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  1. Jim, saw the DVD on Saturday morning. My 21 month daughter and I were both groovin' along. Your basslines are seriously greasy. Hope there is more to come!
  2. At least for the few I've compared on my system (a couple of the Jarretts and a Nat Adderley, I don't find these enough of a difference from the Rhino/Warner digipaks to upgrade. However, they are mostly VERY significant upgrades from the Collectables issues. In particular, the Brubecks, Desmonds, Giuffres, the Kirks, the Farmers, the Jacksons (Milt), and the Harris' are much more detailed and while bright, certainly not ear-splitting by any means. The Lloyds are at least a small upgrade, but I suspect that these weren't recorded too well to begin with. I have enjoyed the Mingus' and Coltranes I've purchased in this series, but can understand if there is a split of opinion on these. Bottom line: for the price, most of these are a no-brainer.
  3. Thanks for the reviews, Kevin. I have some 'points' expiring soon at CD Japan and will definitely pick up the Fischer and Shank dates (along with a few more of the Warner Japan Atlantics). I'll have to listen to a few youtube clips (if available) of the Adderley before committing to that one. I'm with Lon here that I think the sound of these recent EMI reissues is fine. Same feeling with the Japanese Warner Atlantics, and the Atlantics are certainly MUCH better than the too-often butchered offerings of Collectables.
  4. Agreed, Jim. I'd be a happy supporter regardless, but you've really handled these well from a "business" standpoint. Can't wait to hear the CD/DVD!
  5. I have the APO SACD and the Impulse digipak CD. The SACD is a clear upgrade from the Impulse digipak and sounds great. This is a fantastic album, definitely one of Mingus' best. I haven't heard the APO vinyl, but I would imagine that it is similar to the SACD.
  6. Daggone it, I had no interest in Hard Bop before; now I'm wishing I included it with my last order.
  7. I know -- that's why I'm hopeful it will have different recordings. But I haven't been able to find much information on either of the releases.
  8. Does anyone have any further information on these two upcoming Japanese releases? http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=WPCR-15177 http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=WPCR-15179 The page provides the following description: "Japanese original release of album from Weather Report features unreleased live tracks from 1978 to 1981. Produced and remastered by Peter Erskine. Comes with a description. This is the [first/second] volume." Each of the volumes are 2CDs and somewhat reasonably priced around $30 before shipping. I already have the Columbia Live and Unreleased 2CD set--which is incredible--so naturally my interest is piqued. That being said, I'd be interested if anyone had any further details on these releases.
  9. Picked up the Tolliver Big Band Select, the Mulligan Select, and the Lloyd single. I'm a huge Lloyd fan, so I'll know I'll enjoy that disc. The only material I already have is the earlier mono Gerry Mulligan Songbook release, so I have much to look forward to. Was (and still am) on the fence about the Chu Berry and dropped it from my cart at the last instant.
  10. Agreed -- this is one of my favorite aspects of the Jarrett's playing with DeJohnette and Peacock. Not every chord needs be substituted with a #5 or a sus9 variation. They trust that their interplay, tone, and melodic lines will hold the listener's interest, rather than trying to "cleverly" rework every standard harmonically until it becomes something unrecognizable.
  11. That is the set that I keep coming back to as well. Thirded. Though re the vocalizations, I would argue that "Tribute" is worse. Count me as a huge fan of "Whisper Not." The trio's conception of Bouncing with Bud is my absolute favorite non-Monk version.
  12. Congratulations, Jim! Really looking forward to this project, and very glad I could play a small part in it.
  13. David

