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  1. If I recall correctly, doesn't this set have a significant amount of overlap with the 4CD Columbia Basie set that received limited release here in the States?
  2. Saw Pat Metheny and his Orchestrion last night at the Strathmore in MD. Apparently Gary Burton (per Pat's announcement one of his 'heroes in life' was there) was in attendance as well. First time seeing Metheny and definitely won't be the last. The man is a musical force onstage and kept the audience's rapt attention for 2.5+ hours. For those curious about his Orchestrion, I highly recommend seeing it 'live', as it is a one-of-a-kind contraption and the record really doesn't do it justice. To Pat's credit, it never overwhelmed his magnificent guitar playing, but rather provided the semi-interactive backdrop it was meant to provide. There was a brief technical difficulty with it at the beginning of the show, but it was fine after that. The Orchestrion Suite itself was far more powerful live than on the record and the improvised pieces (including an Ornette tune I couldn't place!) hinting how the thing worked were amazing -- it was fascinating to see his creative thought process play out in real time as he added layer upon layer of sounds from the Orchestrion and his guitar. Two thumbs up from me.
  3. I never really got into the whole got to have everything (though I say that somewhat tongue in cheek as I look at my 1500 CDs), but after several years I've learned my listening habits really favor meat & potatoes jazz (read: 30s-60s inside stuff) and some of the newer more inside funky stuff (read: medeski/charlie hunter/etc). Accordingly, I've sold the free/ecm free type stuff and mostly explore within my more narrow boundaries. I hate to say my horizons have narrowed, but I found I just never listened to the more 'adventurous' music, despite initially being curious. And my enjoyment of stuff like the Bill Evans Riverside, Miles Plugged Nickel, Horace Silver Blue Note, and Gene Ammons Prestige seems to never fade.
  4. What is the general opinion on Collectables releases (other than their sometimes bizarre album couplings)? Is the sound acceptable? I'm interested in some of the Charles Lloyd and Rahsaan Roland Kirk in particular.
  5. I have Rough House and Blowin in the Wind on MVCJ Japanese releases and Signifyin' on a UCCJ mini-lp Japanese release. All are quite enjoyable and sound fine to these ears.
  6. Received my Sonny Clark CDs in great shape. Thanks!
  7. PM sent on: Sonny Clark My Conception BN Connoisseur OOP 4 Sonny Clark Standards BN McMaster OOP 4
  8. Thanks for the advice! I'm primarily interested in the Fargo material, but everything else will be an added bonus.
  9. I searched a while and couldn't find anything on this box. I know it is a repackaging of individual Storyville releases, but is it worth it if one does not own any of the Storyville releases already? I am interested in acquiring the Fargo material, and this seems to be the best (if only current way) to do so. How is the rest of the set in terms of sound quality and performances? Thanks!
  10. Claude, If I may ask, what other stores do you recommend? I see CD Pacific seems to have some of these in stock, but I was wondering if there were other places where I could order these without the ridiculous shipping fees of AcousticSounds. Thanks! David
  11. I own and 30 GB and an 80GB Zune. I use them only as music players as well. I actually like the Zune software and think they are preferable to the iPod as pure music players. Zunes are great partly because they are much cheaper than iPods. I purchased both mine for under $100 and accessories (interface with my receiver for $10, standalone speaker dock for $40) can be found cheaply as well. For gym/workout I use a small Sandisk Clip player which is quite nice.
  12. New and final price discount scheme added.
  13. Running out of space! Shipping within the US is $2.50 first CD, $1 each additional CD. Orders over $25 ship for free. Contact me for international shipping costs. NEW -- Price discounts for multiple orders! Orders $25 and over: $1 off each item. Orders $50 and over: $2 off each item. Orders $75 and over: $4 off each item. Orders $100 and over: BETTER discount than orders over $75 Price is calculated BEFORE item discount (i.e. if you order 3 $9 CDs, you'll qualify for a $3 discount and free shipping). Minimum price per item is $0.50. People who ordered earlier will qualify for at least a $1 each item discount. Paypal preferred. All CDs mint unless noted. Some CDs may have BMG UPC codes. A * indicates faint scuffs, which absolutely do not affect playback. Scuffs occurred from the use of certain CD sleeves at one point of time. Miles Davis All CDs are late 90's/early 00's Legacy Edition Remasters unless noted. Complete Columbia Recordings - Miles Davis & John Coltrane (steel spine edition) - $45 Steel case shows minor wear at top Complete Columbia Recordings - 1963-64: Seven Steps (steel spine edition) - $50 In Person Live at the Blackhawk: Friday Night [2CDs] - $12 In Person Live at the Blackhawk: Saturday Night [2CDs] - $10 Get Up With It [2CDs] - $10 Multiple Disc Sets Chico Freeman / Arthur Blythe - Luminous / The Unspoken Word [2CDs] Jazz House - $32 Stan Getz / Kenny Barron - People Time [2CDs] Verve - $17 ECMs Jon Balke - Book of Velocities - $7 Ketil Bjornstad / Terje Rypdal - Life in Leipzig * - $8 Marilyn Crispell - Vignettes - $9 Jan Garbarek - Ragas and Sagas - $5 Jon Hassell - Last Night the Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes