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  1. I'd be patient and buy it used from ebay or discogs. Bear Family stuff is prohibitively expensive to buy new. Thiset would go for well over $200 new.
  2. Stunning and overwhelming. Beautifully done story of horror.
  3. Greatest of all time? No way. Showiest, maybe. Taste counts for something, doesn't it? And that was often lacking. Give me Hendrix, Rory Gallagher, Richard Thompson, Zappa, and plenty of others.
  4. RIP Helen Reddy.

  5. BFT Tracking - Originals vs Standards

    I don't have a preference, and I use both liberally in my BFT's.
  6. RIP Helen Reddy.

    My complaints about "I am Woman" are not sociological or lyrical, they're musical. An estimable song, but one I have always found unlistenable due to its hokey tune and arrangement.
  7. Regardless of what else he did, good or bad (and I'm not a big fan overall), Hammer certainly made his mark on those first three Mahavishnu Orchestra albums, to their and his benefit.
  8. The original Spinal Tap. Not rock-gods here, but one extremely iconic song and many decades of varying but generally interesting music (and Moontan and the first live double are GREAT albums).
  9. RIP. The original group with David Lee Roth was highly entertaining at times, and Van Halen was a very imaginative and extravagent guitar player.
  10. Happy 80th Birthday, Gary Bartz!

    1972. The Bartz came out in 1970.
  11. The Whotles.

    I look forward to hearing the first single, "Boris the Spider, I Want To Hold Your Hand".
  12. Lee Morgan - The Sidewinder

    And all the better for it.
  13. LF Lee Morgan Last Session

    I have the vinyl that I am glad to make available to someone who must have the saw solo. I'm happy with the CD.
  14. Byard Lancaster (1942-2012)

    I have it for you. PM sent.
  15. RIP Helen Reddy.

    Some really good music, but not exactly noted for theological accuracy!
  16. LF Lee Morgan Last Session

    "Capra Black" !!!
  17. RIP Helen Reddy.

    It is from JC Superstar, but Elliman had the Mary Magdaline part in that, in the original album recording the original Broadway run, and the movie. That being said, it looks like I passed along incorrect info that I saw on the web, and that the song was written by Rice/Webber along with the rest of the show. Mary Magdalene talking about Jesus, but I'm not sure who she's talking to at that point. I don't remember a thing about the movie except that it was over the top (saw it almost 50 years ago), and you can't tell from the original album (which I still own).
  18. Talk about culturally essential works! And the music is a great as it is important. Also a beautiful album cover.
  19. RIP Helen Reddy.

    She could sing, and did do some good, provocative songs. "Angie Baby" is creepy and fascinating. "I Don't Know How To Love Him" is beautiful and thought-provoking (the version by Yvonne Elliman, who also wrote it, is even better).
  20. Lee Morgan - The Sidewinder

    Looking at my Joel Whitburn Billboard chart books and the Cuscuna/Ruppli BN discography, I see this picture: 'The Sidewinder' album was released in July, 1964 (recorded late 1963) charted on the pop album charts in October of 1964, a full year before the 1965 world series, and eventually reached #25, a stunning achievement. 'Search for the New Land' (February 1964) and 'Tom Cat' (August 1964) were recorded prior to 'The Sidewinder' charting, and were obviously held back while 'The Sidewinder' was selling so well. The first Morgan album recorded after the success of 'The Sidewinder' had commenced was 'The Rumproller' (April 1965), and that adopted the lessons learned from 'The Sidewinder'. Several (though not all) Subsequent Morgan albums followed the same path for a number of years. Some magnificent ('The Gigolo', 'Infinity'), others less so, until he broke free of the formula with 'Live at the Lighthouse'. 'Search For The New Land' is spectacular, and did eventually make it out a few years later.
  21. BFT 198 Reveal

    Many mysteries solved, thanks! I also own the Akiyoshi album (Dan and I own the same album, say it ain't so!), as well as the Nat Adderley. Fascinating on Terry Riley, and I look forward to picking that up eventually. I have his "A Rainbow in Curved Air" album, which I also like, but which is very different. And I have the Abdul-Malik, which I identified. The Kenyatta was an especially interesting reveal, as 1972 is very early for that sort of thing. Wouldn't mind picking that up eventually, either. He has an interesting (if frustrating) back catalog. A shame that Ernie Watts is not on CD, and at this point, it likely never will be. Great job on the BFT and the Reveal, thanks so much!
  22. Melvin Rhyne question

    And "The Wind Beneath My Wings" is the big Bette Midler hit written by Larry Henley. May he rest in peace, but he has been a prime minor annonayance in my life for well over 50 years, as he was the lead singer on the Newbeats "Bread and Butter".