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  1. After 10 months of having to endure what would appear to be more than likely the greatest HOAX ever perpetrated in the history of mankind leading to full blown Medical Martial Law/Tyranny in some places. Businesses being deemed as non-essential and being ordered to shut down at gun point. The COVID-19 Death Cult being shoved down our throats primarily by our fellow Germaphobe citizens in our respective places, although govts have played there role. Deaths being labeled COVID in order to get there 13,000 dollar kick back per covid death. But to what end....is it to push the COVID vaccine?........why would they allow information of people dying from the vaccine to get out there ? There is no COVID vaccine cause you can't make a vaccine for a virus that's never been isolated. So what is the endgame?..........the end game is MASKS.......universal eternal 24/7 masking forever. And I can see this playing out every time I go to the grocery store and see 95 % masked in a no enforcement area. There's been this ongoing obsession with masks since May 2020. But for all you masked Nazis on this board that seem hell bent on making everybody wear masks...... 1. There is no efficacy with masks outside of task specific context (surgery, sanding drywall etc).....they are nuisance masks......even n95 does not protect from alleged virus. 2. You are doing more to spread disease and illness by wearing masks cause you are walking around with a petri dish on your face. This is especially significant when you consider that most restaurant workers are forced to wear masks. And they handle the food. 3...Breathing in your own CO2 over and over again for hours on end leads to the following catastrophic ill heath effects( besides Co2 poisoning and O2 deprivation) A. Destruction of brain cells( which is irreversible ) leading to advanced Alzhemers and Dementia near term B. Myriads of different forms of lung disease and others related illnesses like bacterial pneumonia C. Staph infections around the mouth and nose area some of which is irreversible and in some cases those areas must be amputated D. Mephamphetamine mouth......teeth rotting out, accelerated tooth decay and gum diseases. E. These masked mandates for all adults and most children = PRE MEDITATED MASS MURDER/GENOCIDE and if any of you people think that forcing children to wear masks in school is okay(or anywhere else for that matter),.if you would do that to a child, IMHO you would do Anything to s child. F...Prolonged mask wearing pretty much destroys every internal organ in your body.....as well as causing increased BP/heart rate. A lady O know of testified that after working 5 day weeks with masks on all day that during the weekends she finds herself gasping for air to make up for lost breathing time 4. Bottom line is masks wearing is filthy nasty vile disgusting and abominable and there is no foundation for it, either from a PPE practical expert stand point or a historical standpoint Masked/Suffocating yourself is borderline suicide "Cases" and "deaths' have exponentially increased since masked mandates began in all states. You all want to stop getting sick.....take that GD mask off. The Zombifiaction is complete in places like NY and the northeast where most everyone is wearing a mask out on the street.......this is Unsustainable and is evident that we have reach full blown BEAST MODE germaphobe society. there has never been a germaphobe society in the history of mankind. The fact that I and others have to argue with people about the importance of inhaling and exhaling and assert our rights to BREATHE means we have reached the end......AMERICA is destroyed as a society thanks to our fellow militant mask wearing weaponized retards. You have embraced the mask as a security blanket to yours and everyone else's peril. It is full blown mental illness when people would rather see cashiers masked & muzzled at the grocery checkout aisle then beautiful smiling faces.
  2. Businesses cannot be sued for someone allegedly catching covid on there property/premises or for allegedly catching any other airborne disease. There is no such law or basis for a lawsuit for allegedly catching covid or any other airborne disease unless someone knowingly has it and willfully infects somebody individually.
  3. You know In the south where I live there are ANTI-MASK wearing laws on the books stemming from the civil rights days. Every time I go to the grocery stores and see all these people(mostly old people) wearing masks it looks like a KKK rally. If it ever came to that here in NC, I would go get a medical exemption/doctors note and then I will not have to wear a mask in order to get into the grocery stores......problem solved.
  4. Yes, I believe and know it's all a hoax. But even if you believe that viruses are transferable that way.....the corona measures .12 microns and the best N95 mask only blocks/filters out particles as small as .3 microns. What part of that don't you understand.. Even the surgeon general said that healthy people should not be wearing masks. Masks are to be worn during certain medical procedures and in some food service settings, not by people unloading trucks at Wal mart. I see 2 basic demographics of people voluntarily wearing masks at the grocery store......old/retirement age 62 and over people and black folks of all ages. Old folks making their grandkids wearing masks.....bro that is sick !!!
  5. Masks are unhealthy to wear......your breathing in your own carbon dioxide over and over again..... oxygen deprivation, .....also corona measures .12 microns......the best N95 masks only keep out particles larger than .3 microns. I am not a health care worker, therefore I'm not responsible for other peoples health.
  6. I have not mentioned any names of anything or anyone political oriented
  7. Wallace Roney probably didn't die from coronavirus......they are attributing everything to coronavirus when it's not coronavirus. You or they can't prove it......they can say anything they want to and they are getting away with it by having the whole nation on lockdown.
  8. Oh and I'm supposed to bow down and submit to governmental tyranny because of WHO......Wallace Roney.....and I would go lick a subway door if it would cause you to wake up out of your mind controlled stupor.
  9. They died of other common causes(seasonal flu, pneumonia, sepsis etc) not some fictional coronavirus that was written in a comic book story 30 years ago. Oh and I am supposed to give up my rights because of some older pre-conditioned illness people dying. There literally shutting down whole economies over this......and the hatefulness coming from people (even my own family) when I try to tell them the truth of what's really going on. The so-called tin foil hat conspiracies of the past 25 years are now happening in real twilight zone time and few people see it.....at least for now.
  10. same to you buddy.......you choose to believe the lies that will lead the govt to enforce martial law, forced vaccinations. ....all for a FRAUD......A HOAX.....I'm not on here posting for attention.....I am genuinely pissed off at this fiasco that has transpired in this country the last 3 weeks. Yes, I meant it and it's high time you people start exercising your critical thinking skills and you ignoring me is not going to change the in your face tyranny that's being shoved down our throats right now over a made for TV B-MOVIE production hoax. People are dying from other causes and it's being labeled coronavirus. No buddy.....the tin foil is on the CDC/mainstream media When they start shutting down sporting events and sports stadiums and schools and telling people they can't go to work even when they are independent contractors and shutting down restaurants and the whole economy for that matter for some boogieman virus that should cause you to start asking the real hard questions.
  11. This is a social experiment bar none......there is NO CORONAVIRUS as is being portrayed on television. It wouldn't surprise me if the so -called covid-19 deaths numbers are fake. It's all a trauma based mind-controlled psyop experiment designed to freak you out so that you will submit to the forced vaccinations programs they have planned for you in the future.
  12. maybe that's why there's been a delay on this due to faulty pressing issues, cause his last CD was normally released in a timely manner. I emailed the band's website twice already........no response
  13. Thank you all for all the leads you guys have given me.......the new Rotterdam jazz orchestra CD as being featured on pictures in this thread is my number one most wanted right now
  14. I tried to contact the new Rotterdam orchestra people and to no avail.......the CD shows up on there site but with no buying option. they are out of stock as of last night......that should be readily available soon.....it's been out over a month now I've seen these pictures in doing google searches ......but still no buyer links and this has been out since Feb 2019.
  15. Well they need to at least separate there CD inventories from there download only inventories......or change there name to DOWNLOAD BABY Thank You.....I was aware of the Remy Leboeuf CD being available as of last night......the Tom Haines one, no.
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