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  1. CDs for sale

    Updated with new discounts and added Bill Evans Complete Verve set.
  2. My question is... Who has bought this?
  3. It looks like the Maynard Ferguson LP set is finally OOP. All I can say is that it took quite some time. I remember calling Mosaic in early to mid November and them telling me they had about 40 copies of the set left. I decided to pass on it. Ferguson was a little too bombastic for my tastes, but I did wonder how Jaki Byard sounded in the band.
  4. I have the Harris issue on Argo (UCCC) in the mini-lp format. It is brief at about 32 minutes, but classic Harris, so well worth it if you can find it. And as with most Japanese imports, the sound is pristine and clear.
  5. Favorite OJC/Fantasy label...

    Riverside for Bill Evans!!!!
  6. I was able to pick up the last partial set from Scott 3 a few months ago (discs 1,4, and 6) and fill in the rest via a trade. I am so glad that I did -- the music is truly wonderful. It is a shame they pulled this so early in CD format.
  7. Keith Jarrett: "Always Let Me Go"?

    I haven't heard Always Let Me Go, but Whisper Not is fantastic, a true return to form for Mr. Jarrett. You won't be disappointed with it.
  8. One Quiet Night

    AfricaBrass, Metheny is quite an interesting player, and one of the nicest guys as well. For me, the 'white album', Travels, Offramp, Trio Live and Trio albums, 80/81, and Question and Answer are my favorite. His Trio Live and Trio albums really showcase his straightahead chops (with Larry Grenadier and Bill Stewart) and are much recommended. I LOVE his slow bossa version of Giant Steps and his absolutely deconstructed All the Things You Are. Don't forget to check out Song X, which I grow more fond of with each listen. It's hard to explain, but somehow Metheny plays completely within Ornette Coleman's idiom, yet his lyricism unmistakably shines through. Song X is truly a masterpiece in my opinion. Check out his playing on Kenny Garrett's Pursuance: The Music of John Coltrane and Michael Brecker's Time is of the Essence for some more straightahead mastery. I was really blown away by his playing on Pursuance, especially. He often steals the show. I also warn you that there are some Metheny albums that do nothing for me, and are better ignored, especially if you are wary of the synth. We Live Here borders on smooth jazz in my opinion (even if is well-played smooth jazz). Hope this helps. Metheny is often misunderstood, but I feel his music is quite rewarding.
  9. Favorite Prestige "Jam" album?

    I'm a sucker for Garland's Prestige dates, with or without Coltrane; I know I will eventually pick up all of them. Currently, my favorites are Groovy, Red Garland's Piano, Can't See for Lookin', Revisited, It's a Blue World. Crossings is the only slight disappointment. Perhaps my expectations were too high, however, with Ron Carter and Philly Joe on board. Garland is a criminally underrated talent, in my opinion.
  10. Daniel, Responded to your e-mail.
  11. TOCJ-5978 Sonny Criss - Go Man! $18 (sealed) (with Sonny Clark, Leroy Vinnegar, Lawrence Marable) Larry Young - Into Somethin' (US Conn, cutout) - $10 Wynton Kelly - Kelly Blue (OJC) - $7 Oscar Peterson - Exclusively for My Friends (4 CD box) - $35 John Coltrane - Complete Impulse Studio Recordings (8 CD box) - $55 GONE TOCJ-6194 Sonny Clark - The Complete Cool Struttin' Session $18 (sealed) (with Art Farmer, Jackie McLean, Paul Chambers, Philly Joe Jones) Lee Morgan - Taru (US Conn, cutout) - $10 Freddie Hubbard - Goin' Up (US Conn) - $10 Tina Brooks - Back to the Tracks (US Conn, cutout) - $10 Lee Morgan - Last Session (US release, cutout) - $9 Lonnie Liston Smith - Complete Columbia Recordings (2CD) - $10 Payment by check, money order, or paypal. All prices include US shipping. PM or e-mail me at david_okano@hotmail.com if
  12. Well this is good news! It looks like Mosaic has changed their minds about which sessions they were releasing... On a side note, the review in Allmusic for Understanding is one of the most bizarre reviews I have seen on their site - http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&u...l=An1jveay14xh7
  13. Groovin at Small's sound quality?

    This was my first and favorite Jimmy Smith, and made me want to check out more organ players in general. I had previously been quite prejudiced against the organ, but this record blew me away. Also check out the Sermon -- I know there are mixed opinions of this one, but as soon as I heard it, I transcribed the melody and played the F-Blues with my not-so-good-sounding organ sound on my Yamaha P-80 for the rest of the day. Definitely in my top 5 favorite jazz songs of all time...
  14. From Allmusic guide: "Never mind that this same group has already had ten separate releases since 1983; this box is still well worth getting." From Penguin guide: "...an embarrassment of riches." I could not agree more with both of these statements. One of THE truly essential purchases for any fan of the piano trio. Do not hesitate.
  15. Highest paying gig

    I have only done occasional gigs (as I am still a student and training to be a systems engineer) but I agree with Robert that private parties are the way to go. I usually take in $100 + tips for a two hour engagement. The most I have ever pulled in is $125, plus some nice food and expensive wine (although I am not a wine drinker myself). I also got three good referrals that led to more business, so I'd say it was a pretty monetarily rewarding (as well as fun) two hours.