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  1. Preferred Streaming Service for Jazz

    It works pretty well. Listening to the new Beck album through it right now.
  2. Preferred Streaming Service for Jazz

    I like Amazon HD Music and my free trial is almost up, but will be subscribing. The fact virtually the entire ECM catalog is there is a huge plus and allows to explore back catalog and new obsessions like Meredith Monk. I still do try to buy albums I really enjoy on CD though.
  3. The JALC programming has gotten a bit wider. The ECM concert I went to a few weeks back, more things with electric instruments, more women led groups, all things great in themselves, but wonder if it's to fill a quota. The one thing that's a plus is that it gets people onto jazz, but I'm just not sure if season ticket holders, et al, know just how much jazz of different stripes is out there. There was a guy in the elevator who said to me after the ECM at 50 gig "I've heard all those guys on WBGO". I politely said "they don't really play ECM albums on WBGO", at least I haven't heard any.
  4. Lee Morgan 60s Mosaic set

  5. Jimmy Smith- Softly As A Softly Breeze rejected tracks-- ever released?

    Nope. September Song was tried again with Kenny Burrell and Donald Bailey on July 15, 1958 for Standards, I believe.
  6. Peter Brötzmann - I Surrender Dear

    Might have to stream that on Amazon HD Music
  7. Yes... the digital promo I have replicates all that.
  8. Jimmy Smith's finest performance?

    Great choice! What sucks is a ton of extra material was recorded on these dates but is lost apparently
  9. Jimmy Smith's finest performance?

    Sit On It, Unfinished Business and The Cat Strikes Again aren't particularly great, but I see what you mean about the Blue Note material.
  10. Jimmy Smith's finest performance?

    Another vote for "J.O.S." His comping and riffing are wonderful on it, plus the solo, quoting "My Babe" in the midst of that straight 8th soloing that Don Patterson, Johnny Hammond and Groove Holmes picked up on is so inventive. I have to say the Baby Grand, February '57 and Groovin at Smalls are among some of the finest material because his creativity was at a peak, the ferocity matchless and the mastery over the entire organ is just (no pun intended) incredible. Really, the first 15 albums show this off in abundance.
  11. Paul Bley's Daughter dies in car crash

    Really sad So awful. Bley's cousin was announced as being in the audience along with Lisa Abercrombie when I was at the ECM @ 50 concert on Friday night at Rose Theater.
  12. Early ECM albums

    The whole album is great, but then there's "Blupp" which is so absurd and funny, the moment it came on I couldn't stop laughing.
  13. Early ECM albums

    "Blupp" on Afric Pepperbird is one of the greatest things I ever heard.
  14. Thank you! And yes, you should, I have the Wounded Bird reissue which is just a straight copy of the Elektra/Musician original, and sounds like a flat transfer.
  15. I thought everyone here might get a kick out of me playing with "Suicide is Painless" from JOS' "Off The Top". Gonna have a whole channel of this stuff, just fun for my soul. https://youtu.be/7mez393-q9E
  16. The Organ

    Though largely in a supporting role, I love Pullen's organ playing on Maceo Parker's Roots Revisited.
  17. Thanks. Well, that album I've lived with since I was 6 years old, and since I've gotten back into drumming stuff, Grady is such a great model for how to play quarter notes and swing. However, I can't seem to get away from accenting triplets like Elvin..... it's just ingrained in my consciousness. I cannot be like my heroes but I'll try excelling at that thing the best I can, I want to get into electronic music creation too.
  18. ECM's promo digital advances are already uncompressed, CD quality with full PDF booklets, they are the only label really doing that. A lot of labels issue MP3 promos with minimal info.
  19. http://bit.ly/2omreqq
  20. Larry Willis, RIP

    Damn......... RIP.
  21. Chick Corea Trio - Trilogy 2

    I bought the SHM Japanese import a few months back and I like it.
  22. Harold Mabern R.I.P.

    RIP. "Iron Man" is excellent
  23. Here Comes Amazon w/the HD DLs/Streaming

    I signed up for the trial too but beware.......... some albums like A New Perspective I expected to be available in the hi res master from a few years back, only "The Black Disciple" is hi res, the rest is the RVG. Albums like Innervisions sound great and seemed very close to the Japanese SACD I heard at my friend's house on his system. And some albums like the new Nicholas Payton are not available in full. So gotta buy that CD eventually edit: the Payton is not out yet so they released 2 singles.
  24. What music did you buy today?

    Just wondering. I gotta get a copy sometime. Good to know, Amazon copies seemed not so cheap last I looked but discogs has quite a few