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  1. PM sent on BMCD1606 Boyd Quintet, The Rocky Ease It $5 OJCCD-1849-2 Jerome Richardson roamin' with Richardson $3 OJCCD-1018-2 Flora Purim 500 Miles High ‎(CD, RE, RM) $3 Edwards, Teddy Teddy Edwards, Houston Person - Close Encounters $4 HCD 7002 Hino, Terumasa Bluestruck $3 CDP 7 93671 2 Jazz City 660-53-014 Cohen, Marc My Foolish Heart $3 CHCD71002 Daniels, Eddie Blue Bossa $3 MCD-5154 Daniels, Eddie Brief Encounter $3 7243 8 54357 2 0 various Blue Juice $3 SVY 17200 Moody, James Homage ‎(CD) $2 HANK CRAWFORD 88697 94374 2 Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing $3 2PRCD-24295-2 Garland Trio, Red ..at the Prelude $3 SCCD 31179 Walton Quartet, Cedar Third Set $4 Black Saint – 120028-2 Don Pullen Featuring Don Moye* - Milano Strut $3 Black Saint – 120038-2 Don Pullen, Joseph Jarman, Don Moye* - The Magic Triangle $3
  2. I have totally missed on him over the past 40+ years. Listening to and enjoying "Vietnam Reflections" (thank you Stefan!), which just got here a couple days ago, after having been blown away by his FAB Trio "History of Jazz in Reverse" (thank you Clifford!) earlier in the week. If I really like both of those titles, what else do I want/need by him? I always thought Bang would strike me along the lines of Leroy Jenkins, who I always wanted to like but seldom did all that much, but Bang turns out to be something very different.
  3. PM sent on FSCD-2001 Thompson, Lucky Accent on Tenor Sax $3 McGhee, Howard Introducing the Kenny Drew Trio $3 7243 4 9574724 McGhee, Howard Vol.2 The Tal Farlow Quartet $3 7243 4 95748 2 3
  4. Mosaic partials ...

    I also have Johnny Smith discs 5-6 if that is of use to anyone.
  5. Paul Jackson 1947 - 2021

    RIP, master across several genres. I like this one, though not for purists of any kind:
  6. Freddie Redd (1928-2021)

  7. Freddie Redd (1928-2021)

    On my watch list for the weekend!
  8. Freddie Redd (1928-2021)

    RIP. This was one of those legendary, long OOP albums when I first got into the music in the early 70's. By the time I finally heard/owned it 20 years later, it couldn't possibly meet my hyped-up expectations.
  9. Your favourite early bebop LPs

    Me too, one of the first 5-10 jazz purchase I made in the early 70's.
  10. Women jazz artists on 52nd Street

    Pat Moran
  11. PM sent on Murray Quartet, David Live at the Village Vanguard $4 Mariano, Charlie with Philp Catherine & Jasper Van'T Hof The Great Concert ENJ-9532 2 $3 Mariano, Charlie /Huebner/Beirach Beauty INT 3395 2 $3 Masekela, Hugh The Millennium Collection B0007383-2 $3
  12. Meat Light From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Meat Light is a 3CD compilation of Frank Zappa's Uncle Meat recordings.[1][2][3][4][5] It is project/object #5 in a series of 40th Anniversary FZ Audio Documentaries, following MOFO (2006), Lumpy Money (2009), Greasy Love Songs (2010) and The Crux of the Biscuit (2016). The album includes the original 1969 vinyl mix of "Uncle Meat" (without the film dialogue and "Tengo Na Minchia Tanta" which were added on the CD release in 1987), followed by the originally planned sequence of the tracks (which includes different edits and a longer version of the track "Cops & Buns" from The Lost Episodes) and outtakes.
  13. This fixes the CD issue, uses the original vinyl mix:
  14. "King Kong" is awesome and Ian Underwood shines throughout the album.
  15. CD's and DVD's are more a sideline for them. Their strength is books.
  16. If anything, Daedaus was the new Hamilton. I used to order from the Hamilton catalog (printed, mailed out) 25-30 years ago. Totally reputable, sometimes have some great items, always good prices. I've had less involvement with them in the mature internet age, and they dropped me from their mailing list some years ago.