in the Street - $10 Julia Hulsmann Trio - The End of a Summer - $9 Bennie Maupin - The Jewel in the Lotus * - $8 Marilyn Mazur & Jan Garbarek - Elixer - $8 Gianluigi Trovesi - Vaghissimo Ritratto * - $8 Marcin Wasileski Trio - January - $10 Norma Winstone - Distances - $6 Jacob Young - Sideways - $8 Blue Notes Bob Belden - Black Dahlia [sACD] * - $30 Jackie McLean - Capuchin Swing [RVG] * - $6 Verve Buddie Emmons - Steel Guitar Jazz - $5 Concord Adam Makowicz Trio - The Music of Jerome Kern - $7 Hatology Ellery Eskelin with A. Parkins & J. Black - Arcanum Moderne - $14 Ellery Eskelin with A. Parkins & J. Black - The Secret Museum (sealed) - $40 Franz Koglmann - L'heure Bleue - $6 Franz Koglmann & Lee Konitz - We Thought About Duke (sealed) - $30 Anthony Ortega - New Dance - $10 Matthew Shipp String Trio - By the Law of Music - $6 Matthew Shipp Duo with Joe Morris - Thesis - $14 Blu-ray players streaming Netflix have caused a sea change in our household . . . HD-DVDs Chronicles of Riddick (sealed) - $3.50 Flags of Our Fathers (sealed) - $5 Hollywoodland (sealed) - $3.50 Letters from Iwo Jima (no artwork) - $3 Manchurian Candidate (sealed) - $3.5 Mummy (sealed) - $6 Mummy Returns (sealed) - $2.50 Miami Vice (sealed) - $3 Spy Games - $2 Stardust (sealed) - $2.50 The Warriors (sealed) - $6 DVDs with cases Boomtown (sealed) - $4 Frank Herbert's Dune (3 DVDs) - $4 Empire Falls (sealed) - $4 Flintstones Season 3, 4, 5 (all sealed) - $45 History of Rock and Roll (sealed Time-Life collection) - $28 DVDs without cases I've had these in sleeves and don't have spare dvd cases on hand right now. If there is interest even without the DVD cases, I can charge lower prices and keep the same shipping rates. Unless noted, all DVDs have a faint crease in the spine. Blue Planet Vols. 1-4 (vol 3 has a slight bend on the rear of the cover insert as well) - $16 Dumb and Dumber - $3.50 The Thing - $3.50
  14. I have several partial sets which I may be willing to trade (at a discount, of course, for being partial sets) for in-print Mosaics, other non-Mosaics, or even sell. Off memory (which may be faulty), I have (price/trade value in parentheses, open to negotiation): - #102 The Complete Pacific Jazz and Capitol Recordings of the Original Gerry Mulligan Quartet and Tentette with Chet Baker (CD 1) ($10) - #125 The Complete Atlantic and EMI Jazz Recordings of Shorty Rogers (CD 1 + original booklet) ($15) - #150 The Complete Blue Note 1964-66 Jackie McLean Sessions (CD 2 + original booklet) ($10) - #152 The Complete CBS Recording of Eddie Condon and His All Stars (CD 4 and 5 + original box and booklet) - #176 The Complete Capitol & Atlantic Recordings of Jimmy Giuffre (CD 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 + original box and booklet) ($80) - #182 The Complete Verve/Clef Charlie Ventura/Flip Philips Studio Sessions (CD 1, 4, and 6 + original box and booklet) ($60) <WILL remove this line if mods deem inappropriate> I also have CD-Rs of the missing discs for the sets for which I have the original box and booklets. Obviously those would not be 'sold'. </> Edit: would be helpful if I posted what I am looking for! - Sharp Nine releases (Hazeltine, especially) - Dexter Gordon Steeplechases - Amazon / Mosaic gift certs
  15. I use these: http://www.bagsunlimited.com/cart/detail.a...oduct_id=scdgf4 coupled with these: http://www.univenture.com/shop/top_load_cd...fety_sleeve.php stored in these: http://www.can-am.ca/CD-storage-DVD-storage1.htm Also HUGE thumbs up to BagsUnlimited. Great products and great customer service.
  16. I have the mono box and most of the separate stereo remasters. I've only really gone up through Help! at this point, but my opinion is the mono remasters are superior thus far. They have a warmth the stereo are missing and are noticeably more 'punchy,' especially Please Please Me and With the Beatles. That being said, both really sound fantastic, much better than the prior versions. I'm glad I have both, but will probably listen mostly to the mono versions of the earlier stuff.
  17. Thanks for the replies thus far. My budget is 500-1000, although I could probably go higher if needed. That Kawai looks amazing! I'll have to check the Korg and Kawai out too.
  18. Unfortunately a recent move left my 2nd 'D' and 'E' keys above middle C VERY sticky. Additionally the once-clean piano sound is very buzzy, for lack of a better term, on my amp. I have had this keyboard for 8 years, so I have gotten a lot of good use out of it. Do any of the pianists here have any replacement suggestions? Needs: - No longer gigging regularly, but really like the portability of the P80. Using mostly for practicing purposes, but want the flexibility for the rare engagements - Weighted keys a must! The P80 action is very good, in my opinion. - Sounds / polyphany / midi / computer hookup not important. A good piano and rhodes sound is all I need. Thanks in advance! Edit: Right now I've looked into the new Yamaha P85, but I was wondering if anyone had recommendations of something better, before I go with the old tried and true...
  19. Thanks for the info. I am really enjoying this album so I will certainly add that Previte to my wish list...
  20. "All Hail Kirby!" - Bobby Previte: Just Add Water With Ray Anderson, Joseph Bowie, and Marty Ehrlich laying down a mean vamp and Bobby propelling an infectious groove, this song rocks -- I love it. This was my first Previte album and I'll certainly be giving it some repeated listens in our household.
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