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  1. Rashied Ali / Frank Lowe - Duo Exchange

    Clifford or anyone else. I'm pretty excited for this. Do you know about the source material? I read the copy about the engineer, but wondering if these are from analog or digital. Also, wondering where these were pressed. $50 is a lot of coin so just curious if anyone knows. Thanks!
  2. Noah Howard's "space dimension" vinyl sound?

    Anyone know anything about this label - SeriE.WOC - that is doing this? I assume this is from some sort of digital, possibly even 16/44.1? I often wonder the source material for these pricey LP issues from Europe that are more or less CDs pressed to vinyl. I emailed Everland from Austria about their reissue of Mutima and sources and never heard back. At least labels like Pure Pleasure are using the master tapes and in the case of the Tribe issues, obtaining permission from Phil Ranelin and Wendell Harrison.
  3. Rendell Carr 5tet rides again

    Totally agree with Sidewinder on the sound issue (vis a vis BGO). I have had those BGOs for years and loved them but the set it another thing all together. Glad to hear that individual releases will be available. It will be interesting to see whether all of the people that clamored in the streets about the limited edition injustice will be purchasing the titles or if their lust faded once these will be (relatively) readily available. The best news is that people that want this music will have access, which is a good thing.
  4. Rendell Carr 5tet rides again

    As the facts would indicate (plus the actual booklet to the set), this is bollocks.
  5. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    Thank you for the info. I guess I am lucky. No problems with my Blakey set. As for downloads, I have only downloaded a few since this format was introduced (never mp3s) but it is always via Bandcamp. It is nice to have a physical product to me, since downloads are really worthless in my book. Getting back to the topic. I pre-ordered so I am looking forward to this. Pretty much all new music to me but I've been on a Herman bender lately with the other 3 Mosaics. Lots of wonderful music. Thanks to others that posted some of the more obscure records. Sal Nistico!
  6. Has anyone actually read it yet or are people just dismissing the book without reading it? I am confused by the ire up thread.
  7. Reissue labels - legit or not

    Pure Pleasure is totally legit and uses original sources. I too would like to know about Everland. I emailed them but never heard back. They have some nice new reissues I'd like to pick up.
  8. Aretha Franklin, RIP

    Nice. I was going to reply to the foxnews link up thread with this but you beat me. Been really hitting Aretha's music hard all week. Not out of sadness but of celebration. An amazing artist that was incredibly courageous throughout her life, including after the diagnosis a few years ago. RIP and thanks for the music.
  9. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    Would you please provide more information about this? I've been collecting CDs since the mid 80s and I've never had a failure. I read about some European CDs were affected by rot but certainly not Mosaics.
  10. Anyone with the vinyl of either the Elvin or Woody - do the song lengths that exceed the "recommended" lengths for an LP side have a negative effect on the sound? I'd like to have these on vinyl but if the sound is compromised, I suspect I will just buy the CDs. Thanks in advance.
  11. Time to move on to a living artist - Dave Rempis

    Agreed. One of the nicest human beings you will ever meet as well.
  12. Way Out West deluxe edition.

    Anyone get theirs yet?
  13. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    Just wanted to thank you for the help with the pre-order price link. Much appreciated. I have all of this already but hoping for the best sound upgrade myself. Excited for this since I've been reading Richard Cook's It's About That Time book this week.
  14. Ornette Coleman reissues?

    I'm in. Crisis has been my avatar for God knows how long - it's a great record (despite Denardo's presence). Song For Che is worth the price of admission.
  15. Vocalion

    Does anyone have both the BGO and Vocalion versions of The Heart Is A Lotus or Black Marigolds? Trying to decide about whether to get these from Vocalion or save a few bucks and just get the two-fer from BGO. Any impressions would be much appreciated. The other BGOs I have (Carr, Wheeler, etc) sound fine.
  16. Duke Pearson - Wahoo master tape found?

    I would thumbs up this if I could! But yes, I would encourage everyone to take anything that guy has said or says with a grain of salt. This is the guy that said that Monk played the way he did because he was "literally going insane". He should not be trusted with Jazz. He seems to be more of an authority on Bread and Peter Paul and Mary. On the missing tape, looking at the other titles, most of which were done as 45s, the process of elimination seems to suggest that it was Wahoo. Again, excited. I am a big fan of this series (obviously).
  17. Duke Pearson - Wahoo master tape found?

    You should not blame Music Matters for anything whatsoever that Steve Hoffmann says. He was hired for a time to do the work on the initial releases and then summarily dismissed. Hoffmann didn't find anything nor should he be considered a mouthpiece for anything relating to MM. I think it speaks volumes that Cuscuna and Ron (and Joe) work closely with respect to the images appearing on the inner covers and they all have a long-standing relationship of working together. PS Excited for this release! It is a great record.
  18. Duke Pearson - Wahoo master tape found?

    What does this mean? Are you saying that Music Matters has past practices that one should be skeptical about or Blue Note, the label? I am not aware of any past practices of Music Matters that would give rise to this.
  19. Jazz Record Mart for sale

    Wolfgang's Vault? Shame...
  20. David Bowie has died.

    This is a really fantastic post. I have been thinking about this since yesterday and hearing Aladdin Sane (title cut, of course) today made me jump out of my seat. Garson was really an asset but then again, he knew how to assemble a great group to realize his work. I mean, look at the core band from STS through Scary Monsters (with a nod to Belew at the end of that era).
  21. David Bowie has died.

    Big fan for a long time here. The new record is fantastic (with Donny McCaslin's wonderful electric jazz group) and I have to say that I have been in shock since I heard the news this AM. Thankfully, like last Friday (release day for Blackstar), KEXP is streaming his music all day. PS - I feel very fortunate to have seen the "David Bowie Is" exhibit here at the MCA last year. A life highlight, at least for me.
  22. Masabumi Kikuchi reissues

    Welcome to the Board. As for this series, I got all of them except for Poesy and Silver World, thinking that the sound palette may be too limited. Same goes for the two Peacocks that I saw were coming out (Voices and Eastward). I assume you guys are going to talk me into all four? The ones that I have opened (I am slowly savoring and also, enjoying the new Billy Cobham box as well as the great Chris Dingham release from a few months ago) have been great. So nice to have this stuff in a physical format rather than rips from the net. I am a recent Japanese Jazz convert over the last two years and have been really enjoying the discoveries. Kikuchi and Hino are at the center for me but still a lot to learn.
  23. Replacements Twin Tone LP Box

    Yikes. I gave it a thought but passed. Glad I did!