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    Chick Corea

    Count me in as one who has been lapping up all Chick's new stuff -- definitely a career renaissance as far as I'm concerned. The Return to Forever stuff is absolutely killer, the Continents was different, his work with Hiromi was incredible, Hot House with Gary Burton is excellent, and his tribute to Bill Evans is good, if not great. The only thing I've been disappointed with recently is his album with Bollani. I'd also welcome another go around with Bobby McFerrin, for sure.
  2. Jim, CD arrived last night and I've listened to it once (albeit at a lower volume than I would have liked as the daughter was asleep). GREAT stuff, and I can't wait to hear the bonus tracks. The groove is strong with you As for the liner notes: a John Patton tribute? Yes, please! David
  3. I'm with you on all points here! I admit that I was less than enthralled with Alexander initially, but especially in the last five years or so, all his leader dates have been top notch to these ears. Seeing him live with One For All and leading his own quartet has also been quite rewarding. I had forgotten about his apprenticeship with Charles Earland before you brought that up. Certainly, I think his long association Harold Mabern has probably also helped with his development, too.
  4. Was able to pick up the Toscanini Complete RCA set from an earlier Amazon lightning deal on Tuesday for $65 + tax. Pretty good deal in my book!
  5. I saw him with McCoy Tyner at the Kennedy Center. One word -- incredible. I didn't think it was possible, but he really added to the music. Plus, I don't think he stopped tapping once during the almost 2-hour show.
  6. Schnabel is the reference, I think, but I find that the Gulda cycle on Brilliant Classics gets the most repeat play around here. I've also been checking out some of Pollini's interpretations on DG.
  7. Congratulations, Jim! Loved the videos.
  8. If anyone has even a passing interest in Pat Metheny, I HIGHLY recommend trying to catch a Unity Band show. I saw them last night in Orange County and they were absolutely burning. They played for almost 2.5 hours, which included four encores. About 95% of the sold out crowd remained after the end of the last encore. Pat spent most of the night on his hollow-body Gibson electric, jumping to synth for two songs from the new album (Roofdogs and one other), an Orchestrion showcase, and Are You Going with Me (with Potter playing Lyle Mays' parts on the flute!) during the first encore. He began the night on his Pikasso guitar and added his six-string acoustic for part of one song from Unity Band and for an incredible solo acoustic medley (I caught Minuano, Last Train Home, and This Is Not America at least). Except for maybe the first turn on the acoustic, Pat's style was instantly recognizable on all his assortment of guitars. Chris Potter is a great foil for Pat on the lead, and the second highlight of the night for me was a smokin' Metheny-Potter duo version of Solar, with the song beginning as a round, Potter offset from Metheny by the first eight bars of the tune. Incredible. The highlight of the night was a lengthy mini-"Orchestrion" tune constructed over a D-C + D pedal point vamp, with three distinct 'sections' of loops recorded by Pat for a stripped-down Orchestrion (finger cymbals, two xylophone, jars, and one set of cymbals/drums, I believe). After Pat built the vamps, the rest of the band joined in, with Pat and Chris Potter often engaging in soloing simultaneously. The CD doesn't really do justice to seeing this group live. Several songs have an faint-ECM sound on disc, but live, everything was much more "in your face," so to speak. Even their rendition of Two Folk Songs was more immediate than what I remember from 80/81. The primary reason for this "in your face" immediacy, I think, is Antonio Sanchez, who is a force of nature. I never saw Pat with Roy Haynes, but I'm not sure there is a better drummer for Pat than Antonio Sanchez. Their communication was telepathic and his post-bop/disguised funk style is a perfect match for Pat's writing. In any case, one of the best shows I have ever attended.
  9. I don't have much by BF, but I enjoy Contemporary Jazz(?) and Requiem, particularly Kenny Kirkland's playing. Perhaps I'm the only one here, but I enjoy Bring on the Night as well.
