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  1. When I was a little (i.e. elementary school aged) kid, we lived in Arcadia, CA. A few doors down from Michael Anthony's parents' house. Mike's youngest brother and I were friends, and ran around the neighborhood together. I was in and out of their house regularly, and remember many older teenagers and maybe 20 somethings coming in and out. Very possible EVH and Roth amongst them. But they were all just older, long haired guys to me at the time. We moved away before Van Halen took off, but that connection kept me a fan of the band as I grew older and moved around many times. As has been referred to a few times already, Eddie wasn't nice to Mike at all, for most of the time the band existed. Mike is as friendly, nice, and low-key as they come, and Ed simply screwed him out of his rightful piece of VH's royalties etc, when he fired Mike and then only allowed him to come back as a salaried employee. So as great a musician as Ed was, he wasn't the greatest bandmate or person, as evidenced by his treatment of Mike, Roth, Hagar & Cherone over the years. So I have mixed feelings about him, but regardless, Rest in Peace, Eddie.
  2. Post a pic

    Big Pink, West Saugerties, NY 8/13/20
  3. What Are You Watching

    Hey Matthew, how about Asian eating videos?
  4. Mobley played with Johnny Griffin on "A Blowin' Session". Griffin played with Nat Adderley on Griffin's "White Gardenia". Adderley played on Tony Bennett's "Beat of My Heart" album. Bennett did a duets album with Lady Gaga, "Cheek to Cheek". Gaga had a music video directed by Hannah Lux Davis, "Rain on Me". Davis directed 3 different Paris Hilton videos. Sorry, that's 6 steps. Best I could come up with.
  5. John Prine R.I.P. (COVID-19)

    I discovered John Prine a bit later in my life than other singer/songwriter types. Perhaps because of that, I'm still in love with his music currently. And I find heart and humor in equal parts in his music. I thought he would make it through this, but no. Hurts my heart that he's gone. I was able to meet him a few years back, after a show in Texas (double bill with Alejandro Escovedo). The crowd skewed older, but I could tell everyone in the auditorium loved him and felt a personal connection with his music. I did too. He was as sociable and happy in person as I had hoped, especially after his previous health/cancer issues. Rest in Peace, John.
  6. Post a pic

    Can you deliver to Medford?
  7. Post a pic

    Albert Einstein's home at Princeton NJ, Monday 2/17/20. Einstein lived in this house the last 20 years of his life. His step-daughter Margot owned it later, until she passed in 1986. Two Nobel Prize winners have lived in it since then.
  8. The Madonna show was interesting. She's playing smaller theaters, but multiple nights at most stops. It's not a greatest hits type concert, but focuses mostly on her newest material. It's more of a Broadway type show than a concert. It includes conversations with the audience, her politics, dancers, interactive video work (sort of like Roger Waters' Wall shows, but probably not as elaborate), a women's choir from Portugal, and only 4 or so songs that were played on MTV back in the day. They do take your phone and lock it in a small bag during the show, but you hold the bag, so it's never out of your possession. Annoying at first, but this type of show I think benefited from the lack of constant pictures and video recording. It also got moved from an 8:30 start to a 10:30 start, on a Tuesday night, which sucked for me on a work night. Some fan in Florida sued her for moving the starting time for all of her shows from what was originally publicized.
  9. Wow, Buzz! Slightly envious here! From your perspective does the film do the show justice? I'd also be curious to hear your impression of Pineapple Thief. I really wanted to go see them a couple of weeks ago in Phl, but couldn't make it. Going to see Madonna tonight (who doesn't even start until 10:30, but I've read she doesn't come on until closer to 11 pm, just great for a work night!), and Los Lobos on Sunday.
  10. Yo Chew-Dog... Yeah, I was able to hip Was (Not Was) to the Tyrone Washington railroad accident. He said "Ag, WTF you breakin' my balls about? That side ain't worth putting out, no way no how. And I'm boss-man, ain't nobody else decidin' 'cept me. Now go back and spin "Love Shack" 47 times in a row for penance and then we'll talk about what's in the vaults and what I'mma share witcha." ...or something like that.
  11. Caught the Last Waltz 40 Tour at the Tower Theater in Philly last night. I don't know much about the background of this, but I saw some amazing musicians playing some amazing music for almost 4 hours. Warren Haynes, Jamey Johnson, and Lukas Nelson on guitars & vocals, with John Medeski, Don Was, and Terence Higgins on keys/bass/drum. Also a full horn section (Mark Mullins and the Levee Horns) and guests Cyril Neville, Dave Malone from the Radiators, and Bob Margolin (who was in Muddy Waters' band and was in the original Last Waltz film/show). Got to chat with Haynes, Medeski, and Blue Note President Don Was after. All very friendly. Going back out to see my Texas buddies the Flatlanders tonight.
  12. No value?

    That is getting more difficult in many cars, as the audio is integrated into the GPS and other controls, with a larger touch screen. It's not usually a stand alone radio head unit like decades ago.
  13. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    Went to the Phillies/Braves game last night, my first in-person game of the season. Was a one-run game until late, then the Phllies hit a HR and ended up winning 9-5. JT Realmuto looks like a real player for the Phillies. Harper didn't get a hit, and my local friends have mixed feelings about his value based on how much they pay him. Phillies need better pitching before they're going to do much, I think. It was German heritage night too, so of course the Phanatic had to dance to accordion music. I wasn't happy when the Astros moved to the AL involuntarily, but now that I've moved to the Philly area, at least I can continue to root for them in the AL and the Phillies in the NL.
  14. No value?

    I'm starting to make that a criteria for my next car search. I know the Toyota Camry still offers a CD player, at least for some option levels on the car.