    Bill Frisell

    Check out here (not my site): http://livemusicblog.com/2013/05/02/bill-frisell-announces-big-sur-release-on-june-18th/ The 15 minute video is quite interesting and the snippets of music therein prompted me to place a preorder immediately after (though I probably would have anyway -- I'm a huge Frisell fan).
  14. One last bump with lowered prices.
  15. Updated. One more title added. All discs will be shipped out tonight or tomorrow morning and all PMs answered. Thanks for all the replies!
  16. Finally have some time after a busy few months at work for another mini-housecleaning sale. Shipping is $2 for any number of CDs within the U.S. International shipping at cost for 1 CD, some discount for multiple CDs (also can ship without jewel cases). Paypal preferred. Condition is mint unless noted. Jewel cases not graded, but generally near mint. Jazz Pat Metheny - Secret Story - $2 John Coltrane - Coltrane Jazz (1999 Rhino digipak/mini-lp Atlantic Jazz Gallery) - $8 John Coltrane - Giant Steps (1999 Rhino Atlantic jewel case, mfg. for BMG, some scuffs on disc, playback not unaffected) - $3 John Coltrane - My Favorite Things (1999 Rhino Atlantic jewel case, mfg. for BMG, some scuffs on disc, playback not affected) - $3 - OR all 3 for $10 Charles Lloyd - Soundtrack / In the Soviet Union (Collectables) - $5 Charles Lloyd - Love In (2002 Collectables) - $9 Charles Lloyd - Dream Weaver (2002 Collectables) - $9 Charles Lloyd - Forest Flower (1994 Atlantic) - $3 - OR all 4 for $20 Duke Ellington - Masterpieces by Ellington (Legacy) - $2 Woody Shaw - The Moontrane (Muse) - $15 Woody Shaw - Little Red's Fantasy (32 Jazz plastic snap case, marked bar code) - $5 Woody Shaw - Setting Standards (32 Jazz plastic snap case) - $20 - OR all 3 for $30 Black Saint/Soul Note David Murray Octet - Home (faint scuffs on disc, absolutely does not affect play, NOT CD-R) - $2.50 Lee Konitz - New York Album (faint scuffs on disc, absolutely does not affect play, NOT CD-R) - $2.50 Imports Miles Davis - Nefertiti, Sony DSD Mastersound SRCS-9747 (jewel case, incl. OBI) - $7 Dave Brubeck - Jazz Impressions of Japan, Sony DSD Mastersound SRCS-9367 (jewel case, incl. OBI, faint scuffs on disc, absolutely does not affect play) - $5 Dave Brubeck - Dave Digs Disney, Sony DSD Mastersound SRCS-9360 (jewel case, incl. OBI, faint scuffs on disc, absolutely does not affect play) - $5 Dave Brubeck - Brubeck and Rushing, Sony DSD Mastersound SRCS-9524 (mini-lp, incl. OBI) - $6 Dave Brubeck - Brubeck Time, Sony DSD Mastersound SRCS-9521 (mini-lp, incl. OBI) - $6 Dave Brubeck - Brubeck Plays Brubeck, Sony DSD Mastersound SRCS-9528 (mini-lp, incl. OBI) - $6 - OR all 5 for $23 Rock Cheap Trick - Lap of Luxury - FREE with any order if you want it. John Coltrane - Coltrane's Sound (1999 Rhino digipak/mini-lp Atlantic Jazz Gallery) - $12 Milt Jackson & John Coltrane - Bags & Trane (Atlantic) - $2 Wayne Shorter - Et Cetera (Connoisseur, some scuffs on disc, playback not affected) - $4 Hank Mobley - Thinking of Home (Connoisseur, notch in spine) - $8 Grant Green - Solid (Connoisseur) - $8 Cheap Trick - Cheap Trick (with bonus tracks) - $3 Cheap Trick - In Color (with bonus tracks) - $3 Cheap Trick - Heaven Tonight (with bonus tracks) - $3 Cheap Trick - Dream Police (with bonus tracks) - $3 or all 5 for $12
  17. Jim, LOVED Dedicated. Love John Patton. Count me in for the CD/DVD + bonus content! David
  18. impossible: I'm glad we were able to help with your decision. Living in DC can be a tough choice -- I grew up there, and thus will always have fond memories. I LOVE certain areas, such as Arlington, Alexandria, McLean, Vienna, and Shirlington. The access to cultural events and history is nonpareil. Rooster's new job at the building museum is great -- and frankly, there are dozens of other wonderful museums in DC, most of which are free of charge. I was also a regular patron/subscriber of the Kennedy Center Jazz Club, where I caught dozens of incredible shows (Sonny Rollins, Jason Moran, McCoy Tyner/Savion Glover, Kenny Barron, Jacky Terrasson, Kurt Elling, etc. etc. etc.), and an occasional, if not semi-regular at other jazz venues such as the Blues Alley and Twins. My firm had great tickets to the sporting events, so I would catch about 35-45 Nats games (2nd row behind first base), 20 Bullets (15 row slight off center), and 15 or so Caps (10 row center) games each season. All VERY close since we lived right on the Metro in Arlington. It's expensive, but not outrageously so, and the public schools are among the best in the country, which can help mitigate costs. In fact, it's the only real downside is the traffic. I left one job because I had to drive the beltway and 270 into Gaithersburg, MD for 8 months. My wife could literally see a physical change in me due to the stress of driving on the beltway. For several months before moving to Arlington, I commuted 20 miles into DC, which took 90 minutes. Despite all the other positives, these commutes can drastically impair your quality of life. Living now in CA, the weather can't be beat, and the traffic is much better. I definitely miss the cultural opportunities, however.
  19. impossible: it really depends on your particular commute. I grew up in NoVA, but am currently living in SoCal. Honestly, traffic in NoVa can be worse, especially if you need to drive 95, 66, 270, or the 495 (beltway) between certain points at the wrong time of day. As for Loudoun, (I'm assuming Eastern Loudoun) it is the very definition of suburbia and quite removed from DC, but good schools, safe, and an excellent choice if you or your wife need to travel a lot (e.g., easy access to Dulles). As for Fairfax, McLean/Arlington/Vienna are very nice, but pricy. I would definitely advise living in Loudoun and/or Northern or Central Fairfax County if that is where you'll be working. If your wife's best prospects are downtown DC, living on a Metro line--either the Orange line in Arlington or the Yellow line in Alexandria--is a must. That being said, the Metro is expanding soon to Tysons, which may open up other possibilities. I would definitely advise having to travel the beltway against traffic, if you can. It is literally soul-crushing. I'd be happy to answer more questions, if you have any.
  20. I use Exact Audio Copy: http://www.exactaudiocopy.de/ There are a lot of useful guides on configuring this properly: See, e.g., http://www.afterdawn.com/guides/archive/exact_audio_copy_installation_and_configuration.cfm http://blowfish.be/eac/Setup/setup1.html Once you have it configured to your liking, you shouldn't have any of the maddening problems that WMP causes.
  21. Definitely looking forward to this. Be Still has been on constant rotation in this household. I find myself more drawn to his work of the past decade rather than his earlier material on Soul Note and the like, though that is probably due in part to my own leanings for more "inside" music.
  22. David

    Bill Frisell

    Milestones -- I too am a huge Frisell fan, and have purchased almost all his leader dates. His music is difficult to classify, but consistently stimulating and rewarding of repeated and focused listening. For example, compare Ghost Town, the Intercontinentals, Good Dog, Happy Man, and Gone Like a Train; are each incredible albums, very different, but held together by Frisell's essence.
  23. Agreed. Lon, your viewpoint (which I believe to be trying to make do with less than ideal recordings rather than ignoring them altogether) is much appreciated. While I don't have the type of system that allows me to do much tweaking, at least I have some ideas now
  24. Jim, Great news! You can count me in for support for sure. David
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