  10. One price reduction before sending these off to other channels.
  11. Thought I'd offer these to pals here before they go to fleaBay, Amoeba, Amazon, etc. Shipping is $2 for any number of CDs within the U.S. International shipping at cost for 1 CD, some discount for multiple CDs (also can ship without jewel cases). Paypal or Amazon gift certificate payments only. Condition is mint unless noted. Jewel cases not graded. Black Saint/Soul Note David Murray Octet - Home (faint scuffs on disc, absolutely does not affect play, NOT CD-R) - $5 Lee Konitz - New York Album (faint scuffs on disc, absolutely does not affect play, NOT CD-R) - $5 Mosaic stray discs Complete Pacific and Capitol Recordings of the Original Gerry Mulligan Quartet and Tentette with Chet Baker, Disc 1 ONLY - $6 SOLD Complete Atlantic and EMI Jazz Recordings of Shorty Rogers, Disc 1 ONLY - $6 SOLD Dave Brubeck Box Sets and Japanese Sony Master Sound CDs (guess who bought the recent box set ) Dave Brubeck - For All Time (Time Out, Time Further Out, Countdown: Time in Outer Space, Time Changes, and Time In) - $19 Dave Brubeck - Jazz Impressions of Japan, Sony SRCS-9367 (jewel case, incl. OBI, faint scuffs on disc, absolutely does not affect play) - $7 Dave Brubeck - Dave Digs Disney, Sony SRCS-9630 (jewel case, incl. OBI, faint scuffs on disc, absolutely does not affect play) - $7 Dave Brubeck - Brubeck and Rushing, Sony SRCS-9524 (mini-lp, incl. OBI) - $8 Dave Brubeck - Brubeck Time, Sony SRCS-9521 (mini-lp, incl. OBI) - $8 Dave Brubeck - Brubeck Plays Brubeck, Sony SRCS-9528 (mini-lp, incl. OBI) - $8 Miles Davis Japanese Master Sound DSD CDs In my opinion, these are GREAT sounding CDs. I'm not exactly sure how to price them - we'll see. Miles Davis - Water Babies, Sony SRCS-9736 (mini-lp, incl. OBI) - $9 Miles Davis - Milestones, Sony SRCS-9726 (mini-lp, incl. OBI) - $9 Miles Davis - Nefertiti, Sony SRCS-9747 (jewel case, incl. OBI) - $9 Miles Davis - Bitches Brew, Sony SRCS-9714-5 (absolutely beautiful gatefold reproduction, incl. OBI) - $25 Japanese RVG mini-lps Ike Quebec - It Might as Well Be Spring, TOCJ-9057 (mini-lp, incl. OBI) - $9 SOLD Jimmy Smith - Midnight Special, TOCJ-9054 (mini-lp, incl. OBI) - $9 SOLD Lee Morgan - Candy, TOCJ-9012 (mini-lp, incl. OBI) - $9 SOLD Kenny Burrell with Art Blakey - On View at the Five Spot Cafe, TOCJ-9139 (mini-lp, incl. OBI)- $9 SOLD Jackie McLean - New Soil, TOCJ-9169 (mini-lp, incl. OBI)- $9 SOLD Johnny Griffin - Introducing Johnny Griffin, TOCJ-9095 (mini-lp, incl. OBI) - $9 SOLD Dexter Gordon Japanese TOCJs Dexter Gordon - Dexter Calling, TOCJ-4083, (jewel case, incl. OBI, faint scuffs on disc, absolutely does not affect play; replacement black jewel case) - $10 Dexter Gordon - Doin' Allright, TOCJ-4077, (jewel case, incl. OBI, faint scuffs on disc, absolutely does not affect play; replacement black jewel case) - $10 Contact me by PM if interested. I have some (not all) of the items for sale pictured below.
  12. I use CDJapan. Well packaged, good customer service, and reasonable shipping costs if you are willing to wait two-four weeks.
  13. I'll definitely check this one out! I've been a fan of Garrett ever since Songbook, which is still my favorite album of his. I just wish he had been able to record more with Kenny Kirkland.
