't know, but the minimum they can repress is 250 copies each title.
  6. Only 3 more back-ordered sets to go.......need that Goodman set soon.
  7. LP reissues came out in the late 70's on Fantasy/Prestige.....the sound on these are fine acceptable and at least it's real......@ 1991 4 2cd sets of this material was reissued with de-natured sound on the same fantasy/prestige moniker. Fast forward to 2010 universal music Italia releases the same identical masters with the same crappy sound as the early 1990 reissues as an 8 CD set. This is what you downloaded. The mastering probably did more to sap the performance of vitality than Ellington introducing every number.
  8. Now only 4 to go.......Mingus, Crosby, Goodman and Turrentine sets still on back-order. Why no date on the Goodman?
  9. On a positive note, only 5 more backordered sets to go for everything to be back in stock. Just 2 months ago damned near half the inventory was on back-order.
  10. I will be grateful if every thing I order from them get's to me all in one piece and with no bent booklets or dented up boxes even if it takes 3-4 weeks.
  11. I think they are kind of already shortening the time of availability on the sly......they are just not formerly announcing it up front.....and it's apparently these old geezers that are penny pinching like dormitory college students by not buying a set when it first comes out and then suddenly when a set is on backorder(James P Johnson set for example) everybody is kicking themselves in the ass. The reason I mention the JPJ set is because it was at best an afterthought when it first came out. Although I think that some of these most recent sets will only have final sales of 1500 or less, a good business model would be more sets released each year with lower announced print runs(1000-2000 etc.) There still is plenty of older material left that deserves the Mosaic treatment that's had shoddy CD reissues(Think the Duke Ellington Carnegie Hall Concerts 1943-1947 with it's de-natured sound).
  12. Most of these are 1999-2001 issues....,.All titles $5.00 except where noted......3.00 shipping.....2 or more 5.00 shipping. All other offers carefully considered. paypal: 1. Kenny Wheeler - Gnu high 2. Pat Metheny Group - s/t.....SOLD 3. Ralph Towner - Diary 4. Jan Garbarek - Places.....SOLD 5. Heiner Goebbels - Man in the Elevator....BMG 1994 issue 6. Jan Garbarek/Keith Jarrett/Palle Danielsson/Jan Christensen - Belonging 7. Gary Burton - version....4.00 8. Heiner Goebbels - Shadow/Landscape with Argonauts 9. Ralph Towner - Old Friends, New Friends......14.00.....SOLD 10. Keith Jarrett - The Moth and the Flame....2CD......8.00
  13. This might not be well known, but Mosaic has/is(in recent years)been discontinuing sets before the licenses are timed out based on lack of sales/demand....if an item is out of stock they will many times do a final restock of 250 or so to fulfill perceived demand/orders and that will be it. It's rare that a set will reach the 5000 sale mark if at all in this day in time(last 10 years). I'm sure this wasn't the case back in the height of the CD buying days in the late 80's through early 2000's.
  14. Well I guess my ordering by phone idea isn't working now.....ordered 6/ product......on a positive note I assume that they are getting swamped with orders......either way it's all good.
  15. Teddy Wilson Mosaic?

    Placed order today.......was told that upcoming Teddy Wilson set will be out January 2018. on the positive note all the backorderd seta will be back in pretty quick succession which will give all of us time to catch up before the Teddy Wilson set comes out.