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  1. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Surprisingly, it is not my favourite Duphly recording. A little too majestic and pathetic for my taste. His brand new Armand-Louis Couperin recordings, on the other hand, is the best and tops all previous versions, IMO.
  2. LF DVD Robert Altman's Jazz '34

    The DVD I posted seems to be different from the VHS tape I made from TV. I will have time tomorrow to make a last search attempt and get back to you in case I need it.
  3. Album covers with people jumpin'

    There's a whole series of photos showing Whitfield up in the air in the booklet!
  4. Sexiest album covers

  5. Thanks a lot. Just downloading the files.
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Whitfield and his peers recorded some excellent albums in the 1990's - IMHO there may come a time when they will be regarded as classic jazz albums just like the Blue Notes and Prestiges of the 1950's and 1960's.
  7. Sexiest album covers

  8. Andrew White (1942-2020)

    Rush was on an Atlantic LP by Father Jack Herrera but played only one solo IIRC. You can listen to it on YouTube. After recording with McNeill and White he alternated with Rene Koopman at the piano chair of the Hot Cotton Jazz Band which recorded ten albums in the 1980's. Nothing more in the Tom Lord Disco.
  9. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Great playing and sound.
  10. Sexiest album covers

  11. Andrew White (1942-2020)

    Lloyd McNeill has already been mentioned. How about Eric Gravatt, Gene Rush, Steve Novosel?
  12. Sexiest album covers

    Charli XCX ‎– Number 1 Angel / Pop 2
  13. Andrew White (1942-2020)

    That's the band I saw perform! Didin't know about that one.
  14. what are you drinking right now?

    Just had a sip of this treasure: GÉRARD BERTRAND Rivesaltes Réserve 1974 Appellation Rivesaltes Contrôlée 17 % Vol Vin Doux Naturel