  14. I sure miss Wegman's -- the only store (of any sort) I didn't mind shopping at. When they came to the NoVA area, they sure shook up the competition there. I read an article in the Washington Post saying how typical grocery stores in the area would be happy to gross $20-$30 million per year, whereas each of the Wegman's locations in NoVA were grossing $75+ million. It's what a private company can do when it doesn't need to worry about shareholders breathing down its back each quarter. The investment they made in each store in the DC area was MASSIVE, but it clearly paid off for them. I also disagree about their prices being high -- they had the most extensive array of private label brand products of any store, and at very good prices. Of course their prepared foods were expensive, but worth the price in my experience. Here on the West Coast I frequent Trader Joe's and Sprouts, which I like, but are no substitute for Wegman's. We also belong to a co-op and receive deliveries of local produce every so often. It was hard to get that on the East Coast. What amazes me is that Whole Foods is so popular -- THEY have high prices. In fact, a friend of a friend supplies a product to both Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. He says the only difference is the label, and that Whole Foods charges double the price. Craziness.
  15. Wes Montgomery: Echoes of Indiana Ave - $5 for US residents at 7digital (320 kbps quality) http://us.7digital.com/artist/wes-montgomery/release/echoes-of-indiana-avenue
  16. I sent an e-mail a month ago to info@camjazz.com, attaching a receipt showing purchase of the David Murray set, and have not received a response. Nothing in my spam, either. Perhaps I should resend or is there another e-mail address I should try?
  17. Depends on your usage. We don't watch a ton of movies, so the monthly Netflix streaming fee is usually higher than what we pay for individual releases from Amazon. One nice thing about Amazon's releases is that you have a month to watch them, making it easy to 'stock up' on the low price promotions, and then watch them at our convenience. Frankly, our experience with Netflix was that you had to add the DVD or Blu-Ray subscription fee if you wanted to see any newer releases, which at a minimum doubled the cost. For comparable selection to Amazon of what we wanted to watch, Netflix was at least $16 + tax per month, or $192 per year. Since, we pay for Prime anyway, I don't really consider that part of the cost, but even including paying for Prime, which has its own benefits, we found Amazon's overall cost much cheaper than Netflix for our usage, which is about 0-3 movies per month. Not arguing with you, but pointing out that everyone needs to determine their own personal usage to make the right decision. For some, Netflix is worth it; for others, Amazon is better. I'm just glad I never have to set foot in an infernal Blockbuster again.
  18. For my tastes and usage, Amazon has the best selection. Many things free with Amazon prime, virtually every new movies for a fair price if I so desire, and perfect integration with my Sony Blu-Ray player. Plus, they run a different new release at 0.99 or 1.99 every day of the week. We've had both, and greatly prefer Amazon.
  19. Received CDs today in excellent shape. Thanks, Brad!
  20. Marcello, Thanks for sharing -- those are strikingly beautiful! I wish I had the skill to capture such wonderful moments on camera.
  21. Sent a PM regarding Jimmy Smith - Bashin' and Bill Evans live in Paris.
  22. Thanks for the recommendations for the Fats Waller sets. Just listened to the first disc of Set 3. Fantastic music and very good sound to these ears. May have to pick up a few more of the Waller volumes.
  23. Thanks for all the replies thus far. It looks like at least one or two of the Waller sets are the essential pickups for me. I'm likely on the 'wait until later' side of the fence for the Christian or the Hawkins stuff, at least for now.
  24. Not to derail the aside, but does anyone have any opinions of the Charlie Christian and the Coleman Hawkins boxes? I have little of Hawkins from the 29-39 period (only a few tracks on the RCA Centennial and a Japanese BMG Victor release entitled "Body and Soul"), and no 'dedicated' Charlie Christian. I'm not a stickler for sound -- as long as its better than the 1943-44 Prestige Duke Ellington Carnegie Hall Concerts, I'm fine. Also, the Waller sets look fantastic as well. Are there any recommendations for a specific volume or volumes for someone who only has the RCA Centennial collection? Thanks!
  25. Received the Jazztet set today in great shape. Thanks, Paul!
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