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  1. Assortment of other CDS...Mingus etc 1/2 off sale.

    Running 1/2 off price sale on most items on this list.
  2. FS : Sam Rivers Blue Note CDS

    Don't want them at that price....or at all now......I would however go the extra mile for the mosaic select rivbea orchestra set. I'm only buying at this time large ensemble material.
  3. CDs for sale (Mostly Piano Trio/Solo) releases

    Up with further 1/2 off markdowns that weren't marked down yesterday.
  4. FS : Sam Rivers Blue Note CDS

    Lowered price.......I have given up on trying to complete the 4 blue note CDs equivalent of the mosaic set.
  5. CDs for sale (Mostly Piano Trio/Solo) releases

    Up with 1/2 off sale of all marked titles which is most of them.......
  6. I listed this 5 weeks ago.....still available at 25.00 delivered in case somebody wants one immediately.
  7. Offering for sale Sam Rivers - A New Conception....JPN version.....complete with OBI Sam Rivers - Dimensions and Extensions......2008 Blue Note RVG version. 22.00 PPD for the pair.
  8. Offering for sale, long OOP Wildflowers - New York Loft Jazz Sessions 3CD set.....this is the triple fold out deluxe version released in 2006....not the Double Sided Jewel case version put out by Kniiting Factory in 2000. 36.00 PPD.....SOLD
  9. CDs for sale (Mostly Piano Trio/Solo) releases

    Up with little new additions, but massive across the board price reductions.
  10. Assortment of other CDS...Mingus etc 1/2 off sale.

    Up with price reductions on the Don Pullen Black Saint/Soul Note set and the Don Cherry Orient/Blue Lake 2 CD set.
  11. Eddie Condon Mosaic for sale !!!

    The mosaic site has this on their OOP list and on last chance at the same time. I'm beginning to think that mosaic big box buyers on this board as a general rule want to buy direct from mosaic VIRGIN SETS, unless something is way OOP and valuable at the same time. Not to say that they won't buy used big boxes, but there is probably a general aversion to it.
  12. Benny Goodman - Classic Columbia/Okeh Orchestra Sessions (1939-1958) MD7-240 Clean NM/MT condition...Booklet numbered 2206. 111.00 PPD....SOLD
  13. Eddie Condon Mosaic for sale !!!

    Well.....I guess nobody wants this even at 12.37 per CD......I did get this during one of mosaics sales, but I still paid more. Must not be a very popular artist.
  14. Offering Eddie Condon - Complete Commodore Decca Eddie Condon and Bud Freeman Sessions MD8-259.......99.00 PPD......SOLD Booklet, Box and cds in clean NM/MT condition.....booklet numbered 614 of 5000.
  15. Denny Zeitlin Mosaic Select for sale

    He sounds like this on his 3 pure acoustic piano solo albums...Precipice(2010), Labyrinth(2011), and Explorations of Early Classic Wayne(2016). Doesn't have many solo piano albums.